Powerlifting VS Bodybuilding – The Key Training and Nutrition Differences

Powerlifting VS Bodybuilding

If you are new to working out, there is a good chance that this entire debate on powerlifting vs bodybuilding makes almost no sense to you. After all, it sounds like they might be the same thing, right? Well, the truth is that, although powerlifting and bodybuilding both involve the lifting of weights, they are […]

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How to Choose the Best Grip Strengthener

How to Choose the Best Grip Strengthener Professional and novice athletes alike can benefit from using a grip strengthener to build muscles in their hands and forearms. A grip strengthener can be a great exercise tool for various types of athletes, depending on the muscles they’re trying to develop or the activities they’re trying to […]

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Buying a Weight Sled? Everything You Need to Know

Benefits of a Weight Sled There are many benefits to incorporating a weight sled into your fitness routines, but the bottom line is that they’re simple, practical, and effective. That’s not to say that a sled pull is an easy workout, though. In fact, the opposite is true – and that’s the point. They can […]

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Best Leg Workouts for Running: Learn How to Build Leg Muscles

Best Leg Workouts for Running

If you have recently taken up running, you may be asking yourself, “why do I need another workout? Isn’t running a great workout in and of itself?” While running is one of the single best things you can do for your overall health and fitness, you will need to invest time and energy into other […]

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Power vs Strength: Five Main Differences You Should Know

Power Vs Strength

Picture this scenario. You are new to weightlifting, and you decide to take the leap and invest in a personal trainer. You want to learn from the best, tapping into the expertise of an elite competitor and someone who knows the secrets to build muscle mass quickly. You are sure that with the help of […]

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Hypertrophy vs Strength Training: Is One Better Than the Other?

Hypertrophy vs Strength Training

Did you know that weight lifting can tremendously boost your explosiveness, strength, overall wellbeing, muscular size, speed, and endurance? However, your goals determine the best weight training method. For optimal results, you’ll need to make up your mind before you hit the gym. If you’re scratching your head in confusion, wondering which lifestyle style is […]

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Leg Exercises: Lateral Jumps for Strong Legs

BestLegExercise LateralJumps

If you are a fitness buff and have not yet heard of “plyometric training,” you must have your earbuds turned up too loudly in the gym. Plyometric training, otherwise known as jump training, is one of the most popular fitness training forms today. And all of this “jumping” is not reserved for the track and […]

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5 Best Muscle Building Supplements 2021

best muscle building supplements of  scaled

A triad of cardio, strength training, and balanced nutrition is the key to a toned, healthy physique. However, we recommend adding a muscle building supplement to your regimen to see more efficient muscle mass gains. Athletes, fitness junkies, and bodybuilders alike can benefit from the best muscle building supplements of 2021, engineered with effective ingredients […]

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Best Shoes For Lifting

Shoes for lifting reviewed

Weightlifting shoes can be your best ally if you want to improve your lifting form while protecting your feet from injuries. They offer many benefits for beginner lifters and the right support for more experienced users. If you are starting to lift weights, then you should consider getting the right pair of shoes for the […]

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How to Find the Best Push Pull Sled in 2021

best push pull sled  scaled

Are you starting to plateau with your workout routine? If so, you may need to switch things up using new equipment like a push pull sled. Using a weighted sled isn’t overly complex but it’ll make you feel the burn. A sled can improve your overall acceleration, power, and muscular endurance. And it can help […]

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