Can You Wear Golf Shoes as Regular Shoes?

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Last Updated on November 4, 2022 by admin

If you are an avid golfer, or even just getting into golf, chances are that you have bought yourself some really nice golf shoes. You may have opted to go for skechers golf shoes that have spikes, to provide you with some great traction and stability. On the other hand, you may have chosen to go with spikeless golf shoes, ones that are bit lighter, more comfortable, and flexible too.

However, now that you have bought your shoes, you might be wondering if you can wear golf shoes as regular shoes. This is something you may want to consider before you make your purchase, and it will probably influence whether or not you buy spiked golf shoes. Let’s figure out whether or not you can weal golf shoes as regular shoes.

Golf Cleats – Golf Shoes with Spikes

So, golf cleat or spiked golf shoes do of course have some great advantages. Spiked golf shoes are a lot like soccer cleats, in the sense that they have spikes on the bottom, spikes which can come in various shapes and patterns.

Of course, the aim of these spikes is to provide you with stability and traction. Those spikes can go a really long way in preventing you from slipping and falling on a wet golf course. At the same time, those spikes help you stay stable and in place during your golf swing. Yes, this kind of golf shoe definitely comes with some benefits.

However, with that being said, no, a spiked golf shoe or golf cleat is not something that you can wear as a normal shoe. Ok, so technically speaking you could wear them as normal shoes, but you could also hollow out a baguette and walk around with bread slippers. The point is that it’s not going to be comfortable, ideal, and you are definitely going to get some funny looks too. So, why can you not wear golf cleats as normal shoes?

  • For one, those spikes, while they may be fine to walk around on soft grass with, they are definitely not comfortable when it comes to hard terrain. Those spikes are going to dig into the bottoms of your feet, and they create a really hard and uneven surface to walk on, often with certain pressure point.
  • Next, spiked golf shoes are not flexible in the least and they do not have cushioning either. They really don’t move with your feet at all and they are terrible for absorbing impact when walking around on hard ground. They are not soft or flexible, they don’t really have cushioning, and they don’t have good support either.
  • The other thing to think about here is that golf shoes with spikes, they, well, they have spikes. When it comes to walking around on any surface other than grass, you are going to run into issues, mainly that you are going to cause some serious damage to whatever surface you are walking on. Just imagine dragging a bunch of nails or barbed wire along a hardwood floor, because that’s essentially what you are doing with spiked golf shoes. You are going to shred a nice floor, and absolutely not a single person is going to appreciate that.

 Spikeless Golf Shoes

Now, on the other hand, there is of course such a thing as a golf shoe without spikes, and yes, this is something you can wear as a normal shoe. The simple fact of the matter is that golf shoes without spikes are built with this in mind. No, their primary purpose is not to be used as a normal shoe, but the manufacturers and designers definitely kept this in mind.

A spikeless golf shoe can be worn as a normal shoe, and they work well both on and off the green. Of course, they don’t provide the same level of traction and stability as a golf shoe with spikes, but they also have benefits, such as being able to wear them off the golf course. Let’s take a closer look why you can wear spikeless golf shoes as normal shoes.

  • Spikeless golf shoes, because they do not have spikes, are not going to damage whatever you walk on. These usually just have totally normal outsoles, just like running shoes or regular walking shoes, and therefore you are not going to shred somebody’s beautiful floor with them.
  • Although spiked golf shoes are definitely quite functional and stable, what they are not is stylish. They just don’t look very nice. It’s not like spiked golf shoes are ugly, but it’s like wearing a reflective safety vest as a normal coat. It’s just not done and you will definitely get funny looks if you do that. However, spikeless golf shoes can actually look very nice, and just like normal shoes at the least.
  • Something else to consider here is that spikeless golf shoes are also quite comfortable to wear. More often than not, they are built like any other regular shoe. They tend to be quite flexible and they move with the foot instead of against it. Moreover, spikeless golf shoes tend to have more padding and better arch support too, as they are intended to be worn in more places than just on the course. They also tend to be lighter than spiked golf shoes. Simply put, spikeless golf shoes can actually be quite comfortable.


The bottom line here is that you can wear golf shoes as regular shoes, if you get the right kind of golf shoes. When it comes to golf cleats or spiked golf shoes, while if you are a diehard golfer, you might wear them off the course, it’s not something that most people would recommend.

On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes, the right ones, can definitely be worn off the course as regular shoes. Spikeless golf shoes can actually look quite nice, be soft and comfortable, and they won’t destroy whatever you are walking on either. So, yes, you can wear them as normal shoes.