Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine & Diet (Updated)

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Conor McGregor is the biggest PPV mixed martial artist in the world right now. And there is no doubting that he has the physique, mobility, and agility that most of us can only dream of.

The Notorious, as unreserved as he is, isn’t shy to show off his workouts on social media. He has also talked about his diet in interviews, so, thankfully, there is plenty to go by if you want to eat and train like the MMA star himself.

And this updated guide will tell you how – including his cardio training, weight training, workout routine, and diet.

Whether you want to achieve Conor McGregor’s physique or his power, flexibility, and fighting endurance, this guide includes everything you need to know. Make sure to keep reading!

Conor McGregor’s Physique

Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine & Diet (Updated)

First of all, it’s worth assessing Conor McGregor’s physique. There is a specific reason his body looks the way it does, and that’s to improve his functionality in the octagon.

Conor McGregor does not focus on size or even brute strength. And while he does have muscular definition, he keeps lean to ensure that he can stay mobile, flexible, and agile whenever he fights.

Most of Conor McGregor’s muscle mass is located on his shoulders (delts), arms (triceps and biceps), lats, and legs. As a result, he trains his body to be mobile and agile while still being powerful enough to deliver knockout punches and kicks.

Overall, Conor McGregor is 5’8” tall and weighs 170 lbs (77.1 kg). He is lean yet muscular, with a physique that balances power and functionality.

Conor McGregor Cardio

Aside from eating clean, Conor McGregor incorporates plenty of cardio into his workouts to stay lean. And it makes sense considering he needs the endurance and stamina to outclass his opponents.

Conor McGregor doesn’t stick to one style of cardio. In addition to MMA sparring and shadowboxing, which are both effective forms of cardio, Conor also likes to run and cycle. He runs and cycles on machines (treadmills and stationary bikes), as well as outdoors.

Cardiovascular exercise is important for increasing lung capacity, endurance, and breathing management. And it goes without saying that these are vital areas to work on, not just for MMA fights but for any athlete that needs to perform for long periods of time.

Conor McGregor Resistance Training

Conor McGregor performs resistance training (weight training) and has the muscle to show for it, specifically on his shoulders (delts), arms (triceps and biceps), lats, and legs.

In fact, Conor often posts parts of his workouts online on his social media pages. It’s also clear that he knows what he’s doing, since he performs almost every exercise with perfect form.

Photos and video footage show that Conor McGregor’s workouts include pull-ups, weighted pull-ups, chin-ups, overhead presses (dumbbells and barbells), medicine ball throw downs, bench presses (dumbbells and barbells), ring muscle-ups, and deadlifts.

So, from the list, it’s evident that Conor also incorporates calisthenics/bodyweight training into his workouts, in addition to training with weights.

Conor McGregor might not have defined abs, but he does train his core to improve his stability and balance when fighting. His core exercises include hanging leg raises, ab pull-downs, and gym ball crunches.

Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine

Conor McGregor’s Workout Routine & Diet (Updated)

We’ve run through some of the exercises that Conor McGregor can be seen doing in his workouts. But what is his workout routine?

Since Conor focuses on functionality, power, and mobility over aesthetics or brute strength, his workouts are high intensity, shown to be carried out in supersets or with little to no rest between exercises.

In fact, Conor’s training program, McGregor FAST, which stands for fighting aerobic/anaerobic system of training, follows the same workout style: high-intensity, metabolic exercises that build muscle and burn fat simultaneously.

As a result, Conor McGregor’s workout routine involves explosive (plyometric) exercises performed for high reps, typically back-to-back. This helps improve endurance and stamina, build muscle through hypertrophy, and improve fast-twitch muscle fibers.

Conor trains 5 or 6 times per week, mixing cardio and resistance training to train his entire body. He is also a big advocate of stretching before his workouts, which he has shown himself doing in his social media posts.

As a professional MMA fighter, he isn’t looking for muscle size or bodybuilder-style looks, but explosive power, agility, flexibility, and endurance, which is reflected in his high-intensity full-body workouts.

Conor McGregor’s Diet

Last but not least, Conor McGregor’s diet plan.

It might come as no surprise that Conor has a professional nutritionist (Tristin Kennedy) to help him eat accordingly to stay in shape and weigh in at the right amount for each fight, so his diet is meticulously calculated to the gram.

And even though Conor McGregor often shows himself drinking his brand of whiskey and celebrating with big meals after fights, he has said that his diet is “usually pretty consistent, whether I’m training for a big fight or not. I don’t eat takeaways.”

In addition, Conor has said, “I eat good meat – chicken, salmon, some steak, and a lot of quality greens and fruits like bananas. I eat eggs – an omelette with my Americano for a late breakfast or brunch.”

So, it’s evident that Conor McGregor’s diet consists of lots of protein, vegetables, and fruits, which help him retain his muscle mass and stay healthy for fights. 

As for carbohydrates, Conor has said, “I don’t eat a lot of carbs. If I do, it’s something like sweet potatoes. Getting enough protein is important when I train to help build muscle and recover, so I’ll supplement with protein shakes.”

Overall, Conor McGregor’s diet is strict and consistent, focused on high amounts of lean protein, low complex carbs, and plenty of fruits and vegetables.


Conor McGregor’s workout routine is nothing short of dynamic and versatile. He’s no stranger to weights, cardio, or even calisthenics, which makes sense considering he’s an MMA fighter who wants to be fluid, efficient, and agile, yet explosively powerful.

As a result, his full-body workouts are high-intensity, focused on metabolic and plyometric exercises performed at a medium to high rep range to build muscle power, burn fat, and increase stamina and endurance.

And when it comes to eating, Conor McGregor keeps it clean and consistent. His daily diet involves lean proteins, complex carbs (generally kept to a low amount), and lots of fruit and vegetables. He also supplements protein shakes to retain muscle and speed up workout recovery.