The Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes of 2021

man tying sports shoes in basketball court

The right pair of shoes can make or break your experience on the court. Finding the best outdoor basketball shoes for your competitions or pickup games is key to making sure your shoes fit your playing preferences. As a basketball player knows, you need different shoes when you play on outdoor courts than when you […]

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The Best Basketball Shoes for Wide Feet 2021

The Best Basketball Shoes

As with other types of shoes, a basketball shoe comes in different models designed for players with wider feet. It can still be quite difficult to find well-fitted basketball shoes when your wide feet always get in the way. It may seem as though you are doomed to a life of foot discomfort in narrow-fitting […]

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The Best Shoes for Jumping – Basketball, Volleyball & More!

Girl jumping and running on stadium outside

In sports such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, and rope jumping there is a lot of jumping involved throughout the game. This means without the proper footwear designed for these types of sports and movements, your feet will likely be sore afterward, and you potentially won’t be able to jump as high. You will need a […]

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4 Benefits of Practicing with a Weighted Basketball

Benefits of Practicing with a Weighted Basketball

Have you ever wondered how basketball players like Steph Curry can average 24 points per game? Or better yet, how they can simply pull up on pretty much any part of the court and take their shot? Of course, a lot of it has to do with their natural-born talent and years of practice. However, […]

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6 Basketball Accessories That Only Pros Use

Basketball Accessories That Only Pros Use

Air Jordans and And1 shorts (well, Under Armour nowadays); what do these things have in common? If you said basketball, you are entirely correct. Granted, Under Armour is all over sports today, but for the most part, you will see their logo on basketball shorts, wrist bands, headbands, and other basketball gear. Air Jordan’s speak […]

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Basketball Training Equipment & Aids – Top 10 Essentials

Basketball Training Equipment & Aids

Professional basketball players spend countless hours training and going through numerous drills to perfect their game. Training is all about repetition until the skill is mastered. This often calls for working as hard as it does working smart. It’s this aspect of working smart that requires every team and every player to employ the best […]

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How to Dunk a Basketball – 3 Easy Ways to Learn How to Dunk

How to Dunk a Basketball

Few things in sports are more impressive than monster slam dunks. Although it’s only worth two points like a layup, there’s no denying the cool factor. A commanding dunk also has the power to get the crowd amped up, deflate your opponent’s ego, and turn the momentum of a game. Yet, dunking a basketball is […]

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Best Basketball Shoes for Women

Best Basketball Shoes for Women

Players who start in basketball face one of the most difficult decisions during the preseason, choosing the most suitable shoes from a wide range of brands and models offered by the market. Many go to a specialized store and end up choosing a shoe based on aesthetics or price, which can cause an error. Because […]

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Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2020


If you are a basketball payer, you know the importance of a great set of kicks. Our feet require anatomical support, comfortable and capable of offering an adequate level of stability when moving in our day to day or when practicing a sport. If you are one of the people who want to buy men’s […]

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Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes Of 2020


Best Ankle Support Basketball Shoes Of 2020: Complete Reviews with Comparisons Ankle support is pretty important when it comes to playing basketball, because without good support, your ankles may roll or even break if somebody crosses you too fast. Today we want to help you find the best ankle support basketball shoes that your money […]

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