Best Golf Shoes for Walking the Course – Top Picks

golf player walking in the course

The right golf shoes are going to be an important part of your golfing competition or practice session. Traversing 18 holes throughout the day ends up being a lot of walking, so it would be better if you have the most comfortable shoes available. Luckily, there are various options for shoes explicitly made for golfing, […]

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Skechers Golf Shoes VS Regular Sneakers

There’s a reason why golf shoes rank top among the most popular sports shoes in the market for many years. Golf shoes are made of high-quality materials that come with numerous advantages: waterproof comfortable breathable adequate support overall performance value and a lot more. Why Wear Golf Shoes? Wearing golf shoes when on the golf […]

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Golf Swing Plane Trainers – 5 Pro Tips

Golf Swing Plane Trainers

Any golfer will tell you, perfecting your golf plane swing takes a lot of time, practice, and experience. As someone just starting out in golf, you might hear other advanced golfers tell you that your swing is above or below the plane. It can be frustrating as you might not even know what that means, […]

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Golf Practice Upgrade: 10 Simple Drills with Golf Alignment Sticks

Golf Practice Upgrade Simple Drills with Golf Alignment Sticks

As far as training aids go, golf alignment sticks are some of the most effective there are on the market today. That would explain why they have become extremely popular in recent years. There was a time when a couple of snow poles from a hardware store would pass for golf alignment sticks. That time […]

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What Are The Best Training Products for Golfers?

golf training product

Golf can be one of the most frustrating sports. It is the one sport in which more people than any in other sport “throw in the towel”. As with everything else, there are many good reasons why golfers around the world give up on golf every week. The main reason is the wrong kind of […]

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Top 10 Golf Swing Trainers & Aids That Actually Work

Golf Swing Trainers & Aids

Are you looking for a way to take your golf training to the next level? We have put a list of the best golf swing trainers and golf training aids to help you get aids that work. It doesn’t matter if you are a really good player or not, and you can never reach the […]

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Are Skechers Golf Shoes Right for You?

Quick Guide to Skechers Golf Shoes for Men & Women Skechers golf shoes are known for their comfort and easy, casual style. Since entering the fitness world several years ago, Skechers has increasingly looked for ways to offer high-quality sneakers designed for a variety of activities, and their collection of golf shoes is no exception. […]

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12 Best Golf Gifts For The Golfer In Your Life

Gifts for golfers

If you have someone in your life who absolutely loves golf, a golf-related gift can be a great choice when you want to spoil them. However, it might feel tricky to know what gifts you should buy. After all, if your friend or family member plays golf regularly you might assume they already have everything […]

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Best Golf Bags For 2021

Best Golf Bags Reviewed

You’ve got great golf clubs that you can’t wait to try out on the golf course, but don’t forget about purchasing a golf bag. It’s important to keep your clubs protected, but it also adds to how great – or not – your golfing day goes. Imagine carrying a heavy, clumsy bag or one that […]

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Callaway Golf Bags Vs TaylorMade Golf Wedges

callaway vs taylormade

If you like to play golf, you’ve probably heard about Callaway and TaylorMade. These are two big names when it comes to providing golf gear that’s very popular, from clubs and wedges to bags you need to store it in. But who’s the best? It’s always a good thing to avoid purchasing gear just because […]

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