How to Find the Best Push Pull Sled in 2022

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Are you starting to plateau with your workout routine? If so, you may need to switch things up using new equipment like a push pull and weight sled.

Using a weighted sled isn’t overly complex but it’ll make you feel the burn. A sled can improve your overall acceleration, power, and muscular endurance. And it can help you burn hundreds of calories in one training session.

We’ve compiled this guide to help you find the best push pull sled in 2022. Keep reading below if you want to learn the benefits of using a sled, different types of sleds, tips on picking the right one for you, and three sled recommendations for different types of athletes.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Weighted Sled?

Most people sign up for a gym to only use weight machines or gym staples like the bench press. These are great pieces of equipment to use but incorporating a weighted sled into your workouts will help push you to the next level.

The sled has been used for hundreds of years by Scandanavian loggers and today is used in CrossFit and other elite sports.

Here are the five benefits of using sleds in your workout:

  1. Training with a weighted sled can improve your acceleration, which is especially helpful for athletes who sprint
  2. Sleds help you to develop functional strength in your muscles, joints, and core
  3. Adding a sled push or drag is the perfect way to switch up your training program so your body doesn’t plateau
  4. Avoiding injuries by not doing eccentric movements or recovery from a heavy lifting session
  5. Build up your muscular and cardiovascular conditioning

And believe it or not, there is a wide variety of exercises that can be done with one sled: sled rows, pull-throughs, bear crawls, sled sprints, and prowler squat to row. It can even help work your upper body as well.

Understanding Different Types of Weighted Sleds

Before purchasing a sled on your own, it’s important to understand there are multiple types. You can pick out a sled specifically for dragging, a smaller one designed for speed sprints, wheelbarrow sleds, ones with wheels, and finally prowlers.

Most sleds have high vertical bars on one end and short horizontal bars on the other. This gives you multiple positions and grips to use.

Drag sleds are cheaper and lighter than your typical push sled. They can’t hold as much weight as the traditional version but several hundred pounds is enough for a regular person working out. Serious athletes can spend a few extra dollars on the top-of-the-line models.

The smartest thing to do is decide what you want to use it for and research different options online. Later, it’s recommended that you test different sled models until you find the best fit.

Tips on Selecting the Right Push Pull Sled

Have you reached the point where you’re ready to pick up a weighted sled?

Start by asking yourself these four questions when buying a sled:

  • How much does it cost?
  • Do I have room to use it?
  • On what surface will I use it? (grass, concrete, dirt, or turf)
  • Do I need push handles?

How you answer these questions will have an impact on what you buy. If, for example, you’re a runner wanting to increase acceleration and muscle endurance, consider one of the smaller drag sleds you can use at a local park.

Seeking more power for rugged sports? Your best option would be a prowler capable of holding multiple 45-pound plates. That way you can really load it up and test your strength.

There is no one-size-fits-all weighted sled. Instead, you should select the right one according to your ability and fitness goals.

If you have no experience with sleds, it may be a good idea to sign up for a course on how to use them. Or ask one of the trainers at your gym if they can give you some recommendations on getting a good workout.

Here Are the Best Weight Training Sleds of 2022

Besides sharing everything you need to know about picking out a weighted sled, we decided to give you a list of the best ones to buy in 2022.

Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled

How to Find the Best Push Pull Sled in 2022

  • COMPLETE WORKOUT: Level up your fitness journey with our Econ Prowler Push Weight Sled! Our prowler sled weighs 33 lbs with a max weight capacity of 400 lbs, perfect for beginner to advanced training exercises.
  • LOW-IMPACT EXERCISES: Our workout sled provides well-rounded exercise that is easy on the joints. It lets you build your muscular strength and endurance while preventing sprain and injury.
  • PUSH-PULL SLED: Our sled workout equipment comes with everything you need to hustle to gain more muscles. It works as a push sled or a pull sled and comes with a mounting bracket to anchor a harness or pull strap.
  • GLIDES OVER SURFACES: We designed our workout sled to slide smoothly over asphalt, grass, and rubber mats. Use our weight sleds for training outdoors or indoors to add variety to your exercise routines.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND STORE: Assemble our training sled in 5 minutes with its complete hardware kit. To store our fitness sled, remove the front and back handles for a more compact size.

This is a great deal for under $300. The Econ Prowler Weighted Push Sled only weighs 33 pounds and can hold up to 400 pounds. It can be used over turf, concrete, asphalt, and grass.

It’s easy to store and gives users multiple push options. The mounting bracket on the front can also be attached to a harness for dragging.

Bluedot Trading Power Running Training Speed Sled

How to Find the Best Push Pull Sled in 2022

  • Burn fat and calories faster by adding resistance to running drills
  • Add the amount of weight that best fits your training needs
  • Weights not included
  • Power Running Training Speed Sled for Athletic Exercise and Speed Improvement
  • Dimensions: 23.5 inches Long; 15 inches Wide; Vertical weight rod 8.5 inches Long & 1 inch in Diameter

A perfect choice for runners wanting to strength train. This smaller, compact sled with a harness adds resistance to any running drill. The Bluedot Trading Power Running Training Speed Sled only measures 23.5 inches by 15 inches. You can easily store it in a closet, garage, or the trunk of your car.

Speed sleds don’t hold as much weight as prowlers but they don’t need to. Running drills are meant to be done with lighter weight. Clips and harnesses are reinforced, and the item has a heavy-duty steel construction.

Valor Fitness BD-21 Yoke Rack

How to Find the Best Push Pull Sled in 2022

  • HEAVY DUTY YOKE- The BD-21 is constructed of solid 11-gauge steel with 2″ x 3″ tubing for strength and durability to withstand your most intense workout! 4 plate storage pegs at the base allow bumper plates to be stored while providing added stability of the unit when weighted down while not in use or during the squat or bench press function.
  • VERSATILE STRENGTH TRAINING RACK- The main feature/use of this unique piece of Strongman equipment is the yoke carry or yoke walk, one of the most popular events in any Strongman competition! The BD-21 can also be used for the zercher carry, as a squat rack and bench press rack, for the Anderson squat, as well as pull ups, chin ups, and muscle ups with the pull up attachment at the top of the Yoke! Storage pegs allow extra weight to be used for the Yoke carry and other sled training workouts.
  • ADJUSTABLE CROSSBAR- Featuring a fully adjustable crossbar to meet your specific height needs, or for multiple users, with locking popper pins and a 76″ height range – the perfect Yoke rack for any garage or light-commercial gym! Pull up bar attachment can also be adjusted, as well as providing more stability to the yoke when attached. Includes J-hooks on both sides that can be adjusted on the yoke rack frame to bench press and squat.
  • SKID PLATES- The skid style plates allow you to lift for the Yoke carry or walk and smoothly slide the Yoke during a sled workout, doubling as a push or drag workout sled. Yoke rack weighs 160 lb by itself. Competition proven!
  • ADDITIONAL- The BD-21 measures 49.5″ x 49″ x 92″, with 39.5″ of working space. Max weight load of 750 lb. Meant for garage or home gym and light-commercial use. Warranty, 3-year. Arrives in 2 separate boxes.

Test your raw strength and power with this upright standing, solid steel strongman yoke. This item should only be considered by the most experienced weightlifter.

The Valor Fitness BD-21 Yoke Rack features an adjustable crossbar so it can be stored in your garage or a commercial gym. It can also be used as a pull-up bar or squat rack when you aren’t loading it up with up to 750 pounds.

Ready to Challenge Yourself in 2022?

Adding a push pull sled to your workouts is a great way to challenge yourself in the new year! First, think about your fitness goals and where you would be able to use a weighted sled. This will help you make a final decision.

Need some help with picking out the right sled for you? Our website is full of recommendations for the best athletic training equipment. Check it out the next time you’re in the market for something new.