Soccer Equipment List: 17 Items Every Child Must Have

Soccer Equipment

Getting your kids enthusiastic about sports like soccer calls for several things: showing them videos of the most outrageous soccer skills, involving them in a pee wee league in the sport, and equipping them well enough to enjoy and be safe while playing the game. Like most sports, soccer doesn’t have that long an equipment […]

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Tennis Accessories Guide – What Do You Need for Playing Tennis

Tennis Accessories Guide

When was the last time you kept yourself from doing something because you “just didn’t have the right equipment”? You probably hear this kind of excuse more often than not – Jim won’t be joining the gym this year because he has no workout gear; Janice can’t go jogging because she has no jogging shoes, […]

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Guide to Tennis Drills: 6 Types of Practice Exercises

Guide to Tennis Drills

Did you know that the longest ever recorded tennis match was played over a period of three days and lasted a total of 11 hours and about 5 minutes? In 2010, Nicolas Mahut and John Isner treated fans to a rollercoaster of a game at the Wimbledon Grand Slam. This is just to show you […]

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Best Fitness Tracker For Kids

fitness tracker for kids reviewed

Fitness trackers are an excellent way of getting your children involved in sports and friendly competition. They also enable you to track the amount of movement they have in a day and who they interact with on their tracking apps. The overall best fitness tracker for kids is the Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker For […]

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The Wrong Way To Achieve Peak Performance

youth sports burnout scaled

“Mental toughness is to physical as four is to one.” – Bobby Knight Mental strength in young athletes is so important to prolonged success and can help to overcome youth sports burnout. However, it’s also worthwhile to discuss the wrong ways to develop mental toughness and what can happen when this critical attribute is underdeveloped. […]

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The Argument Against Sport Specialization for Youth Athletes

youth sports specialization scaled

Looking at some extreme examples of young prodigies who for the most part specialized in a single sport, one might conclude this is the best way to develop a successful athlete. However, that is not an opinion shared by all experts. In fact, many argue that sport specialization is a significant problem to young athletes. […]

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The Path to Mental Toughness for Young Athletes

mental toughness in young athletes scaled

“It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, “Always do what you are afraid to do.””  – Ralph Waldo Emerson  Mental toughness is a quality that is prevalent in many great athletes and warriors. There is little doubt of its importance. The question is then, how does one develop mental […]

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Best Sports Training Equipment for Youth Athletes

sports training for youth athletes scaled

When you think about your child going into youth sports, you may be excited but a little hesitant. Injuries are common in sports, no matter the age of the person. One way to combat youth athletics injuries is to ensure that the athletic program uses specifically youths’ equipment. We will highlight some of the best […]

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3 Best Baseball Pitching Machines

Best Baseball Pitching Machines

In every baseball game, one of the most important pieces of equipment used is a baseball pitching machine. The game relies on the pitching machine to be able to have the right timing and rhythm.  It is also an excellent tool made for coaches, as they don’t have to be physically present to pitch to […]

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4 Ways to Increase Safety in Youth Sports


Keeping yourself fit and injury-free as a young athlete is no easy job. With after school training and sports camps, you will find yourself playing your chosen sport all year round. There’s a small problem; more playing time on the field increases the risk of experiencing sports-related, acute and chronic  injuries to the knees, shoulder […]

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