Are Skechers Golf Shoes Right for You?

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Quick Guide to Skechers Golf Shoes for Men & Women

Skechers golf shoes are known for their comfort and easy, casual style. Since entering the fitness world several years ago, Skechers has increasingly looked for ways to offer high-quality sneakers designed for a variety of activities, and their collection of golf shoes is no exception.

If you’re on the market for a new pair and you’ve never slipped on a pair of Skechers golf shoes (sometimes misspelled as “Sketchers golf shoes”), then this short guide will help you understand why these shoes are so popular all over the world.

Skechers Golf Shoes are Unbelievable Lightweight

Leveraging Skechers GOGA MAX technology in their insoles, styles like the Skechers Men’s GO GOLF Pivot Spikeless Golf Shoe combine an incredible amount of support and cushion without making you feel like you’re having to drag your feet by the time you’re approaching the 18th hole.

This specific style of Skechers golf shoes for men also features a sleek, spikeless design that still manages to provide the kind of traction you’ll need whether you’re on the green or in the rough. What you might not see from the outside, or even fully appreciate until you slip on a pair, is how soft the fabric lining is and how the perforated side panels offer a significant amount of breathability.

Some Skechers Golf Shoes Are Completely Waterproof

Let’s face it: we all have off days and, sometimes, we’re spending too much time in the sand or sending balls into the water hazard. If you’re fishing balls out from the wet areas, or even dedicated enough to play through some rain, you’ll definitely want to lace up in a pair of Skechers Go Golf Men’s Torque Waterproof Golf Shoe.

These Skechers golf shoes for men are spiked for added traction, and the spikes can be replaced over time, but best of all, they’ll keep your feet completely dry in inclement conditions. For that year-round, all-weather kind of golfer, these might be their next favorite pair.

Skechers Golf Shoes for Men Still Feature Sleek, Modern Style

As many golfers know, the days of plaid pants and funny hats are long gone. There are plenty of brands making performance apparel, but not too many can offer a great sneaker-golf shoe hybrid like these Sketchers Golf Shoes: the Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Drive 2 Golf Shoe.

The uppers feature a construction that looks almost identical to a casual sneaker, complete with pops of color around the eyelets, while the sole and spikes are all about comfort, support and durability. If you want to push that streetwear style even further, you could check out the Skechers Men’s Drive 4 LX Waterproof Golf Shoe which really offer the best of both worlds.

Sketchers Golf Shoes Are All About the Perfect Fit

Keeping pace with design trends in other sports, some Sketchers golf shoes for men feature an innovative twist dial lacing system that allows guys to customize the fit to make sure it contours to the shape of their feet even better than traditional lacing. It’ll also prevent the hassle of having to stop and take a knee to re-tie your shoes every so often.

So Which Pair of Skechers Golf Shoes for Men is Right for YOU?

Like any kind of footwear or athletic equipment, you’ve got to think about your game and the sort of personal needs you have with your golf shoe. If you’re tired of having aching feet after a long round, some of the lightweight, spikeless options might be best. If you like adding a bit of flair, the sporty and street-inspired Sketchers golf shoes might be a good option. No matter what, you can rest assured that any of these pairs of Skechers golf shoes will offer the kind of comfort you’ve come to expect from the iconic brand.