Jon “Bones” Jones Workout Program

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You are here because you are interested in Jon Bones Jones Workout Program. There’s no doubt that his fitness journey and transformation has inspired the world. It’s evident that he trains like a beast, and the results are amazing. 

Jon came from an athletic family and had two brothers in the NFL. He was also a wrestling guru while in high school in New York.

 In 2008, he made his first appearance in UFC. He eventually became the youngest champion since the start of UFC. Jon had a fantastic diet routine and workout plan that made him become a fitness guru.

What’s Jon Jones’s Latest Diet Plan?

Studies show that a combination of diet and exercise can lead to excellent results in your fitness goals. 

Jon pays great attention to his diet, besides his workout routine. He aims to keep high energy levels and therefore eats regular meals. 

He, therefore, takes a clean diet that comprises of quality carbohydrates with fiber, lean meat, and vegetables. 

If he has to take a snack, it will be a fruit or protein shake. He also keeps his body hydrated by drinking enough water.

Here’s his diet plan.

Jon is among the few who never pay attention in controlling their fat consumption. He groups his meal into six segments.


He starts his day with a big bowl of porridge and eight large egg yolks.

Mid-day snack

Jon takes protein shake containing low sugar as a snack during mid-day.


His dinner is always light as he takes a baked potato and a big bowl of steak. Before he sleeps, he also takes protein shake with minimal sugar in it.

With this diet, he can go ahead with his workout routine to achieve great results. Let’s have a look at his workout routine.

What’s Jon Jones Latest Workout Routine?

Jon has a unique workout for legs and that for Abs. We will look at his legs workout routine first then analyze his Abs workout.

Workout for legs

Jon uses heavy barbell exercises, which include dead-lifts and a barbell squat. They help him build strength in his lower body. 

However, he needs to set repetitions in these power-lifting exercises. Jones and his coaches suggest that people should do high set routines and low repetition to increase the element of strength building.

 Box squats

He does five sets of box squats and five repetitions. Anyone who is just beginning a workout program can start with the box squat to learn more about back squats. It involves sitting on a box and standing up. 

Jon uses this workout program to build size and strength on his legs and hips. So far, this has helped him develop his muscularity to some extent.

Barbell Back squats

He does three sets of barbell back squats and repeats them three times.

Jon does these squats by resting a barbell higher on his shoulders. Everyone is recommended to do back squats like him. 

If you are looking for an exercise for athleticism and strength, this is the best to try. 

All you need is to take a shoulder-width posture and sit down as you avoid bending the lower back. This will be helpful strength in kicking harder, wrestling, and clinch work. 

Jon does this exercise 3×3 with 150 kg or 335lbs.

Zercher squats

He does three sets of Zercher squats and repeats them eight times.

Jones does Zercher squat to work his traps, Abs, and biceps. 

This activity is a particular variation of holding the barbell in the crook of one’s elbows. He does this for eight reps with 143 kg or 315 lbs.


He performs three sets of dead-lifts with three repetitions. 

For the above activities, he has a rest time ranging between 1-3 minutes.

With the dead-lift, Jon managed to show his fitness records. This is an excellent exercise for wrestling to utilize the muscles used in dead-lifts.  

He aims to build strength in his hamstrings, glutes, and back. Jones also aims to build up his rear deltoids and forearms. 

You should maintain a straight back and pull with your legs when doing this exercise. Just like Jon, for every 3-5 sets, you should do 3-5 repetitions.

What is Jon Jones Workout for Abs?

Jon understands that he needs Abs exercises as a fighter. He, therefore, does Jackknives, push up with a leg pull, and hanging knee raises. We will have a look at them.

Jack knives

Jones does three sets of Jack knives and repeats it 3-5 times. This is done by lying down on the floor and moving the legs and the upper body up at the same time.

 You need to do this until your arms reach your legs. 

He does this exercise to build mobility and strength in the hip flexors and the abs.

Push up with a leg pull

In this physical activity, Jon does three sets of push up with a leg pull and repeats it 5-10 times. He performs this exercise by holding a medicine ball using his hands.

Jon aims to stabilize and coordinate his entire body. He, therefore, builds strength on the upper body with a push-up. To support the body, he does leg pulls to make the abs work hard.

Hanging knee raise

Here is yet another amazing physical activity by Bones. You should do this exercise in three sets and repeat it 5-10 times. Jones does this physical activity to increase his abdominal strength. 

This physical activity involves hanging your knee raise so that you can build strength in your hip flexors and the abdominal area.

It’s now evident that Jon Bones does not just pay attention to workouts but in the diet as well. The critical thing is to repeat the exercises several times, as suggested to get desired results. 

 You might want to try balancing your diet and incorporating Jon Bones Jones workout program to experience great results.