Must Have Items for CrossFit

crossfit products

CrossFit has become increasingly popular in recent years. To the stage where most people know someone who has obsessed with his latest fitness craze. So when it comes to Christmas, Birthdays or other occasions to give gifts, you find yourself scratching your head trying to work out what’s the best gift to buy for the […]

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Best Crossfit Shoes for 2021


If you are into Crossfit, you need shoes that could withstand the demands of its various workout. Crossfit is a sport that demands strength, agility, speed, and flexibility. And if you’re not properly shod, if your shoes are not engineered for Crossfit, you will not get the most out of your workout. But worse, you […]

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Best Weight Vest for CrossFit Training

weight vest for cross training

Anyone into CrossFit will tell you how challenging yet extremely gratifying it can be. With that said, even if you do CrossFit every single day, there will come a point when you reach a plateau. This is very common. Once the body catches up to the routine, then it will no longer become a challenge. […]

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Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

shoes for wide feet

Cross Train Like a Pro: Best Cross Training Shoes & Athletic Training Shoes Over the last few years, functional fitness and cross training style workouts have become popular. For the uninitiated, cross-training refers to combining multiple exercises all in one bout. Cross training style workouts can include disciplines such as cycling, squats, power cleans, swimming, […]

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Best Supplements for Crossfit Athletes

best supplements for crossfit athletes

Not long ago, spending hours in the gym weightlifting or pounding treadmills was considered the best way to stay fit. Over the years, we have witnessed different trends hitting the fitness scene. Some have stood the test of time while the rest have fallen along the wayside. Enter CrossFit. Any conversation about fitness is not […]

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