Best Ham Glute Developer Machines

develop you hamstrings

If you are looking to enhance your workouts, particularly your glutes and hamstring, then you should definitely consider investing in a glute ham developer machine. What’s a glute ham developer? we hear you say. The glute ham developer machine is often found somewhere at the back of a gym and is one of the most […]

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Best Medicine Balls for 2021


If you’ve just started working out, we’ll forgive you for not knowing about medicine ball. A medicine ball is one of the oldest pieces of workout equipment best known for optimizing coordination, strength and physical performance. Medicine balls date back 3000 years ago to ancient Greece and the great Persian Empire. Long before CrossFit took […]

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Best Power Training Ropes for 2020


Keeping your body in top shape is vital and requires you to make some changes to your lifestyle. This can include changes to your sleeping schedule, diet and workout regimen. Power training ropes (also called battle ropes) are excellent tools if you want to take your training to the next level. This training gear allows […]

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Best Push/Pull Weight Training Sled 2020


We all want to lead a healthy and prosperous life, especially in a post-COVID world. Staying active and training regularly are essential if you want to avoid the drawbacks of being physically inactive. For that, you can do outdoor activities or go to a local gym to do a full-body workout. If you want to […]

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Best Weightlifting Belts for 2020


When lifting heavy weights, a lot of your core energy comes from the abdominal area. That is why, when doing a strenuous tasks like picking something heavy from the ground, you hold your breath and tighten your stomach muscles. When performing a heavy lift, you back is also involved, that is why you will feel […]

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Best Hand Strengtheners for 2020

grip training products

We do everything using our hands, but sadly, we do very little to train them. Because of how simple it is to train, people often overlook grip strength. How strong your grip is in your hands is vital to your overall physique. Unknown to many people, the applications of grip strength are surprisingly diverse. And […]

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The Benefits of Cross-Training

TheBenefitsofCross Training

Working out is one of the best ways of keeping yourself fit and healthy. According to experts, a higher number of people who don’t participate in physical workouts often end up suffering from hypertension later on in their old age. Many people consider themselves to be in a better than average shape because they lift […]

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RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest Review

Best Weight Vest for CrossFit Training

Often, after a while of consistently working out, you will find your routines showing lesser and lesser results as your body gets too used to it. For this reason, it is essential to constantly push yourself more, and training harder will garner better results. With that said, you do not need to do that on […]

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Best Weight Vest for CrossFit Training

weight vest for cross training

Anyone into CrossFit will tell you how challenging yet extremely gratifying it can be. With that said, even if you do CrossFit every single day, there will come a point when you reach a plateau. This is very common. Once the body catches up to the routine, then it will no longer become a challenge. […]

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Weight Vest Pros and Cons: A Detailed Guide

weight vest pros and cons

Putting on a weighted vest will automatically increase the intensity of a workout, especially those that rely on body weight for resistance. In a normal scenario, you would assume that donning a weighted vest will help you with gaining more muscle and losing more weight. While all of that is true, there could also be […]

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