How to Get Grass Stains Out of Shoes for Good

grass stains on sneakers

Outdoor activities are incredibly relaxing and invigorating. However, when carrying out sports and recreation activities in a garden or park, we can find grass stains on our shoes or even our clothes. The pigment of the grass can leave a greenish, brown, or yellowish tint on our garments, mainly shoes. We tend to think that […]

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Get Stronger and Faster: Top 5 Exercises with Weight Sled


Weight sled exercises target your show and go muscles – the muscles found in the front and back of your body. Adding weight sled to your workout routine can do wonders for both your show and go muscles, the muscles you show off during summertime at the beach – abs, biceps, quadriceps, and pectorals, and […]

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Skechers Golf Shoes VS Regular Sneakers

There’s a reason why golf shoes rank top among the most popular sports shoes in the market for many years. Golf shoes are made of high-quality materials that come with numerous advantages: waterproof comfortable breathable adequate support overall performance value and a lot more. Why Wear Golf Shoes? Wearing golf shoes when on the golf […]

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Fitness Essentials: How Grip Strengtheners Work

In strength development, grip strength is one of the most important things to focus on. Improving your grip strength is just as important as increasing your muscle strength. Good grip strength allows you to hold on to things like heavy workout equipment strongly and firmly. This also enables you to better your workout performance. Like […]

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Weight Sled Workout for Beginners

If you’re a beginner and still looking for ways to maximize your physical potential, you may want to consider adding a weight sled to your workout routine. Most athletes recommend sled push or weight sled as an excellent help for strength, speed, and acceleration development. It also helps burn calories and is perfect for overall […]

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9 Benefits of Yoga for Men That Will Change Your Life

Man practicing yoga

Yoga tends to be known as more of a female-dominated activity, but why is that the case? When you look at an advertisement for a yoga class, most of the time, the photo is of all women in the class. Where are all the yoga classes for the men who like a good stretch or […]

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Fitbit vs Whoop for Your Workout Recovery: Which Is Better?

Why do you work out? Chances are, your health is important to you, and you want to stay fit. You might even be an athlete working hard to get to the top but maybe don’t really know exactly how to access your body’s full potential. And maybe you have been asking yourself if you are […]

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The 7 Best Glass Water Bottle Models for Gym Use in 2021

Best Glass Water Bottle Models for Gym

Reusable water bottles have grown in popularity over the past years, and it is awesome! Saving the planet by using fewer plastic bottles, staying hydrated, and having a water bottle that fits your personality. Reusable water bottles are made of all different types of materials. From recycled plastic and stainless steel, and now more commonly […]

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Suunto vs Garmin GPS Sports Watch: Which One Is Better for You?

Suunto vs Garmin GPS Sports Watch

If you are beginning to get serious about fitness and working out, then you probably want to start keeping track of all your daily goals and information. Investing in a GPS sports watch is a convenient and smart way to easily log and keep track of things such as your heart rate or how many […]

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Inspire HR vs Charge 3: Which Advanced Fitness Tracker Is Right for You?

man after workout session checks fitness results

If you are looking for an advanced fitness tracker, you want a Fitbit device that will monitor all the necessary movements and fluctuations in your body. You want a fitness watch to make it easy to keep track and improve your fitness. If you are an extreme athlete or want to improve on various fitness […]

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