Weight Sled Workout for Beginners

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If you’re a beginner and still looking for ways to maximize your physical potential, you may want to consider adding a weight sled to your workout routine. Most athletes recommend sled push or weight sled as an excellent help for strength, speed, and acceleration development. It also helps burn calories and is perfect for overall physical conditioning. By adding weight sled to your routine, you are challenging your body to obtain better results.

Listed below are some of the benefits of weight sled training.

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Benefits of Weight Sled Training

Full-body workout

As a full-body workout, a weight sled works out your upper and lower body muscles such as the following:

  • chest
  • shoulders
  • calves
  • triceps
  • quadriceps
  • glutes
  • abdomen
  • hips (hip flexors)

Burns calories 

Weight sled workout can be an extensive and heart-pounding routine and is excellent for calorie burning. It only takes three minutes of sled push to burn up to 250 calories. If you can’t sustain this for three minutes straight, you can also break it down by 20s (seconds). You can include this in your full-body circuit or as a finishing routine.

Overall Conditioning 

Weight sled can boost your full-body endurance and overall fitness. Most athletes find switching from heavy to lightweight sled pushes helps improve both strength and stamina. This exercise is good for cardio, muscle strength, and speed.

Increased speed

Weight sled pushes can improve your speed drastically. Restricted and non-restricted sled push training has been proven to be effective in athletes. Incorporating heavy loads in weight sleds also helps deliver better gains especially in sprint performances. This is particularly effective for triathletes whose focus is more on strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and focus.

Fitness Versatility

Whether you are a pro or a beginner in physical training, you can easily adapt to weight sled training as it is adaptable to all fitness levels. You can even replace weights with several repetitions of sled push, and you’re good to go. Just be sure to advance and put on some weight gradually to increase your speed and resistance.

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Weight Sled As Part of Your Fitness Routine 

Depending on your fitness level and ability, you can incorporate a weight sled into your training routine. It doesn’t have to be intensive during your first few times. In fact, you can start simply by positioning your body at about a 45-degree angle. This upright high-grip position is easier and safer for your lower back, especially if you’re still a rookie and are not used to intense movements. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can proceed to a more advanced method – low grip position and your body at a 90-degree angle.

This is a practical full-body workout that targets several parts of your body including your calves, triceps, shoulders, chest, hips, glutes, quads, and more. Pain and discomfort are inevitable with this kind of exercise, especially that it involves a lot of heavy pushing. If the pain becomes unbearable, stop for a while and check your body posture. If it gets worse, be sure to have yourself checked by your physician for safety and better supervision.