Best Golf Shoes for Walking

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Finding golf shoes that are comfortable to walk around in, while also providing you with all the other features you’d expect to find in high-quality skechers golf shoes is easier said than done.

Best Golf Shoes for Walking

You need a lightweight and flexible shoe with a natural feel, great traction, comfort features, and hopefully one that’s waterproof too. Here are what are considered to be the best golf shoes for walking out on the market at this time.

True Linkswear Original

These shoes are designed with a full grain leather upper, with the shoe being made of leather as a whole. This makes the True Linkswear Original very durable and resistant to damage.

Although they are made of leather, they are still fairly breathable, not to mention lightweight. They’re designed to be sturdy golf shoes, while also being flexible walking shoes for everyday wear. They’re made to move with the foot.

This golf shoe features a totally waterproof design, so feet won’t get wet on the links or anywhere else. They actually feature a 2-year waterproof guarantee, which is more than you’ll get with most other golf shoes.

Moreover, the True Linkswear Original also features a defender repellant system, which helps to repel oil, water, and stains.

This golf shoe features a very minimalistic sole, and while it may not provide a lot of cushioning, it does produce a near-barefoot feel so you can feel closer to the green for better balance.

Speaking of balance and traction, these golf shoes come with a traction pattern designed to prevent slipping on wet grass, while also being ideal for other terrains too.


  • Full grain leather upper
  • Waterproof design
  • Breathable


  • Doesn’t provide too much cushioning

New Balance Men’s Striker Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe

Best Golf Shoes for Walking

  • Waterproof microfiber leather upper with ultralight FantomFit support
  • Exoskeleton TPU outsole designed to move with the natural motion of your foot
  • REVlite 10mm drop midsole provides lightweight cushioning & premium responsiveness
  • CUSH+ insole for increased comfort
  • 2-year waterproof warranty

First off, these shoes come with spikes which are designed to provide maximum traction while walking on a slippery golf course. They are not the best shoes for walking around outside the course due to the spikes, but they are certainly ideal for getting maximum traction on the links. However, when it comes to overall comfort, these golf shoes are top-of-the line.

They feature a CUSH+ insole combined with a REVLite 10 mm drop midsole, which when put together provide a high level of cushioning, impact absorption, and arch support.

You also get a TPU exoskeleton designed to increase overall stability and balance, while still providing a lightweight, flexible, yet supportive feel.

The New Balance Men’s Striker Spiked Comfort Golf Shoe features a waterproof microfiber leather upper, which is both waterproof and breathable, and still manages to be very lightweight as well. Let’s not forget that there is a 2-year waterproof warranty included here too. The addition of FantomFit support helps provide the support every player needs on the green.


  • Provide maximum traction
  • High level of cushioning
  • Arch support


  • Not fully waterproof

ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 3 Gore-Tex Golf Shoe

Best Golf Shoes for Walking

  • Yak leather and mesh upper
  • Tpe footbed offers excellent long term cushioning
  • Biom technology provides a natural fit and feel for outstanding walking comfort
  • Durable rubber outsole for outstanding grip and traction on varied terrain
  • Comfortable

Here we have a pair of golf shoes which has an amazing traction pattern on the bottom to provide you with a great grip on wet grass, dirt, and in the sand traps alike. However, they are not actually spikes or studs, so these shoes can also be worn off the course with ease.

In terms of their look, they appear to be more like a reserved or conservative golf shoe, more of an old-school look, kind of like a loafer-golf shoe hybrid.

These shoes feature a 100% leather design, with leather being very tough and resistant to damage. It’s actually yak’s leather, of all things. What stands out here is the Gore-Tex waterproof lining on the interior of the shoe, something which will ensure that feet stay dry at all times.

The Gore-Tex is waterproof and also designed to be super breathable and lightweight for long-lasting comfort on the course.

These shoes feature so called Biom Natural Motion technology, which helps your feet move without obstruction and it keeps your feet very close to the ground for increased balance and stability. To add a bit of cushioning and comfort to the mix, there is also an antimicrobial Ortholite insole.


  • 100% leather design
  • Gore-Tex waterproof lining
  • Increased balance and stability


  • Not full sweat resistant

FootJoy Men’s Pro/SL-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes

Best Golf Shoes for Walking

  • Exceptional stability – a perimeter weighted outsole allows for extreme stability and added lightweight comfort
  • Laser plus fit – The laser plus last offers a full rounded toe character, standard fit across forefoot and instep, with a slightly narrow heel.
  • Performance Leather – chromo skin leather, developed by Pittards of England, is a supple, lightweight, durable and 100% waterproof leather
  • Versatile traction – a one-piece outsole combining 2 blends of our fine tuned foam (ftf) for cushioning and stability
  • Waterproof – foot bed warrants that this golf shoe will be 100% Waterproof in normal use for two years (U.S. Warranty)

In terms of the look, this shoe can be best described as a low-cut golf shoe with studs/spikes that looks kind of like a running shoe/golf shoe hybrid. It’s a very modern-looking and stylish golf shoe that comes in a variety of colors to match your wardrobe.

These shoes are made with 100% real leather, which helps increase their overall durability, not to mention that they are also waterproof; they’ll definitely keep your feet dry on the green.

They feature a one-piece rubber outsole, which is not only durable, but also comes with spikes to keep you upright and stable on the course. They’re not really designed for walking outside the course, but they will keep you comfortable on the green.

What’s cool here is the perimeter-weighted outsole which helps keep your feet on the ground, stable, and steady. When on the course, the inclusion of fine-tuned foam in the sole of the shoe should help to absorb most of the impact created when walking.


  • 100% real leather
  • Waterproof
  • Fine-tuned foam in the sole


  • They do tend to run a bit narrow

Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe

Best Golf Shoes for Walking

  • Dura-weave mesh upper with 3D stability cage for maximum support and breathability
  • Opti-soft EVA midsole for natural ground feel and comfort
  • Spike less dura-rubber outsole with multi-directional traction lugs
  • Opti-vent mesh liner for breathability and heat management

Unlike the other shoes reviewed today, this one is made of synthetic materials, not leather. The big drawback here is that these shoes are not waterproof. However, on the other hand, they are some of the lightest, most comfortable, and flexible golf shoes around.

They’ll keep your feet very well ventilated thanks to the inclusion of the Dura-Weave mesh upper. Mesh is not always very durable, but this particular design actually is. Although the mesh is very thin, it also comes with a 3D stability cage included for balance.

The Callaway Men’s Balboa Vent 2.0 Golf Shoe come with an Opti-Soft EVA midsole. This helps to absorb a lot of the impact created when walking while also keeping your feet close to the ground for a natural feel.

These golf shoes may not have spikes, but they do have multi-directional traction lugs to keep you upright and stable on the golf course. If need be, you could even wear these shoes off the course.


  • Keep your feet very well ventilated
  • Absorbs impact
  • Multi-directional traction lugs



When it comes to the best golf shoes for walking, what needs to be considered is if you need them to be as comfortable as can be on the course, or if you need a shoe that can also be worn off the course. Choose wisely!