The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

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Indoor cycles, often known by the more common name of spin bikes, are a wonderful addition to any home gym.

Not only are they capable of delivering challenging workouts, but they’re also portable to varying degrees, easy to carry, and come in a range of price points.

To select the best spin cycle for your needs, it’s vital to have a basic understanding of how these exercise machines function and how they can be used in your workouts.

Knowing the features and specs to look for when searching for indoor bikes might be the difference between being happy with your purchase and having your bike collect dust in a corner.

In this article, we will review the top nine best performing spin bikes, as well as provide you with a comprehensive buyers guide at the end so you know exactly what features you need to look out for, 

This list will leave you spoilt for choice when it comes to the perfect spin bike for you and your home gym setup. 

Let’s get on the list!

Best Spin Bikes For Home Use

Keiser M3i

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

The Keiser M3i routinely ranks at the top of “best of” lists, ‘s no surprise that it makes an appearance at the very top of our list. The M3i is simply the greatest indoor cycle available.

Additionally, it is a very visually appealing spin cycle. With a unique slim design that features both of the wheels at the rear of the bike, you won’t find anything similar on the market. 

Nevertheless, looks aside, the specifications are remarkable.

The M3i is one of just a few professional bicycles including a lightweight flywheel. And by light, we mean eight pounds of light.

Keiser believes that with a well-developed magnetic resistance system and motor train, a smooth ride may be achieved without a huge flywheel.

And it appears as though people agree since there are no complaints about how this bike feels.

Rather than boosting the momentum of the flywheel through weight, the M3i accomplishes it via spinning speed. This bike is constructed in such a manner that the flywheel spins faster than virtually any other spin cycle available.

As a result, without the need for a huge flywheel, a smooth ride is accomplished.

The M3i’s smooth and silent ride is made possible by its automotive-grade belt drive system and eddies current magnetic resistance.

Furthermore, you’ll see that the flywheel is situated nearer the back of the bike. Although Keiser was the first to design a spin bike in this way, many other brands have noticed the popularity of this design and have since copied it. 

The design of the M3i not only looks good, but it also has a purpose—it protects the flywheel from corrosive sweat which is very smart thinking by Keiser. Now you can work up a huge sweat without the worry of this damaging your bike. 

Additionally, the M3i boasts a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, as well as a unique “V” shaped frame.

Again, this superb design element serves a key function: it enables this bike to accommodate riders ranging in height from 4’10” to 7′ tall.

That means that essentially anyone and everyone can use this bike. With a weight capacity of 350 kg, this bike is also suitable for almost everyone.

There is only one real downside to the M3i bike, and it’s not even that big of an issue. This is the BlueTooth enabled monitor that is included on the bike.

Compared to other brands that use a similar device, such as Peloton, the M3i’s version seems a little out of date. But it still functions very well and does exactly what you need it to do during your workouts. 

However, a plus is that this bike does not require a monthly subscription to access various features, unlike other brands like Peloton.

When you buy this bike, you can use the Keiser M app that works both with iOS and Android. From here you can track your speed and stamina, and check out some workouts to inspire you. 

If there is a weak point in the M3i, it is the warranty, which only lasts for 30 days. Otherwise, it is nearly faultless.

If you want an elite indoor bike without the monthly fee, the Keiser M3i is a great option. 



  • Very low warranty – unusually for exercise bikes, the M3i only comes with a 30-day warranty. However given how popular and successful Keiser is, it is highly unlikely that your bike will break down anyway
  • Out of date BlueTooth screen – compared to other brands of bikes, the screen included here is super basic and only gives you the bare minimum when it comes to info on your heart rate, speed, and time cycling 

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Sole SB900

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

Even though the company Sole began by making training equipment for hotel businesses, they swiftly and unsurprisingly expanded into the home fitness sector.

While they are well known for their renowned treadmills, their spin cycles are also deserving of praise. The SB900 is their top-of-the-line indoor bike, with some very remarkable specs.

This bike features a very substantial 48-pound flywheel. This bike will satisfy riders who appreciate the sensation of a large flywheel whirling.

To complement its massive flywheel, the SB900 has a belt drive train and magnetic resistance technology. This makes the As a ride quiet and comfortable, so you can ride for longer without aches, while also not disturbing others around you. 

Sole includes adjustable handlebars and with this bike, allowing you to customize this bike to your preferences.

If the SB900 has already piqued your interest, wait until you hear the best part: Sole offers a lifetime frame warranty (as well as a three-year component warranty)!

This is an astounding warranty compared to other spin bikes right now. Additionally, the SB900 is warranted for light commercial use, indicating how well-built this machine is.

The one area where this bike falls short is in the monitor department; while it does have one, it is a little LCD screen that displays the typical numbers.

There is nothing extravagant and all you get is bare-bones information on your heartbeat and speed. 

Despite this, the SB900 is loaded with all of the qualities essential to compete with high-end bikes, and Sole offers an unmatched guarantee. Without a doubt, this is a superb spin bike with an incredibly low cost. 


  • Very long warranty – for the frame, you get a lifetime warranty, and for parts, you get three years. This will give you peace of mind that no matter what happens to the bike, Sole will be there to help.
  • Customizable handlebars and seats – these allow people of any size to use this spin bike. 
  • Super quiet- you’ll be able to use this in your home any time of day without disturbing anyone


  • Basic LCD screen – this screen shows you very little information, as it only really shows speed, heart rate, ad distance 
  • Possibly too much resistance – when using this, you may find that the resistance is too much and that it is hard to build speed quickly. Because of this, the SB900 would not be suitable if you want to do spin bike exercises or classes. 

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Schwinn IC2i

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

Schwinn gets a place on this list with the IC2i, a capable and affordable bike. While bikes from this brand are rarely seen on many “best of” lists, Schwinn often makes good products for a low price. 

To begin, this cycle has a 40-pound flywheel, which is rather large for a spin bike.

The added weight helps to make the IC2i a more comfortable ride than you might expect from such a low-cost bike.

This bike combines a huge flywheel with a magnetic resistance system and then offers you a choice of 100 different degrees of difficulty.

This is fantastic since it is the same scale as the one used by Peloton for their bikes/workouts. The handlebars and seat of this bicycle are fully adjustable, and the pedals are also dual compatible.

Additionally, with a weight capacity of 330 pounds, this affordable spin cycle is adaptable to practically everyone.

With the purchase of the spin bike, a pair of three-pound dumbbells is included, as is a strap heart rate monitor, a built-in USB charging station, and a Bluetooth connection. 

Also, Schwinn offers a ten-year frame warranty and a three-year component warranty on the IC2i.


  • Very cheap – if you want a spin bike on a budget, this is the one for you
  • Uses the same scale as Pelton- the IC2i can be considered a dupe for the much more expensive Peloton bikes
  • Long warranty – have peace of mind that no matter what happens with this bike, you will be covered for a long time
  • Added accessories – this bike also comes with everything you need to do a comprehensive bike workout 


  • Possibly too much resistance – if you want to use this bike for typically spin workout activities, you may find this a bit difficult
  • Loud – people will be able to hear the bike while you work out which may be distracting to others in your house

Sole SB700

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

With the SB700 spin bike, Sole makes another appearance on your list. This is their second version of a spoon bike. 

The SB700 is quite similar to the SB900. The biggest differences between the two are in the pedals, resistance system, and cost.

This bike shares the SB900’s 48-pound flywheel. Again, that is a large flywheel for any spin cycle, but almost unheard of in this price range.

The first difference is in the pedals. The SB700’s pedals are entirely caged. This means they are only compatible with sneakers; clip-in cleats are not able to be used. 

You could easily replace the pedals if you want, but you would be liable for the pedals’ additional cost if you did not already own them.

The next important difference is in the resistance system of these bikes. The SB900 operates quietly because of its frictionless, magnetic resistance.

The SB700’s braking system is felt-resistance based. This adds little more noise when riding and also requires some additional maintenance.

Magnetic resistance devices require extremely minimal maintenance due to the absence of friction (no touching components). The felt pad however will disintegrate over time and will need to be replaced. 

Magnetic resistance is far superior to brake pad resistance in every regard, but it is not used in the SB700 as it would make the price of the bike go up. 

Everything else is identical to the enhanced SB900. This bike, too, boasts fully adjustable components and a sturdy frame.

Finally, Sole priced the SB700 roughly $300 less than the SB900, owing to the brake pad resistance mechanism and caged-only pedals.

Considering that it comes with an identical warranty to the SB900 (frame is lifetime, and parts are three years), this is an excellent bike if you are on a budget but still want to get the best bike you possibly can. 



  • Felt-resistance system used – This has a few negatives. First, it makes the bike louder. Second, these parts often wear out quickly. Third, this means that the bike will require maintenance more often
  • Caged pedals – this means that you can only wear sneakers when pedaling. You can change the pedals if you want, but this will cost you more and you have to do it yourself

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The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

Peloton began operations in 2012 and since then it has grown bigger and bigger with no signs of slowing down.  

You’ve probably seen the advertisements on television or online, and they have made appearances in several shows including the new Sex And The City show And Just Like That. 

Peloton gives you everything you could need and more to have a successful spin bike workout. Not only is the bike excellent, but the extra features you get, such as the online classes and workouts, are superb. 

Apart from the pre-recorded and live classes (which are both excellent), the Peloton bike itself is on par with or even better than almost all spin bikes currently being sold. 

Due to its smart magnetic resistance technology and belt drive system, the Peloton spin bike provides a virtually silent ride while also being incredibly low maintenance. 

During workouts, adjusting the difficulty is as simple as turning the easily accessible and large resistance dial. The resistance on this spin bike is measured as a percentage between 0 and 100, so you can easily see and understand what level you are at.

Because this bike is equipped with LOOK Delta clip-in style shoes, cleats are needed to use this bike. Unfortunately, there isn’t a shoe cage alternative for this bike, so you cannot wear sneakers.  

While the seat on this bike is completely adjustable, the handlebars are not, which is a minor downside of the Peloton bike.

Apart from that, the Peloton cycle is a one-of-a-kind piece of engineering. The obvious selling point of this bike is the big 22-inch flatscreen television that serves as a monitor and is also a touchscreen.

Keeping track of your progress and stats and seeing your exercises is simple with this gorgeous screen.

ANT+ and BlueTooth chest strap-styled heart monitors, as well as wireless earbuds, are compatible with the system. 

To use many of the features of the Peloton screen though, you have to pay a subscription fee of around $40. This can be quite an investment each month. 

In terms of warranty, Peloton offers a 100-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product or something goes wrong. 

Overall, if you’re after a high-end spin cycle capable of being a spin-styled studio into your home, then the Peloton spin bike is your best bet.


  • The Peloton screen – this is the biggest selling point of this spin bike. From the screen, you can track everything you are doing, join life spin classes and workouts, choose from pre-recorded workouts, or even watch some of your favorite shows and movies
  • Big resistance scale – with resistance going from 1-100, you can precisely choose the perfect level for you
  • Silent ride – no one will be able to hear this bike, no matter how hard or fast you pedal


  • Monthly subscription fee – despite this bike already being pretty expensive, you need to pay a subscription fee to access many of the features on the screen, including many of the live classes
  • No cage for sneakers- if you want to wear sneakers when using this machine, you will have to buy your cages and try to attach them yourself

NordicTrack Commercial S22i

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

NordicTrack is another well-known brand. They’ve been around for a long time and are unquestionably on par with the best and most prominent fitness companies around. The S22i is an extremely popular spin bike. 

This bike is so successful it is seen as the only real rival to the Peloton bike. 

As with the Peloton bike, this bike is primarily designed for streaming or following along with classes as you work out – the big 22-inch HD touchscreen is dedicated to this purpose.

NordicTrack streams instructor-led workouts via their streaming service, called iFit. Additionally, because iFit is compatible with all NordicTrack devices, so if you already have some of their products or this service, adding the S22i to your home gym would make a lot of sense.

Apart from streaming, the S22i includes a slew of additional features. This cycle has a 32-pound flywheel, 24 distinct magnetic resistance settings, and a durable frame.

Additionally, it features a set of weights, an integrated fan (a feature rarely seen on spin bikes), and Bluetooth connectivity.

All of this is well and good, but what differentiates this bike is its unique ability to simulate cycling up and down slopes or hills. No other home spin bike has this feature, making this one especially unique. 

To cap it all off, NordicTrack gives a substantial warranty with this cycle: a ten-year frame warranty, a two-year components warranty, and a one-year labor warranty.

In summary, if you want a bike that has streaming capabilities that comes with a bunch of interesting features, the NordicTrack S22i is the best choice.


  • Peloton dupe – though the S22i is still a pretty expensive spin bike compared to others, it is still cheaper than Peloton while offering several of the same features
  • Can simulate hill cycling – no other home spin bike can give you the feeling that you are cycling up or downhill
  • Accessories – this bike comes with its weights, to help you get in an upper body workout as you cycle
  • Large screen – on the 22-inch screen, you can watch movies and tv shows, or follow along with recorded spin classes


  • No live classes – this may not be an issue for you, and you may be more comfortable with following along with recorded classes anyways
  • The seat is a bit uncomfortable – some people have said that the seat is a little stiff, but this can be swapped with a different one if you want to do this

Life Fitness IC6

Life Workout is an internationally recognized manufacturer and distributor of commercial-grade workout equipment. Their products are available in several popular gyms all around the USA, but they also provide a complete line of high-end home training equipment.

Life Fitness provides a selection of indoor cycles at a range of price points, and the IC6 is a bike on the more expensive end of the scale. 

However, there is a lot to love about this bike that makes this high cost worth it to you. 

For a start, the IC6 shares the M3i’s popular rear flywheel design. Speaking of Keiser, Life Fitness followed suit with the IC6—as, with the Keiser, this cycle boasts a lightweight flywheel of only 9 lb.

This lightweight flywheel gives cyclists a smooth, continuous ride. The IC6 also features a well-designed drivetrain that is necessary to run a lightweight flywheel. This is because the gear ratios must be exact for the flywheel to reach high speeds.

Additionally, a magnetic resistance system capable of keeping up is required. The belt drive system on the IC6 gives a smooth and silent ride without the extra weight of a large flywheel, which comes in handy when it’s time to transport this thing.

Also, the seat and handlebars of this bike are completely adjustable, as are the dual-sided pedals, which may be used with either shoes or cleats.

Life Fitness must have used some of its commercial-grade design techniques while developing the IC6, as the IC6’s heavy-duty frame can handle users weighing up to 330 pounds, making it appropriate for almost anyone of any size. 

Additionally, the IC6 features a rather sophisticated monitor that displays all relevant parameters such as speed and heart rate. 

It also features a color-coded system for indicating your training zones and is self-powered, obviating the need for this bike to be placed near an outlet.

Finally, the IC6 is backed by a generous 5-year frame warranty (3-year parts).

While a longer warranty would be ideal given the price, this is relatively typical in comparison to the competitors.

The IC6 is a high-end indoor bike that is roughly comparable to the M3i. This is an excellent option if you’re seeking a bike that’s both robust and technologically sophisticated.


  • Long warranty – you know you’ll be covered for a very long time thanks to the long warranty
  • Very lightweight flywheel- this keeps the ride smooth and nearly silent
  • Durable – the frame of this bike is super strong, not only meaning that it can handle a lot of weight but also if it is knocked or bumped hard then it will not break


  • Subscription needed – to use the streaming service iFit, you need to pay a monthly fee
  • Bad customer service- there have been several complaints that Life Fitness has bad customer service, so if something does go wrong with your bike you may have a hard time contacting someone

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Diamondback 510Ic

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

Diamondback may not be a well-known fitness brand compared to giants like Peloton, they are still capable of making good products, and often at a much lower price than their competitors. 

The 510Ic has a 32-pound flywheel, which makes it slightly lighter than some of the other bikes on our list while still offering sufficient weight to ensure a smooth pedal stroke.

Additionally, this bike is equipped with a magnetic resistance system that offers quiet and comfortable riding. You will be able to watch Tv while riding this bike easily and without the sound of the bike overpowering the noise from the TV. 

If you don’t feel like watching a show while cycling though then you could try some of the several pre-programmed classes that come with this bike. The small screen at the first of the bike comes with 12 workout programs of varying difficulty for you to try. 

From this same screen, you can adjust the resistance of the bike. Choose from 16 levels to get the precise level of resistance for you. 

This bike boasts height-adjustable handlebars and a fully adjustable seat. Cages surround the pedals so you will have to wear sneakers rather than cleats when riding this bike. 

The construction is exceptionally durable, stable during operation, and capable of securely holding people weighing up to 300 lb.

This bike also comes with an amazing warranty—five years on the frame, three years on the components, and 90 days on worn items.

The 510Ic is a fantastic pick if you want a durable mid-range spin cycle with magnetic resistance and built-in workout programs.


  • Magnetic resistance system – makes riding very quiet. This system also requires much less maintenance than others do as it is less likely to break down
  • 16 levels of resistance- while not as many as other bikes offer, this should still be enough so you can precisely choose the right level for you
  • Long warranty – no matter what happens, you will be covered for years 
  • Pre-programed workouts – choose from 12 workouts if you are struggling to come up with your own


  • Sensors may not be accurate – some users have reported that the sensors used to measure your heart rate are not accurate and give incorrect readings 
  • A bit uncomfortable – while the seat is adjustable, it is not very comfy. To avoid this issue, you could add a gel covering to the seat to make it more padded

Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro shows that this brand can produce reasonably priced equipment that looks good and functions well.

Their products constantly garner positive feedback from consumers, and they frequently feature on “best of” lists such as this one.

The Evolution Pro comes equipped with an extremely heavy flywheel at 44 lb.

Apart from the Sole cycles listed previously, it is extremely unlikely that you will find a spin bike that has a heavier flywheel than this. Because of this, the Evolution Pro is guaranteed to appeal to riders who appreciate the feel of a heavy flywheel.

When combined with magnetic resistance technology and a belt drive system, this huge wheel creates an extraordinarily quiet ride.

This bike is more than capable of providing a challenging exercise to consumers of all fitness levels.

Additionally, the Evolution Pro’s seat and handlebars are fully adjustable, allowing for maximum customization of your fit. The 330-pound weight capacity is an astounding feature of this bike.

This bike is designed to suit riders of all sizes, and the higher weight capacity allows for the safe riding of heavier riders as well.

The Evolution Pro’s pedals are caged conventionally. They are designed to be used with sneakers, but may easily be replaced with SPD pedals if preferred.

The Evolution Pro includes all of the capabilities necessary to compete with the market’s most expensive spin cycles. And, at a savings of around $1500 above elite bikes, this bike offers the best “bang for your buck” ratios available.


  • Suitable for people of all shapes and sizes – as the Evolution Pro can hold a weight of up to 330 pounds, people of any size can use this bike. The same goes for taller or shorter people, thanks to the adjustable seat and handlebars. 
  • Very quiet – you don’t have to worry about disturbing others in your home as you ride due to how quiet the Evolution Pro is
  • Gives a tough workout – thanks to the magnetic resistance, this bike can provide a range of resistance levels to suit everybody


  • No way to record progress – as this bike does not feature any screen or way to record your stats, you cannot record any of your progress or see how far and how fast you have ridden. Accessories that do this can be attached to this bike though
  • Cannot use clip-on she’s – due to the caged pedals, you cannot wear clip-on when riding this bike. You can buy different pedals and change them yourself, but this would mean you are spending more money

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Buyers Guide 

The 9 Best Spin Bikes For Home Use – Top Indoor Cycles Reviewed

If you are new to the world of spin bikes, then buying your first one can be pretty intimidating. There are several features that you need to keep in mind and look out for when buying these products, to ensure that you get the right one for your cycling needs. 

Here is everything you need to know about spin bikes. 

History Of Spin Bikes 

While you are probably more familiar with the term “spin bike” (as that is what we have used throughout this article and is the most common name for this type of equipment), they are called “indoor cycles”.

If you are trying to find a spin bike and come across one that is called an “indoor cycle” instead, then you know they are the same thing. 

Mad Dogg Athletics was the very first company to trademark the phrase “spin” or “spinning” in reference to its bicycles.

The terms spin bike and spinning bike, on the other hand, have become so ubiquitous in recent years that they are occasionally used interchangeably with the term indoor cycle.

However, no other firm is entitled to call its bicycles “spin bikes” due to Madd Dogg’s trademark.

Without getting too technical, an indoor cycle is a form of exercise bike designed to reproduce the experience of riding a road bike accurately.

They were created and manufactured by Johnny G. and John B.—along with the notion of spin cycle training courses—who subsequently teamed together to become Mad Dogg.

Johnny G. was an exceptional cyclist who had a nighttime accident while out for a cycle. Rather than take another chance with fate, he created a system for riding a road bike indoors.

No matter what brand of spin bike you go for, they all have a very similar design or use the same components. These are: 

  • Typical bike seats
  • Heavy (but not all the time) flywheels
  • Handlebars equipped with a variety of grips
  • Clipless pedals
  • Flywheels and drive trains made specifically for high-speed cycling

Essential Features Of Spin Bikes

Let’s take a closer look now at the features of spin bikes to help you know what you should look for during your search for your new bike!

The Flywheel

After reading through the descriptions of the bikes in the above list, you are probably already well aware of how important the flywheel and its weight are to the overall performance of the bike. 

The flywheel can be considered the “heart” of the bike, it gives the bike’s “feel” as well as the mechanism for producing resistance. Flywheels are available in several sizes and weight variations. 

When researching a bike, the first thing typically asked is the flywheel weight. Typically it is thought that heavier flywheels lead to more realistic, smoother rides. These heavier, “perimeter-weighted” wheels provide momentum as you pedal.

This momentum ensures that the pedals rotate smoothly during the 360° pedal movement.

Cheaper bikes with smaller flywheels may display “choppy” pedal motions on occasion due to a lack of momentum to keep the pedals moving smoothly.

Nowadays, the majority of high-quality spin cycles include at least 30-pound flywheels. That appears to be the defining characteristic of a “heavy” flywheel.

As you may have seen from the above list though, a lot of firms are incorporating significantly heavier flywheels. Nowadays, flywheels weighing between 40 and 50 pounds are not unusual.

That doesn’t mean that light flywheels are out for good though. Some of the world’s most prominent manufacturers are challenging the concept that a large flywheel is essential for a smooth ride.

Keiser and Life Fitness both produce indoor bikes with fewer than ten-pound flywheels. The premise is that with a decent magnetic resistance system and a well-designed gear system, you don’t need all that extra weight to have that smooth feel.

The right flywheel for you – whether that be a heavy or lightweight one – will depend on your preferences and cycling style. Maybe try out both before you buy to see what works best for you. 

Regardless of weight, the flywheel is frequently situated near the front of the bike. However, a growing number of models embed the flywheel into the rear of the bike. This not only looks good but also protects the flywheel from damage caused by sweat during use.

The Seat

Indoor bike seats are frequently rather uncomfortable. After all, the vast majority of indoor bikes are equipped with standard road bike seats.

Due to their compact shape, they impose more pressure on your bottom than standard upright bikes with their bigger seats.

So what can be done about it?

Adjustability is an important feature to consider when selecting a spin cycle seat. Fully adjustable means that you may adjust both the horizontal position (fore/aft) and the height of the seat.

Adjusting the fore/aft position increases your chances of obtaining the right fit greatly. This is especially important on a spin cycle since you will frequently be pedaling at a faster tempo and intensity.

If you ride regularly and in an improper fit, your risk of injury increases. Additionally, it will feel less comfortable, which will interfere with your workouts. It will be impossible to ride for a very long time if you are very uncomfortable. 

If you find that adjusting the seat does not help in improving your comfort that much then the padding of the seat might be an issue. To overcome this, you could buy some gel seat covers online that add a bit of extra and much-needed padding to the seat. 

The Frame

Maximum weight capacity is the most significant frame criteria that you need to look at. While the majority of frames are constructed of aluminum or steel, the weight restriction gives an objective measure of a bike’s “toughness.”

When buying a spin bike, always go higher when it comes to weight capacity. You should aim to get a bike that at the very minimum can support 300 pounds of weight, as this will be a pretty strong and durable frame. 

Even if you weigh only 150 pounds, a bike capable of supporting that much additional weight will feel significantly more stable in use.

The bikes that can accommodate riders weighing between 300 and 350 pounds are more robust and stable. They’ll feel more professional when you climb on.

Additionally, examine the assembled weight of a bike before purchasing, since this reflects the bike’s “heavy-duty” designation.

Again, bigger bikes will provide a more steady ride. The last thing you want is for your bike to waver or wobble during your workout.


Whatever type of exercise equipment you’re looking for, you cannot ignore the warranty of these items. Often, the warranty is the real indicator of a product’s quality.

Spin bike warranties are typically broken down into 3 categories. These are:

  • Labor
  • Frame
  • Parts – this can be broken down into subcategories that include wear parts, mechanical parts, and electrical parts. 

As a general rule, be certain that the frame warranty is the longest in the group. After all, if the frame of the bike fails first, you won’t be able to ride again. 

A suitable frame warranty should be between five and ten years in duration. The best frames will have a lifetime guarantee because the brands are so sure that they will not break. 

Warranties on high-quality components often last three years or longer. Certain manufacturers may offer a three-year guarantee on electrical and mechanical components but just one year on worn components.

Labor is usually the least priced option, as firms cannot afford to hire third-party contractors to reconstruct their items years after you have bought them. 

Even the most extensive warranties rarely include an extended labor warranty of more than a year or two.

Chain Or Belt Drive?

Another factor to consider is the drive train type. While this component is not as critical as flywheel weight, it may affect your riding experience.

To begin, the driving mechanism links the pedals to the flywheel.

This is the chain from a road bike (chain drive). Indoor cycles, like outdoor cycles, are chain-driven, however, there are also belt drives available.

While chain drives perform admirably, they have several disadvantages when compared to belt drives.

To begin, chain drives produce slightly more noise than belt drives do, as the teeth “clank” against the chain links when the gear catches them.

Belt drives, in comparison, are relatively quiet, keeping the overall sound of the bike low. 

Second, to guarantee smooth functioning, chain drives should be oiled regularly, which takes time, effort, and can get pretty messy.

The vast majority of high-quality belt drives are self-contained and maintenance-free (unless the unlikely should happen and the belt snaps).

While belt-driven bicycles are often more expensive than chain-driven bicycles, numerous more affordable versions are now equipped with belts. A belt drive bike is a wonderful alternative if you want the quietest, smoothest riding possible.

If you’re seeking a bike that performs admirably but is also reasonably priced, a chain drive will suffice.

Bear in mind that chain and belt drives are both quite efficient. The sole distinction is in terms of volume and upkeep.

The Handlebars

The handlebars of a spin cycle should have a multi-grip. This enables you to alter your hands’ position throughout the ride. 

This is crucial because your grip will change depending on the activity you are engaged in. If you are riding on a “flat surface” for example (no incline added), your hand position will be different compared to when you are riding in other ways. 

Multi-grip handlebars come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Many, but not all, handlebars are also completely adjustable in height. If you want the most customized fit possible, go for a bike with fully adjustable handlebars.

The Console

When buying a spin bike, the monitor may not be the first thing on your list of priorities. After all, spin cycles are not well-known for their sophisticated monitoring systems (although that is changing).

However, if you’re torn between two very different bikes, the console may be decisive.

The majority of indoor bikes use incredibly simplistic displays consisting just of a small LCD panel. The bulk of them just records the most basic data, such as calories burned, speed, time, distance, and cadence. 

Advanced monitors are compatible with wireless chest strap heart rate monitors, which is an excellent option if you prefer tracking your heart rate.

While the majority of spin cycles are not preprogrammed, a few are (like the Diamondback 510Ic). If you’re after a bike that comes equipped with exercises, there are a few on the market, but they will be much more expensive than a standard bike. 

Certain indoor cycles may be equipped without a console at all – you may not require one if you want to watch television or do some work while having a casual cycle.  

Each year, the number of streaming bikes that give almost endless live and/or on-demand workouts continues to grow. Peloton is a very famous example of this. These streaming bikes are available with high-tech touchscreen screens or with simpler displays.


I’m aware that when we buy anything new, the first specification we examine is the price. 

Fortunately, no matter what your budget is, you should be able to find a spin bike that fits your needs. Here are the typical costs of a spin bike, and what you can get for each price bracket. 

  • Between $200 to $500: these are entry-level bikes, but they are not without features. This category contains bikes with huge flywheels and fully adjustable seats and handlebars. Although the majority will be chain-driven, some will be belt operated at the $500 level.
  • Between $500 to $1000, these are the mid-range bikes, and possibly the best value. For this price, you get a high-quality spin cycle with substantial flywheels, magnetic resistance, and belt drive. Additionally, outstanding warranties are available here.
  • Between $1000 to $3000: these are the top-of-the-line, luxury spin bikes. Not only should you anticipate practically everything being fully adjustable, but also clipless pedals and sophisticated monitors in this price range. This pricing category has the most opulent spin cycles available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you leave today, get your last-minute questions answered below!

My Spin Bike Is Uncomfortable, What Can I Do?

There are essentially two ways to improve the comfort of a spin cycle seat: replace the seat or add a seat cushion.

The majority of spin cycles come standard with road bike seats, which may easily be upgraded with a separately purchased upgrade seat.

A less costly alternative would be to try a gel seat cushion. If you’re new to cycling, bear in mind that your body will adjust to the sensation of the bike and your bottom will adapt to riding, making it more comfortable.

How Heavy Are Spin Bikes Typically?

Although this varies according to model and brand of bike, the majority of high-quality spin cycles weigh between 100 and 140 pounds. Bear in mind that the flywheel alone on some of these bikes weighs about 40 pounds.

As a result, they are slightly front-heavy, which should be considered when transporting them. They are all fitted with transfer wheels, which significantly simplifies their transportation.

Simply roll them to their new location by tilting them on the wheels.