Spikeless vs Spiked Golf Shoes

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Golf is a widely played sport around the world, a sport that can bring people together and also create some healthy competition. One thing which every game of golf has in common is that a good golfer has a great pair of skechers golf shoes. Golf shoes are essential for many reasons, and they all help to improve your game in one way or another. With that being said, there are different kinds of golf shoes out there, with differences in traction being one of the main deciding characterises.

If you know a thing or two about golf shoes, you will know that some of them come with spikes on the bottom, like soccer or football cleats. There are also golf shoes which have simple traction patterns, still good traction patterns, but not spikes. So, now you have to decide between spiked golf shoes and spikeless golf shoes, but how do you choose? Spikeless vs spiked golf shoes is what we are here to help you figure out right now.

Spiked Golf Shoes vs Spikeless Golf Shoes

We are here to discuss spikeless and spiked golf shoes, but what are the differences between them? There are 4 major differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes that you need to keep in mind, so let’s go over these.


One thing which you need to keep in mind has to do with comfort. Spiked golf shoes are not inherently uncomfortable per se, but there are some things to think about. If you are walking on hard ground, those spikes can really get in the way. They can dig into your feet, make things uncomfortable, and worst of all, you will constantly hear the spikes clicking on the ground.

Even on soft ground, if you have sensitive foot soles or problems with your feet, spikes may be very uncomfortable. On the other hand, spikeless golf shoes are made more with comfort in mind. Simply put, they are much more comfortable to walk around with for prolonged periods of time, they offer much better foot sole support than spiked golf shoes, and there is no annoying clicking noise on hard ground either.


The next thing that you need to think about when it comes to spiked vs spikeless golf shoes is how versatile each shoe is. When it comes down to it, a golf shoe with spikes on the undersole can really only be worn on the golf course, on soft terrain. Going back to the whole comfort thing, spiked golf shoes are incredibly uncomfortable to wear on hard ground like pavement. Those spiked can really hurt the underside of your feet.

Moreover, spiked golf shoes often look like soccer cleats, or similar. Put it this way, you wouldn’t wear soccer cleats on a date and you wouldn’t wear golf cleats to go grocery shopping. Spiked golf shoes are not designed to be worn outside of the golf course, and this is true both due to the comfort of the spikes and the look of the shoe. On the other hand, a spikeless golf shoe looks more or less like a normal shoe, and therefore you can wear it on a date, to go shopping, or whatever else you need to do, plus they don’t have those spikes, so walking around will still be fairly comfortable.


Of course, the biggest difference and main concern to think about here has to do with traction. After all, the whole point of wearing golf shoes with spikes is to provide you with good traction on the golf course. That green can be very slippery when it is wet, which is often the case in the morning before the sun has been able to dry up the early morning due. Slipping and falling mid swing is not uncommon on wet grass. A good pair of spiked golf shoes will help prevent you from ending up on your backside.

However, spikeless golf shoes definitely do not have this advantage. They are designed more for practicing your swing, casual daytime golfing, and for use on a dry course. If you are serious about golfing and want to be able to golf comfortably and securely any time of the day, it’s definitely the spiked golf shoe that you want to go for.


The other major difference to keep in mind has to do with the cost of the shoe, and with durability to a certain extent as well. Simply put, spiked golf shoes, due to having the spikes and being specially designed for golfing, are going to cost a decent amount of money. Spikeless golf shoes, due to being more casual in nature and not having additional spikes, tend to be a bit cheaper to purchase. On the other hand, spiked golf shoes, due to their special design, tend to be a bit more durable than their spikeless counterpart.


When all is said and done, simple golf shoes that do not have spikes can be very useful. For one, they tend to be a lot more comfortable to wear than spiked golf shoes, plus you can wear them around town without having spikes click on the ground. Moreover, spikeless golf shoes often look like regular shoes, and therefore are much more versatile in nature than spiked golf shoes.

On the other hand, if you are really serious about winning that big game of golf, you are golfing on wet grass, and you want something with a high level of durability, spiked golf shoes are what you want to go with, but course, they do cost more than the spikeless variety.

Now that you know the differences between spiked and spikeless golf shoes, you can make your own decision in terms of which type is best for you.