How to Quickly Fix Your Golf Swing Flows

How to Quickly Fix Your Golf Swing Flows
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If you are a golfer, then you understand that flow is an essential factor in your golf swing. To be an excellent golfer, you have to improve your ball hitting to have a better golf swing.

Unlike many people believe, a powerful golf swing with a good strike is not complicated.

You can improve your golf swing flow by understanding and letting your natural golf swing to happen without complications.

Ways to Fix Your Golf Swing

In this article, we will discuss several ways of fixing your golf swing flow quickly.

Forget About the Technical Commands

If your head is full of technical commands, your swing will most likely be disrupted. It interrupts your flow as you try to swing through a string of commands you are aware of.

To be a better golfer, you have to work hard and improve your skills. 

However, it would be best if you kept your thoughts aside while playing as that invites problems.

Don’t Slow Down but Be Patient

If you slow down your swings, you will fall into a trap many golfers have fallen into before. Sometimes when you are struggling with your game, your friends might advise you to slow down.

While the advice is excellent, the problem comes during implementation. Many golfers often slow down in the wrong place.

They make a very slow backswing that is tense up at the top and then start swinging down in a rush.

The best players have a unique flow to their swing, which is not automatically slow. On many occasions, the club flows into the backswing, and the change of direction usually is slow.

Before you think about taking the driver back, exercise some patience. You should not be in a rush to complete the backswing or to begin swinging down. 

As a clue to know when to change direction, have your heel come off the ground like an old-school golfer’s swing.

While you swing back, let your heel come off the ground and take it back down as you start down. This simple technique makes your swing better.

A good swing flow can help you cover other failures. However, a good flow will not necessarily make a bad swing a good one, but rather it will get the most out of what you currently have.

Keep It Simple

It is possible to get weighed down by complex positions that destroy your swing and, in essence, your consistency. You can avoid all these by doing things differently. 

Apply this simple golf drill to help you forget about the club and the golf ball. The exercise will automatically encourage you to swing through and down and get a shallow swing path into the ball.

This golf swing drill is all about moving through the ball instead of focusing on hitting at it

Concentrating on hitting at it can be destructive. It may lead to heavy and thin golf shots, inconsistency, and loss of distance.

However, doing this at a low point will significantly help your contact and power. The more greens you hit, the more you will see the ball rip through the air. 

You will also get a better angle of attack and consequently gain more distance and consistency.

With this technique, you will be able to focus, feel an excellent smooth golf swing, and hit the irons better.

Try it out during your training sessions and improve your skills.

Your Takeaway Should Be Smooth

Due to tension, adrenaline, or gut feeling, many golfers jerk their irons up and away from the ball as they begin the backswing.

 If you do this, you will have a lot of issues to correct on the way back down for you to hit the ball solid and straight. It kills your rhythm.

Your club should quietly trace the turf for up to two feet before you hinge it upward. To achieve this smooth takeaway, address a ball with another ball at the back of your iron on the target line. Begin swinging by rolling the second ball away.

Also, your strike back and through should be even to help you make the best accelerating movement into the ball and control the path.

You can even download a metronome app on your phone. With the metronome app, set the beat interval to the pace that feels like a good stroke then practice to that rhythm.

 Eventually, you will find that the metronome instills excellent rhythm in your stroke. You are likely to still hear the beat in your head when you play.

Stay Light

Finesse shots are the shots you hit inside 100 yards. These shots require a different kind of rhythm. You will most likely feel lively when addressing these short-game shots.

To stay light, it would be best if you soften your grip pressure, shake the club a little then lightly shift your weight back and forth between your feet.

Set the wedge and instantaneously start the motion when you are ready to take the shot.

The trick is not to allow the rhythm you have prepped for change into a rigid, disjointed swing.

Staying light helps you get rid of all the tension out of your body and make your swing fluid, and your touch around the greens will be enhanced.   

It would help if you considered flow as a significant thought. Generally, it is a sense of motion and not a piece by piece approach. 

With better flow in your swing, you are more likely to add some yards as you make better strikes and apply force at the appropriate time.

Going forward, you should consider going flow as opposed to going slow. Leave behind slow as a concept and discover other possibilities to find your own best flow.


We have discussed several drills which if you apply appropriately, will help you improve your golf swing flow significantly.

Avoid treating them like technical commands that run in your head when you play and make sure you have the right tools to improve your game and comfortable attire like the right golf shoes.

 Try to incorporate them in your play as naturally as you can, and your golf swing flow will improve.