Get A Grip: The Five Best Hand Strengtheners Available Today

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Whether you’re looking to improve your hand strength or heal from an injury, there are several options available to help you. In fact, did you know that medical professionals measure hand strength to determine if you might have a disability?

Hand strength may be negatively affected by tendon or nerve injuries, so you should always consult a medical professional when assessing your needs. Whether your goal is to regain lost strength or you want to crush a watermelon with your bare hands, this article will point you in the right direction of the best hand strengtheners.

What to Look For

When you start researching the best hand strengtheners, you’ll first want to consider your goal. Are you looking only to improve your strength? Have you suffered from an injury that you want to rehabilitate? While the products on this list can help with both, it’s crucial to determine your specific needs first.

Also, no medical advice is offered in this article. To avoid injury, please consult a professional physical therapist. Always use caution and mindfulness when exercising.

5 Best Hand Strengtheners

Here are the top six choices for hand strengthening at home.

Pnrskter Six-Pack

Hand Grip Strengthener, Finger Exerciser, Grip Strength Trainer (6 PCS) NEW MATERIAL Forearm grip workout, Finger Stretcher, Relieve Wrist & Thumb Pain, Carpal tunnel, Great for Rock Climbing and More
  • SUPERIOR-QUALITY DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE - SAFE AND DURABLE - Made of top-quality Silicone, not easy to tear. It is WASHABLE and can be use frequently and comfortably.
  • FITNESS & SPORT ENTHUSIASTS - strengthen your wrists, improve the dexterity of your fingers and increase the strength your hands can apply while reducing fatigue. Its rally value is from 30 to 50 lb. Help balance your grip muscles and your expanding muscles.
  • REHABILITATION & PREVENTION - Great for rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, tennis elbow and are on the way to recover from a fractured or broken wrist, or when you type, text or any other activities which use your gripping muscles.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN FOR ALL HANDS - Suitable for all age groups and fits well for all hand sizes, different from other "small finger holes bands" on the market. Portable and easy to fit in bag or pocket. You can get repetitions in while driving, at the office or anywhere!
  • WHAT YOU GET - 3PCS Finger Stretchers(S Size) & 3PCS Hand Grips + Our Worry-Free 18-Month Post-Sale Service and Friendly Customer Service !! Try It and You Will Love It!!

The Pnrskter Six-Pack comes with two types of hand strengtheners, which are color-coded to indicate resistance levels. Green provides light resistance and is recommended for beginners or injured hands. Blue gives medium resistance for regular workouts. Orange provides formidable resistance for advanced training.

The first variation of these two hand strengtheners is a finger-loop design. You place your fingers through the loops, then stretch and contract your grasp. The second variation is doughnut-shaped and meant to exercise your grip. You hold the gear in the palm of your hand and squeeze.


  • Durable
  • Washable
  • Therapeutic for Arthritis and Carpal Tunnel


  • Resistance levels may jump too far in scale from beginner to intermediate
  • May melt if left in scorching temperatures

FitBeast Workout Kit

FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit (5 Pack) Forearm Grip Adjustable Resistance Hand Gripper, Finger Exerciser, Finger Stretcher, Grip Ring & Stress Relief Grip Ball for Athletes
  • 【Suitable for Everyone】: The hand grip strengthener forearm grip is perfect for improving strength, power and speed in the wrists, fingers, and forearms. An undoubtedly best choice for Rock Climbers, Tennis Players, Athlete and Musicians to enhance the flexibility of fingers and wrists.
  • 【Comfortable and Durable】: The ergonomic and soft handle of hand grip strengthener is not only fit for small and large hands, seniors, and teens but also ensures comfortable holding. The resistance of hand grip strengthener is perfect for both men and women with different strength as it can be adjusted from 22 to 132lbs easily. You can use the grip strength trainer anywhere at any time.
  • 【Injury Rehabilitation】: Using this grip strength trainer to work out every day is beneficial to recover in hand injury, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendovaginitis, fractured, broken wrist, and tendon surgery.
  • 【Hand Grip Strengthener Forearm Grip Exerciser Kit - 5 Pack】: The hand grip strengthener 5 pack kit contains Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener, Finger Exerciser, Finger stretcher Resistance Band, Hand Strengthener Grip Ring and Stress Relief Grip Ball, which can help strengthen and exercise your hand, fingers, wrist, elbows, and forearms.
  • 【Wonderful After-sale Customer Service】: All of our customers will be offered FREE and UNIQUE tutorial videos, which will facilitate you to make daily targeted training plans. If you have any questions on the usage of the products, you can access to our after-sale customer service 24/7 and we will offer you any help you need.

The FitBeast Workout Kit comes with five different pieces of gear: an adjustable hand grip strengthener, a stress relief ball, a finger exerciser, a grip ring, and a finger resistance band. These tools are recommended not only for therapy but for athletes and musicians also.

The adjustable handgrip strengthener ranges from 22 to 132 lbs of resistance. Each tool is designed to fit any hand size, from teens to seniors. Enhance flexibility and the strength of your fingers, wrists, forearms, and elbows with this kit.

You should take advantage of the free tutorials provided with this kit. They may help you avoid hurting yourself or breaking the equipment. Consult with a professional to avoid using the wrong setting on the adjustable grip strengthener. Using the wrong setting compared to what you’re ready for may cause self-injury and the item to break.


  • Free tutorial videos
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Comes with a carry bag


  • Silicone items may be too stiff to work with
  • The wrong setting on the adjustable strengthener may cause the item to break

DMoose Fitness Exerciser

DMoose Forearm Exerciser, Wrist Exerciser and Wrist Roller, Forearm Workout Equipment, Forearm Blaster Strength Trainer and Workout Tool, Hand Grip Roller, Anti-Slip Handles
  • BUILD HAND, WRIST, FOREARM STRENGTH – The forearm exerciser is designed to help you improve grip strength and create stronger, leaner muscles with progressive plate training that suits your strength and fitness level.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE WORKOUT OPTIONS –The forearm trainer has a strong, well-balanced handle, ideal cord length, and ability to support multiple weight plates allows you to maintain resistance that matches your routine for consistent gains while reducing hand fatigue.
  • COMFORTABLE, and DURABLE GRIP – Our wrist roller and forearm workout has durable grip handles offer non-slip support even during sweaty workouts to ensure safe stability and control with every twist forward or backward, making it ideal for home or gym use.
  • SUPPORTS ATHLETES and ACTIVE LIFESTYLES – Strengthening your forearms with our wrist exercise equipment is great for weightlifters, rock climbers, surfers, tennis and baseball players, golfers, and other fitness areas.
  • HOME, GYM, and PORTABLE USE – The wrist and forearm developer helps you get shredded forearms and a stronger grip almost anywhere thanks to a lightweight, portable, and easy-to-use design that makes it perfect for everyday workouts.

The DMoose Fitness Exerciser builds hand, wrist, and forearm strength. This product’s main feature is the nylon rope it comes with, which you would need to attach to a weighted plate. Two polycarbonate plastic covers protect the cord, which has a steel lock attached to the end.

The exerciser also comes with an optional steel bar wrapped in slip-resistant foam to which you can attach to the polycarbonate chamber. The bars allow for more comfortable use and grip so that beginners can pick this gear up and go. This product is recommended both for beginners and serious athletes.


  • Nylon rope is snap-resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Versatile; fits perfectly into your home gym


  • No weighted plates included
  • Foam grip may not slip out of your hands but may slip off the bars

Handmaster Plus Physical Therapy Hand Exerciser

Handmaster Plus Physical Therapy Hand Exerciser (Colours May Vary), 9 Piece Set
  • The hand grip strengthener that strengthens all 18 hand muscles in one easy exercise 
  • The hand exerciser that equalizes balance between the flexor and extensor muscles 
  • The unique hand exercise that stimulates max blood flow for performance, wellness and rehab 
  • All 3 balls are of same size

The Handmaster Plus Physical Therapy Hand Exerciser stimulates blood flow within your hand and forearm, as well as improving that area’s endurance. This set comes with three flex balls that scale in resistance, from soft to firm. The cords are designed with finger loops and range from soft, medium, to firm resistance. The cords can be used with the flex balls or without.

This product is recommended to treat and prevent conditions such as, but not limited to, tennis elbow, tendonitis, and osteoporosis. The Handmaster Plus can also be used to enhance strength for musicians, typists, and athletes. The design of this gear makes it accessible to anyone who wants to pick it up.


  • Maximizes injury recovery
  • Works to prevent injury
  • Simple design


  • May not be comfortable for large hands and fingers

Sportneer Hand and Wrist Strengthener

Sportneer Wrist Strengthener Forearm Exerciser Hand Developer Strength Trainer for Athletes, Fitness Enthusiasts, Professionals
  • STRENGTHEN MUSCLES: This wrist exerciser is designed to improve strength, power and speed in the wrists, fingers and forearms. The MINIMUM TENSION is about 8kg, which is ideal for athletes, sportsmen, fitness enthusiasts, professionals, rock climbers, golfers and tennis players
  • ADJUSTABLE DESIGN: Perform regular and reverse wrist curls with the adjustable stabilizer pad, instruction included. TRY IT AT THE MINIMUM TENSION FOR THE FIRST TIME TO USE
  • QUALITY & COMFORT: This wrist strengthener is made with heavy duty carbon steel springs and thick 10mm foam stabilizer pad (in comparison to 6mm) for extra comfort and cushion
  • PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Compact size, easy to take on the go, to the gym, office or use at home
  • MORE BENEFITS: This wrist and forearm developer improves Hand Grip / Fingers / Forearms / Wrists Strength, and can also be used to Release Daily Stress and for Leisure Activities

The Sportneer Hand and Wrist Strengthener is one of the best hand strengtheners on the market. It’s used similarly to how you would curl a barbell. The gear fits over your hand like an open glove. Then you can decide to pull up or push down. This equipment improves both strength and speed of your hand, wrist, and forearm.

Out of all the products on this list, this one may be the most accessible only to serious athletes and fitness enthusiasts, but Sportneer does offer a model for beginners. The Sportneer Strengthener is easy to adjust and use. The springs are made of carbon and steel which are cushioned by foam.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Beginner model available
  • Relieves hand, wrist, and forearm stress


  • Not for kids or teens
  • Rigid and challenging to use at first


If you’re a beginner, the FitBeast Workout Kit may be the safest bet to go with, simply because of the various tools it provides with which you can experiment.

If your goal is to build and tone muscle, the Sportneer Hand and Strength Exerciser is the most heavy-duty product on this list that will get the job done. No matter which product you choose, remember to be mindful of how you use this gear to avoid injury.

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