How To Make Your Golf Practice Time More Effective

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Although becoming a better golfer requires you to do more than spending your life in a golf course, you need to ensure that every second on the practice tee matters. When practicing, you should keep in mind that you are putting in the effort to become great. One of the most challenging things for most golfers is transitioning from the practice tee to the golf course.

The good news is that the ability to play much better golf than you are right now is very possible. Recharging your game means recharging how you practice. You will need to understand what’s effective on the range, what’s not and the underlying reasons. Push your practice beyond your comfort zone. This may need you to diversify your training sessions and in some cases, do your practice under challenging conditions.

How To Make Your Golf Practice Time More Effective

Unknown to many people, your practice routine is more important than the practice itself. Since the main reason why you are training is to improve your golf swing and your overall golf game, you can do the following for your practice to have more impact:

Use Unfavorable Conditions

Before you start practicing, ensure that your eyes are perfect for this targeting game. When you have to work harder to get your worst ball in the hole, it will be easier to get a good one inside. Experts know that when an athlete is exposed to extremely challenging practice sessions, their performance in an actual challenge will be better. You can even decide to practice with a lousy bat, but it should not be in a condition that will affect things like your posture and your swinging. Maybe adjusted just enough to make it harder to strike a ball and control it properly from your best pose. Practicing using this technique will help you get better faster at golf because regular games will seem much less of a challenge.

Deliberate Practice

This is whereby you practice as if you are playing. It means that you will need to be fully geared up as if you are going for a real game. Deliberate practice comes in handy because you will get to practice all sorts of shots just as seen while playing an actual golf match. The benefits of this kind of practice are many. Other than having a feel of a real game situation, you will also get to find out your best ranges so that you can quickly know where you need to improve. You will also need to ensure that you fully implement what you have been practicing during your shooting practice. A friendly practice match against your mate can also work perfectly here. Get to play following strict rules as seen in real games, and both of you will get to benefit one way or the other.

Avoid Distractions

Many people fancy elite athletes and how good some of them are when it comes to winning medals. They all make it seem so easy, but the truth is, more work is done when the cameras are not watching. The same applies in golf, and that is why, each time you are on the course, you need to be strict with your practice. When you practice correctly, some skills become somehow imprinted in your system that you will find yourself doing even if you are distracted by the crowd in a real game situation. That is why many sportsmen and women take their practice time very seriously. Note that distraction can be anything from your phone or something bothering your mind.

Variable Practice

This is when you decide to work on a particular part of your workout. For example, if you want to practice your 30 yards shot, you will need to take several strokes in a single practice session. During that time, take note of your projection and power. You will also want to find out the best way possible for you  to make the shot that has more proximity to the hole. After doing so, register your new skill in your brain. That means you will then have to perfect this shot by doing it again and again throughout your golfing practice. When on this practice, consider rotating your golf bats as well so that you can know the best one for you when it comes to taking 30-yard shots.

Maintain Discipline

Discipline comes from strictly following your practicing schedule. If you have to hit the gym or jog in the morning, you need to ensure that you divide these activities evenly through the week. That is because you cannot handle doing all of them every day, yet you need them all for an excellent performance. You may even need to develop a work out a timetable to guide you on what you need to do and when they should be done. Another aspect of discipline is going through every routine as outlined by your training schedule. Note that when coming up with a practice plan, you had already identified your strengths and weaknesses. When you find yourself skipping sessions in your practice, know that you are preparing yourself to fail as a golfer.

Block Practice

Although this is considered a quantity practice, it is a great way to work on your strokes and posture. Usually, it does not involve getting any ball inside a hole. However, the golfer gets to strike several shots over giver yards. This kind of practice will let you realize your power and even how to control it with regards to the number of yards that the hole you are targeting is located. It is also the excellent way of practicing a new swing that you want to master. A better description of block practice in golf is what you see at the range where golfers keep striking balls randomly without any defined purpose.


Every minute count, when you are on the verge of making yourself the best golfer. It is, therefore, important that you make the most out of any practice time that you get to perfect your game.

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