Best Push/Pull Weight Training Sled 2020

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We all want to lead a healthy and prosperous life. Staying active is essential if you want to avoid the drawbacks of being physically inactive. For that, you can do outdoor activities or go to a local gym to do a full-body workout.

If you want to achieve more fitness, you can go for intense workouts such as pushing and pulling. These types of exercises increase your metabolism rate and help to develop energy cells. They are great for every muscle in your lower body. Your lower body muscles are essential in developing a solid base for strength and power. Push and pull exercises are effective for your shoulders and core too.

Originally from Scandinavia where they were used to drag down logs, the prowler sled is designed to improve your strength, speed and stamina. Usually constructed from steel, it comes with handles of varying heights. It can be pushed or pulled, meaning you can use it with various workout types, especially Crossfit training.

Best Push/Pull Weight Training Sled 2020

A weighted sled is a large piece of equipment. You can injure yourself if you exercise with the wrong weight training sled. It’s vital that you pick a sled that does an excellent job for every kind of exercise you need it for.

Weight sleds are pretty simple pieces of fitness equipment, but the small details matter if you want to make the most out of them. You need to consider factors like weight, versatility, extra features, durability and price.

There is pushing, pulling and running to do. At the very least, your sled should be able to do all those things. Smaller sleds usually carry around 200 pounds, which is great for starters. If you’re going to bring along your sled on your workout, you should consider portability.

The purpose of working out is progressing towards physical maturity. Larger ones are recommended if you want to take your training seriously. They carry around 600 pounds.  

With all the options in the market, finding the right weight sled can be a tough feat to accomplish. We did all the hard work for you. Here are 5 of the best push/pull weight training sleds of 2020.

Titan Fitness HD Weight Sled

Titan Fitness is a respected name in the fitness Industry. This solidly built weight training sled doesn’t disappoint. Weighing about 64 pounds, it boasts multiple options for pushing or pulling to achieve various workouts. The 10-inch dual plate horns mean you can add extra weights and ensure the sled balances nicely. The sled can hold up to 600 lbs. Constructed with 11 gauge steel, don’t expect any issues with durability. To get it moving, you have to really work. It will help you build strength and explosive speed.

There’s an attachment for a harness. Handles of varying heights means you can use the sled for different types of workouts. When you need to transport or store the sled for the long-term, you can disassemble the black powder-coated frame. The sled is designed to be easily broken down in case you want to take it with you. It can be used on almost any surface and the thickly padded feet are replaceable. This sled is the option if you really want to work up a sweat and don’t mind digging a bit deeper into your pockets.

Rage Fitness CF-SL000 R2 Weighted Training Pull Sled

Rage Fitness CF-SL000 R2 Weighted Training Pull Sled, Black
  • The RAGE Fitness push Sled is the ideal tool to increase your strength and endurance
  • This Sled allows you to take off and add weight easily throughout your workout
  • Giving you the ability to tone and enhance your entire body with just one piece of workout equipment
  • Utilizes your existing bumpers for a more intense workout
  • Economically priced to fit your budget

This sled is perfect for fitness enthusiasts looking to really push their athletic limits. Using the Rage Fitness Weighted Training Pull Sled is a great way to tone and enhance your entire body. You can strengthen all major muscle groups, build endurance and improve speed. The sled lets you add and remove weight easily throughout your workout. This way, you can perform super-quick sprints or heavy duty pushing. It is designed for durability to ensure you finish your workouts feeling accomplished. This unit is great option if you want something easy to use. It is also economically priced to fit your budget.

REP FITNESS A-Power Weight Sled

Rep Power Sled - Push Sled for Conditioning and Football Workouts
  • Heavy-duty commercial quality sled. Measures 35(W)x33(L)x23(H without poles inserted, 44" with) and 68 Lbs
  • Heavy duty 7 gauge and 11 gauge steel, our sled is beefier than the rest
  • Replaceable skid pads. If you use the sled on rough surfaces daily, you've got the ability to replace the skid pads once they wear out.
  • High/Low push handles and eyelets for attaching a rope or harness for dragging.
  • 600 lb capacity and 5-yr warranty on the frame.

If you’re searching for a heavy-duty, high-quality weight sled that offers multiple workouts and stands up to rough treatment, give the Rep Fitness Weight Sled a try. Weighing 68 pounds, the sled uses high quality steel in the frame and durable construction throughout to provide unparalleled performance over time. Being a solidly built option, you can be confident when using and carry ass much weight as you possibly can (up to 600 pounds).

The skid pads on the runners are replaceable. Once you notice wear on them, which is more likely to happen when you drag it across rough surfaces, you can replace them yourself. With this sled, you get low, middle and high sets of handles. The multiple bars let you choose preferred heights and enable you to vary your workouts. The sled works perfectly with a harness, thanks to eyelets. Assembly is straight-forward, and a manual is included in the package. It’s a bit pricier than other models in this list but worth every penny. Plus you get a 5-year warranty on the frame.

APE Heavy Weight Sled

Ape Heavy Weight Sled
  • Improve Speed and Agility!
  • Made with 11 guage steel
  • Closed end rubber grips on low push handles, and capped large push handles.
  • Footprint: 40"L x 46"W
  • Weights sold separately.

This heavyweight sled features an extremely simple design, but allows you to carry tons of weight. Assembled from heavy 11-gauge steel, it is designed for heavy lifting. You don’t have to worry about any pieces coming off thanks to the strong bolts. The handles have a good grip to avoid slipping. There’s more to love about the APE, though.

The sled is designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Feel free to push or pull the sled over various surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and turf. It features a very powerful clip in the harness. No more worrying about what’s going to happen when pulling and yanking on your harness. If you want a heavy-duty weight sled that takes your safety seriously, the APE is a reliable option. You have to purchase the weights separately.

Mir Heavy Duty Weighted Power Speed Training Sled with Shoulder Harness

miR Heavy Duty Weighted Power Speed Training Sled with Shoulder Harness
  • Push bars located on the back of the sled to simulate game scenarios/also designed for team training
  • Maximum weight capacity of 200lbs
  • Designed to be used on most surfaces

The Mir represents the simpler sleds in this list. If you don’t want the complexity of prowlers, you can give it a try. The simple square runs on two rails and features a single eyelet. You can put as much weight as you want (up to 200 pounds), meaning it offers the same effectiveness as the more complex options.

Having a 200-pound weight limit means it’s intended for the non-bodybuilders out there. The push bar means you can push or pull it to improve your speed, develop powerful leg drive and provide your whole body with a great workout. It ships with an adjustable shoulder harness, meaning you can begin using it right away. If you’re a beginner looking for a portable and affordable option, the Mir is perfect for you.


Picking a weight training sled largely depends on your personal preferences. Our list has covered all bases, so pick the right training shoes and a sled that addresses your unique needs.

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