What Are The Best Training Products for Golfers?

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Golf can be one of the most frustrating sports. It is the one sport in which more people than any in other sport “throw in the towel”. As with everything else, there are many good reasons why golfers around the world give up on golf every week. The main reason is the wrong kind of clubs. Before you even take to the golf course, it is a good idea to get fitted for the right kind of golf clubs.

The second reason is normally a lack of practice. Many of us are reluctant to pay for a personal trainer when it comes to increasing the benefits of our workouts. However, in golf, taking lessons with a golf professional is essential. Without getting your technique right, there is no way that you are going to enjoy golf as a sport.

The third reason comes down to fitness. Most men and women who take up the sport don’t assume they need to do anything else than to play golf. They could not be more wrong. Having a better level of overall fitness is in fact what is going to make you excel at golf.

How to Get Fit For Golf

It is a fact – most golfers take golf very seriously indeed. Sadly, many amateur golfers think they only work out they need to do is to go out on the golf course and swing a club. That is not true. Behind that swing, you need to have the power to make sure that little ball goes further and lands in the right place.

You don’t exactly need to be fit to run a marathon when you play golf for leisure, but having a good overall physique can help a great deal. Getting fit for golf can be both fun and contribute to weight loss.
Think about what professional golfers actually have to do – they have to walk an 18 hole golf course! When you are fit enough to do that, you know you are ready to take your golf game seriously.

Best Training Products for Golfers

My husband, a long-haul pilot, always used to complain he was exhausted after he had played our local 9 hole golf course. I used to tell him he simply was not fit enough, and that was one of the reasons he was not getting a lot out his golf game. It has to do with practicing your golf swing as well. Only practicing with your golf pro and playing with your fellow golfers do not really offer enough opportunity to do so. With a little bit of encouragement, he invested in some golf training products, and to his surprise, he was soon doing a lot better.

Golf Swing Trainer

Tutuba Golf Swing Trainer Indoor Practice Power Strength Tempo Training

Golf swing trainers are not only about practicing your swing. As my husband got more into golf, I decided to take the sport myself. I thought I was pretty fit, but it soon became clear I was not really fit for golf at all. As I started to play a few times per week, I often came home with aching muscle groups I did not know I had.

I soon discovered the golf swing was more complicated than I thought it would be. It did not take me long to figure out a golf swing trainer could help me After having used my golf swing trainer for a couple of weeks, I had both increased my flexibility and strength. I was now getting on the green in fewer shots than when I had first started to play golf.

Working Out With Hand Held Weights

Don’t worry, you don’t have to join the gym as well as a golf club to get fit for golf. I have never been really into working out with handheld weights. As a swimmer, I had always found that working out with bands worked for me. But, to make the most of my golf game I started to work out with handheld weights. The results were pretty amazing. As I am not very tall, I did not have that power to put behind my swing. But as I continued to work out with my handheld weights I came into my own. As one of the other ladies at the golf club said: “You are out swinging me, and I have played for ten years”.

I was more than pleased with myself and decided to share my the secret to my success with the other lady golfers. Before I knew it, they had all invested in handheld weights and were asking me about my routine. Being an athlete, I know you get the best response when you share your know-how, so that is exactly what I did.

Tracking Systems

Arccos Caddie Golf Game Tracking System (Set of 14 Sensors

What Are The Best Training Products for Golfers?

  • ARCCOS SMART SENSORS 3RD GENERATION: Includes 13 ultra-light, low-profile sensors (one for every club in your bag) with a long-lasting battery and power-saving mode + 1 P3 putter sensor.
  • A.I. POWERED GPS RANGEFINDER + AUTOSHOT TRACKING: Arccos Caddie automatically tracks every shot and provides you with a digital replay of every round + a first-ever rangefinder that adjusts in real-time for wind (including gusts), slope, temperature, humidity and altitude giving you the Arccos Caddie Number, the most precise yardage in the game.
  • PERSONALIZED CADDIE ADVICE + ADVANCED ANALYTICS: A.I. supported to provide you optimal strategies and caddie advice, while Advanced Analytics powered by gained strokes delivers performance breakdowns to guide your practice and choosing the right equipment.
  • SMART DISTANCE CLUB AVERAGES + WITH 1-YEAR SUBSCRIPTION: Know how far to actually hit all your clubs to precisely select the right club for every shot with the Smart Distance Club Averages feature, plus enjoy free iOS & Android apps and one-year of Arccos Caddie subscription starting from the date activated.
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: Arccos Caddie 3rd Generation Smart Sensors (Set of 14) Golf GPS Stat Tracking System (for iOS & Android) & PlayBetter 5000mAh Portable Charger

Why do you think golf professionals use tracking systems? Modern-day tracking systems give you much more than a way of knowing where you are going to be able to find the next hole on the golf course. They can help you to track your progress and asses what technical difficulties you may have. This is why advanced golf performance and tracking systems are used by golf pros.

As my husband and I had now talked out daughter into joining us on the golf course, we decided to invest in a tracking system. Once set up, it was easy to use and started to benefit all of us. It is an added expanse which you may be reluctant to invest in at first. But once you discover its benefits, you will not regret having invested in one. As we travel a lot and bring our golf gear, I love the fact that the Arccos system has over 40,000 courses available.

Golf is one of those sports which can take over your life. It is truly addictive and most golfers I know are passionate about playing golf and play as often as they can. The best training products for golfers can help you to get fit for everyday golf and tournaments. We would not be without ours, and exercising for golf has made our rather exercise mad little family a lot fitter and healthier than we were before we started. Golf is certainly not a sport for couch potatoes.