Best Weighted Sled for Athletes

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Athletic Training Power

Weighted sleds are great for athletes like runners and football players. Depending on the design, you can use these for a variety of different workouts. Most sleds work on various surfaces, like turf, grass, or concrete.

There are many options out there for weighted sleds. Let’s look at the best sleds that are available now.

What To Look For When Buying a Weighted Sled

You can use a weighted sled to build a variety of different muscle groups. Most of the suggested options are versatile, but some are ideal for specific athletes, workout areas, and weight capacities.

The factors that determine the right weighted sled for you are your personal fitness goals, the amount of weight you can carry, and the training area you use.

Fitness Goals and Purpose

Your workout routine should help you reach the goal that you set for yourself.

If you want to include a weighted sled in your workout, think about what you would use it for.

What kind of muscles do you want to build? Are these upper body muscles or lower body muscles? The answer to these questions helps you select the right sled for you.

Weight Capacity

If you can’t lift a lot of weight, don’t go for the options with heavier base weights. You want your weighted sled to help you get stronger beginning where you are currently in terms of strength.  Pick a sled you feel confident being able to move. From there, you can add more weight later as you get stronger.

Training Area

Finally, consider the training area you have to work with. Though most of the options we presented work on various surfaces, some aren’t ideal for grass, turf, and wood surfaces.

Pick a weighted sled that functions in your training area. Also, consider how big or small the sled is for your available storage space. The more massive sleds or sleds or sandbags will take up more storage space, which can be a problem if you workout at home.

5 Best Weighted Sleds

Let’s take a look at five of the best weighted sleds on the market today.

Titan HD Power Sled – Best Value

Titan HD Power Speed Sled Weighted Drag Football Fat Boy s25 Max Capacity 500 lb
  • Fits 2" Olympic plates - Includes leash / harness
  • Use on grass, carpet, or concrete - Little assembly required
  • Weight: 37 LBS - Width: 16"
  • Length: 24" - Leash / harness length: 10 ft.
  • Leash / harness width: 2" - Finish: Powder Coated

The Titan HD Power Sled is our Best Value option. This sled has a base weight of 37 lbs that you can make heavier by adding Olympic weights. The Titan trains both speed and strength of upper and lower body muscle groups depending on if you drag, push, or pull the sled.

This product is a simple and easy sled to use. It works on various surfaces, making it ideal for your workouts at home or a professional gym. This sled is a great training tool for football players and runners.


  • Holds 2” Olympic Weights
  • Little assembly required
  • 24” length, 16” width, 10 ft rope with a harness


  • Easy to use
  • Includes harness
  • Adjustable weight
  • For upper and lower body training


  • Olympic weights may not lay flat on the sled

Titan Fitness Pro Sled System – Best for Heavy Lifters

The Titan Fitness PRO is a tool for increased acceleration, power, and strength. This sled is an excellent option for football players, runners, and sprinters. You can attach ropes to the sled to build up your arm strength, perform sled rows, core workouts, or do sprints.

The Titan Fitness PRO is compatible with other Titan grips like the single arch or the double arch attachments. These further the versatility of the sled, so you have more training options. Its heavier base weight and your capability to increase the resistance with Olympic weights make this an excellent choice for athletes who can manage heavier loads.


  • 111 lbs base weight
  • Fits 2” Olympic Plates, rubber or steel
  • Fits other Titan Attachments


  • Portable sled
  • Heavy weight capacity
  • Allows versatile workouts


  •  Digs into grass or surfaces with depth

ECOTRIC Power Speed Sled & Harness – Best For Kids

ECOTRIC Power Speed Sled & Harness Weighted Drag Sport Running Football Train
  • The Power Speed Fitness Sled can build explosive speed and strength. It resists your sprinting by forcing you to tow a weight on the sled. Designed for use with Olympic plates, it's a great fitness tool addition to any personal or professional gym.
  • Forward facing drags are excellent for speed development, primarily targeting your posterior chain, and backward facing (facing toward sled) drags are a great way to build quadriceps strength. The speed sled is an excellent football training aid, designed to increase sprinting power and speed using a resistance harness device.
  • Burn fat and calories faster by adding resistance to running drills. Add the amount of weight that best fits your training needs. Excellent for adding speed training to your workout whether it be for aerobics, football, soccer, tennis, etc.Adjustable shoulder harness for maximum security during workouts.
  • Soft mesh shoulder padding to eliminate any shoulder strains or chaffing of the skin. Versatile waist belt and dual leads stabilize sled during runs.Designed to be used on most surfaces, grass, snow, sand, and all sports turf. Compact design to be mobile and easy storing. Little assembly required.
  • Condition: 100% Brand New. Color: Red. Material: Metal. Weight: 9 LBS . Width: 15" . Length: 20" . Leash length: 10 ft

The ECOTRIC Power Speed Sled is ideal for younger athletes and runners. The sled resistance is 9 lbs, and you can add weight to the sled to burn more fat and lose calories during running drills. The added weight builds strength and speed for younger athletes, helping them to develop athletic strength.

It’s compact for easy storage. There is little assembly required so you can get to your workout quickly. The ECOTRIC works on a variety of surfaces, including sand, grass, snow, and turf.


  • 9 lb base weight
  • Holds Olympic weights
  • Works on sand, grass, snow, and turf


  • Little assembly required
  • Compact design, easy storage
  • Adds resistance to running drills


  • Does not handle heavier weight

SKLZ Speedsac Adjustable Weight Sled Trainer – Best for Runners

SKLZ Speedsac Adjustable Weight Sled Trainer for Sprinters (10-30 Pounds)
  • Variable weight resistance trainer helps sprinters, football players, and other athletes strengthen lower-body to improve speed and explosiveness
  • Three removable weight bags can each be filled with up to 10-pounds of sand to adjust towing resistance for variable weight training
  • 360-degree belt ring allows for multi-directional training to improve strength and mobility in any direction; adjustable leash fits any sized athlete
  • Durable nylon shell for use on grass, turf, or wood surfaces; Velcro-secured straps hold weight bags firmly in place
  • Includes Speed Sac shell, 3 sand bags (sand not included), adjustable leash and waist belt; limited 1-year manufacturer’s

The SKLZ Speedsac is a perfect training tool for runners or sprinters. Use this sled for developing lower body strength. The 360-degree belt ring gives runners the ability to build speed and power, and mobility in any direction.

You can also adjust the weight resistance with the SKLZ by adding and removing sandbags or adjusting the sandbags’ weight. This weight adjustment allows you to train athletes of all ages and sizes.


  • Three removable sandbags
  • 360-degree belt ring for multi-dimensional training
  • Built for grass, wood, or turf surfaces



  • Material is susceptible to tearing
  • Does not come with sand for sandbags

AmazonBasics Adjustable-Weight Sled Trainer – Most Adjustable

Amazon Basics Adjustable-Weight Sled Trainer with Waist Belt
  • Adjustable-weight sled trainer for improving power, speed, mobility, and agility; ideal for serious athletes
  • Pull the attached weight in any direction, whether sprinting forward, backpedaling, or shuffling from side to side
  • Includes waist belt, strap, shell bag, and 4 removable 10-pound weight bags for easy weight adjustments
  • Made of rubber and PVC material for rugged strength and reliable performance; sleek black color
  • Measures 28.4 by 14.2 by 3.2 inches;

Designers at AmazonBasics built this weight sled with a rigid PVC material to endure wear and tear. We gave this sled our “Most Adjustable” tag because it comes with four sandbags to fill or adjust for different weight capacities and train different size athletes.

You’ll build speed in any direction with the increased weight of this sled. The waist belt gives you the option of various workouts. This sled is ideal for sprinters and runners who want to build sprinting speed and endurance. 


  • Includes 10 lb weight bags
  • Made of rubber and PVC material
  • Adjustable weight load


  • Training tool for runners
  • Used at home, on lawns or grassy fields
  • Easy to use and reliable
  • Comes with 4 weighted bags


  • Damages wood surfaces

Final Thoughts

Our Best Value option for a weighted sled is the Titan HD Powersled because of its versatility and portability for different workouts. Weighted sleds can help you increase endurance and strength through resistance training. Pick the right one for you and your fitness goals.