The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

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Soccer is a great sport for kids to learn and play at any age. It not only provides a good source of physical activity and getting the blood pumping but allows your child to socialize and build teamwork skills.

Generally, soccer is an outdoor sport, so kids can play indoor soccer when the snow comes, and temperatures drop. It is the same as regular soccer, but without grass.

Depending on where you are playing, the building might have turf built-in, which acts as fake grass, so you can still wear cleats. Those cleats should be the best indoor soccer shoes for kids you can find.

There is no turf a lot of the time, which means you are playing on hard ground without any cushioning. Unfortunately, this means wearing outdoor soccer cleats will not be comfortable or effective when it comes to indoor soccer.

Finding a solid, comfortable pair of indoor shoes designed for playing soccer is the best way to give your child a chance to excel at the sport. Without the proper footwear, they won’t be able to give their best performance and will likely have sore feet after the game. If your child practices and plays multiple times a week, you want to make sure their feet are supported whether they are playing inside or outside.

Today we are going to look at some of the best indoor soccer shoes for kids. The nice thing about indoor soccer shoes for kids is that many brands choose to make unisex shoes, so there are plenty of options for boys and girls. We will compare various features such as the material, durability, grip, comfortability, and more. This way, you will know exactly what to look for and which shoes are best for your indoor soccer player so they can have fun and be safe.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids

1. adidas Unisex-Child Samba Classic Boots Soccer Shoe

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

  • Leather upper
  • Suede toe cap
  • Non Marketing gum rubber outsole for excellent grip on all indoor surfaces

The first shoe on our list is one of the most popular indoor soccer shoes for kids, and it is the Unisex Samba classic soccer shoe from Adidas. Adidas shoes have been around for years, and the quality has stayed consistently high, and these samba indoor soccer shoes are no different.

They have a leather upper and lightweight EVA midsole which creates a flexible and cushioning feel designed for indoor surfaces. They feature a suede toe cap, and the leather exterior is fashionable and comfortable.

They do not have a traditional cleat sole as these are made for indoor soccer; however, they have a good grip, so they are still great to wear on turf. The sole is made of a gum rubber non-marking material with an excellent grip for all indoor surfaces.

So, turf or not, your child will have great traction out on the field. Since the rubber is also non-marking, there are no concerns about skidding and ruining the floor. These indoor soccer shoes are reasonably priced and can be purchased online.


  • Non-marking gum rubber sole for all indoor surfaces
  • Leather upper and comfortable EVA midsole


  • Only available in one color

2. New Balance Unisex-Child Tekela Magique V3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

  • Designed for use on indoor surfaces
  • Full foot stretch-knit upper with integrated hypoknit, laceless closure for secure lock-down and unrivalled stability
  • Redesigned, algorithm-driven KINETIC STITCH technology, delivering high-resolution touch and graduated strike zones for ultimate control and contact accuracy
  • Engineered for Elite Pro agility and acceleration. Lightweight nylon chassis with TPU stud tips for increased rotational traction
  • Rubber lugged outsole provides traction and comfort, for specific use on artificial surfaces

The next pair of indoor soccer shoes on our list are the unisex Tekela Magique V3 indoor soccer shoe from New Balance. These soccer shoes are designed to wear for all indoor surfaces and have a rubber lugged outsole which is great for traction and comfort on artificial surfaces such as turf.

They come equipped with a “full foot stretch-knit upper with integrated hypoknit laceless closure,” which is ideal for running so you can feel secure and confident your laces won’t come undone mid-game.

These shoes are “engineered for Elite Pro agility and acceleration” and are made of a lightweight, breathable nylon chassis. The built-in TPU stud tips also provide added traction and help with quick rotations and angles when kicking the soccer ball.

To top it all off, these shoes were designed with “algorithm-driven KINETIC STITCH technology,” which helps to bring you ultimate control and accuracy out on the field. You can purchase these indoor soccer shoes for kids on, and they are available in two different colors.


  • Made with specially designed technology, so your laces are unable to come undone
  • Excellent traction and grip on indoor artificial surfaces


  • We can’t seem to find any cons about this product!

3. Nike Youth Phantom Vision Academy Direct Fit Indoor Soccer Shoes

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

The next pair of indoor soccer shoes for kids are the Nike youth Phantom Vision Academy running shoes. The highlight of these shoes is how they are designed to fit snugly and comfortably on your feet, which is ideal for wearing them for long periods of time.

They have a “seamless sock-like fit” created through a one-piece, tongueless design with a dynamic collar and contoured sock liner. This provides extra comfort and support, plus extra ankle cushioning, which is great for soccer since you typically use the side of your foot to kick the ball.

The laces have webbing hooks that secure them down, making them unable to come undone during a game. Lastly, the rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction on “indoor, court, and street surfaces.” You can purchase these indoor soccer shoes on in three different colors.


  • Seamless sock-like fits provide comfort and functionality
  • Equipped with a contoured sock liner for a snug fit and ankle cushioning


  • Could be worn on multiple different surfaces; this could be a pro or con depending on what you are looking for.

4. Vizari Kids Liga in Indoor Soccer Shoes | Boys and Girls

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

  • UPPER Two-color textured synthetic upper
  • Strong and durable with anti-stretch lining
  • OUTSOLE: Non-marking rubber with Midsole for added cushioning.
  • Great for indoor soccer and futsal
  • Sizes from 8c Toddler to size 6 Big kid for boys and girls

Next on our list are the kids’ Liga indoor soccer shoes from Vizari. These shoes are unisex, which is convenient, and they are fairly simple yet effective soccer shoes. In addition, they have an anti-stretch lining which is great if your child wears these shoes multiple times a week; this also provides strength and durability.

They have a two-colored synthetic upper, which is lightweight, and a comfortable midsole for added cushioning. The rubber outsole has solid traction and can be worn on any indoor surface. The outsole is also designed to be a non-marking rubber material which is helpful to prevent unwanted marks and scuffs on the floor.

Overall, these shoes are very affordable and can be purchased on Amazon.


  • The shoes are unisex
  • Built with an anti-stretch lining for comfort and to make them last longer


  • Only available in one color

5. Hawkwell Kids Athletic Indoor Comfortable Slip-on Soccer Cleats

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

  • Lace-up and silp-on closure create lockdown
  • Micro-textured upper enhances touch
  • Plate provides traction on firm-ground pitches
  • Synthetic leather and fabric upper wraps your foot in a close fit
  • Soft sock-like collar wraps your ankle for secure comfort while letting ankle move freely

The next pair on our list is from the brand Hawkwell, and they are the slip-on athletic, comfortable soccer cleats for kids. It is built with a micro-textured upper, which is lightweight and breathable, which is great since soccer requires so much running. In addition, the synthetic and leather uppers fit nicely around your fit, creating a comfortable and close fit.

It also has a short, soft sock-like collar that wraps around your ankle for a secure yet breathable fit. It allows your foot and ankle to move freely while also being snug and won’t feel like the shoe is about to fall off your feet.

The laces are secured down, so there are no concerns about laces coming undone during a soccer game, and the slip-on design is easy and simple for young kids. You can purchase these shoes from in five different colors; they are also the most affordable indoor soccer shoes on our list thus far.


  • Sock-like collar creates a comfortable and close fit
  • Slip-on design which is easy for kids


  • Material quality might not be as high as some of the other more well-known brands

6. adidas Unisex-Child Nemeziz 19.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks

  • adidas quality
  • Imported by adidas

The last shoe for kids indoor soccer on our list is also from Adidas; it is the unisex Nemeziz 19.3 indoor soccer shoe. They are also made with a slip-on type design, so you don’t have to think twice about tying up laces.

They have soft, breathable, synthetic uppers that are seamless and comfortable. The extended ankle collar is great for pivoting and quick movements out on the field, and it fits your own foot to create a personal and close fit.

As we previously mentioned, for the first Adidas shoe, this brand has been around for years, making its shoes trustworthy and high quality. They are also unisex shoes and come in various colors that boys and girls can choose from. You can find these shoes on in a wide variety of sizes.


  • Made with a slip-on type design which is great for young children
  • Extended ankle collar for a comfortable and close fit


  • Does not state how well the traction and grip is on the outsole

Buyers Guide

Now that you have read over some of the best indoor soccer shoes for kids, we will look at some of the important factors you should consider before committing to a new soccer shoe.


First on our buyer’s guide list and one of the most important factors is comfort. If your child doesn’t find the shoes comfortable, it is a sure sign to move on to the next pair. It is normal to take a few days to break in your new soccer shoe, but if the fit doesn’t feel right trying them on in the store, it will likely be even worse when your child is trying to run on the field.

Material and Durability

Next, you want to consider the material that the shoes are made out of, especially the uppers. If you are looking for something lightweight, then trying to find an indoor soccer shoe with a mesh or breathable upper would be best. You also want to make sure that the material is durable and will last for more than just one soccer season.

Grip and Sole

Another big thing to think about before purchasing indoor soccer shoes for kids is the outsole and the amount of grip and traction it provides. Regardless of whether you are playing on a gym floor or artificial surfaces, you want your child to have a good grip when running and making quick movements and turns during the game.


Lastly, you will want to consider the price of your future indoor soccer shoes for kids. It is important to keep in mind that your child’s feet will likely still be growing, and these won’t be the only pair of indoor soccer shoes you will be buying. That said, you still want to invest in a good quality pair of soccer shoes so your child’s feet are supported and comfortable throughout the game’s duration.

The Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Kids – Our Top 6 Picks


In conclusion, it is very important to buy the proper footwear for your kids when it comes to indoor soccer. Although it doesn’t require specific cleats, there are plenty of awesome indoor soccer shoe options for your kids so they can always feel comfortable and confident no matter what surface they are playing on.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can my child wear their indoor soccer shoes outdoors?

They can, but it is recommended to wear soccer cleats when playing on actual grass. They can be worn to go for a walk or grocery store trip, but try to keep them for practice and games.

How can I make my child’s soccer shoes last longer?

Take proper care of them, and don’t let your child run around outside in muddy or wet conditions that could ruin the shoe. It is important to try to remember to wear your indoor soccer shoes, only indoors.

Does the position my child plays affect which indoor soccer shoe I should buy?

Generally, No. All positions besides goalie involve running and pivoting, and all require solid traction and grip.