What are Golf Shoes?

what are golf shoes

Are you planning on getting into the fabulous sport of golf? It’s a whole lot of fun, you get to spend the day with your buddies, and you can engage in some friendly yet often heated competition. However, although you might have your golf clubs ready to go, you are still not 100% prepared. Did […]

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5 Golf Exercises to Add Mobility, Strength, and Power to Your Swing

golf exercises

Golf is often viewed as a recreational sport. What most people fail to realize is that golf games in general- and particularly golf swings – need muscular strength and power. The perfect swing is the Holy Grail of golf. Golf is ballistic and involves sudden moments of exertion. Golf is also one-sided meaning golfers do […]

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The Best Golf Training Products

exrcises for golf swing

Golf doesn’t come naturally to anyone – not even your favorite golfer. So much goes into becoming a great golfer – the long hours on the course and the intense practice at the driving range. To get better at your golf game, you must train to improve. You might be too busy to make it […]

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