New Balance Men’s Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoe Review

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New Balance Men’s Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoe: QUICK OVERVIEW

Review of: New Balance Men’s Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoe

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What We Like

  • Chunky rubber grip
  • Pull on/off tab
  • Durable upper materials

What We Don’t Like

  • Arch support is lacking
  • Very narrow on all sizes

If running across rough terrain or country trails is something you enjoy, then you’ll want to be wearing a pair of trail running shoes that are up to the job of supporting your feet and providing enough grip underfoot. As you are about to find there are few better at doing so than this footwear from New Balance.


New Balance Men’s Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoe Review

This footwear from New Balance is primarily designed for men and is a running shoe that suits terrains and surfaces which are more difficult to run on. This includes country trails, inclines and trails where the need for a strong supportive shoe with grip is very high.They are made by New Balance, a US-based sportswear company with a manufacturing history going back over 100 years. These trail running shoes do not go back quite that far, as they were first available for sale in 2014.

Who is this product for?

The main target audience for the New Balance Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoe is male runners, and primarily those who like to run cross country. There’s no rule that says they cannot be used on flatter surfaces like running tracks and sidewalks, but they would not be ideal for these.Scenarios where they are most applicable, are those where there are steep inclines or declines, loose surface matter, uneven surfaces and wet or muddy underfoot conditions. If you love running in any or all of these conditions, then these trail running shoes should help ensure your enjoyment is not compromised by unsecure footing.

What’s included?

Unlike some sports products you could buy which come in multiple boxes, and may even need constructing, your New Balance trail running shoes simply need lacing up, tied securely, and they are ready for use.

Overview of features

One of the most striking features is the rubber sole with his chunky shapes forming the grip pattern. With this, your footing will be more than secure whether you are running in dry or wet conditions, and when going up or downhill.Another, feature which stands out is the stitching across all areas of the upper. It not only looks strong, it feels it too, and this means you can be confident that these shoes will last, despite whatever unfavorable terrains you may run on while wearing them.The heel area is very supportive, and the upper is both flexible and breathable to keep your feet comfortable and cool when you are running. A padded tongue, heel loop and cushioned insole complete the list of features designed to make these trail running shoes as comfortable as possible.

How to use them

The issue of trail running shoe sizes versus actual foot size is one of the most commented on subjects when users discuss them. Most reviewers have stated that the size is true to their normal shoe. One caveat to this is if you normally thicker, or two pairs of socks when you go trail running. This might mean it is worth going half or even one whole size up.Putting these trail running shoes on is aided by the pull tab on the rear of each shoe which should avoid the need for a shoe horn. Once on, pull the laces to close the uppers over the tongue, and tie them, ensuring that there is no lose length of lace hanging over the sides which could present a trip hazard.You may choose to wear them for casual use to break them in before you go trail running in them, just to check the fit and comfort levels are satisfactory.


Although there are some color options with the New Balance Mt410v5, they are mostly variations of gray or black. If you are looking for an option with more color choices, you might want to consider the Brooks Men’s Cascadia 12 Trail Running Shoe.The color choice that they offer includes turquoise, orange, red, navy, charcoal and many others, so that when running in them, not only will you have the best footing, but you’ll be the most colorful trail runner too.Other features include padded tongue and collar, a pull loop in the heel, removable sock liner, and an abrasion resistant rubber sole with hex lugs which provide outstanding underfoot grip.To find out more about the Brooks Men’s Cascadia 12 Trail Running Shoe, click the link below.


When it comes to trail running, two things are essential for the running shoes you are wearing.The first is a sound footing, given that some of the underfoot conditions you may encounter will be doing all they can to make you slip or fall. Thankfully, the New Balance Men’s Mt410v5 Trail Running Shoes have a grip which will ensure your feet as planted as securely as can be on all surfaces.The second thing you need is the comfort, and New Balance comes up trumps again due to the combination of cushioning, foam midsole, and breathable upper. Two ticks in the two most important boxes, make these trail running shoes, a top choice.