Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2022

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If you are a basketball payer, you know the importance of a great set of kicks. Our feet require anatomical support, comfortable and capable of offering an adequate level of stability when moving in our day to day or when practicing a sport. If you are one of the people who want to buy men’s basketball shoes, you will need to know that the purchase catalog is quite extensive and each model has distinctive processing characteristics. That is why we prepared this article, so you can buy a product that suits your needs.

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2022

Reebok Ex-O-Fit HI

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2022

  • Retro fitness-inspired design gives these men’s Exofit Hi shoes a legit look; An ankle strap and a mid cut show off a throwback style; The upper is made of supple, full-grain leather
  • Full grain leather upper in a Mid cut silhouette
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning and padded EVA foam sockliner adds lightweight comfort
  • High-abrasion-resistant rubber outsole adds durable responsiveness
  • Union Jack symbol

The catalog of sports shoes developed by Reebok offers you resistance, stability, cushioning and an aesthetic that varies from the striking to the minimalist. In this way, when acquiring any model, you will be carrying with you a functional product that adapts to your needs.

The exterior is made of soft black leather, while the finishes of the seams and reinforcement cuts denote quality. The EVA foam midsole absorbs impacts, the rubber sole provides a good grip and the padded footbed is comfortable.

This sports shoe gives you efficient performance, comfort, and stability both on the court and in everyday life.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid 07

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2022

One of the iconic brands that have transcended time is Nike. Its sports shoes offer designs with precise cuts, resistant seams, high-quality raw material, and cutting-edge technology, to achieve better performance in your workouts. The Air Force 1 Mid 07 model is no exception, so when you check any shopping list you will find it among the best men’s basketball shoes of 2022.

Its robust rubber sole incorporates a midsole that cushions the impact received on the floor and heel when supporting you to walk, jog or run. In addition, it has some shallow grooves so that you have a correct grip on smooth or irregular surfaces.

The soft leather exterior has an anatomical design that you can adjust for greater stability, using the lacing system that crosses the eyelets arranged on the instep and the velcro strap with ankle closure. The interior is lined with breathable cotton fiber.

Adidas Hoops Vs Mid

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2022

  • Core few men sport inspired Adidas
  • The Adidas brand has a long history and deep-rooted Connection with sport. Everything we do is rooted in sport
  • Driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation as well as decades of accumulating sports science expertise, we cater for all, from elite professional athletes and teams to any individual who wants to able sport part of their lives

Carrying out a review to determine the best men’s basketball shoes can certainly be a tedious process. Especially for some buyers who due to their occupations do not have enough time. So if you are one of them, the recommendation is to review the next model patented by Adidas.

It is a product made of high-end polyurethane black, with reinforcement cuts with stitched stitches on the toe and heel. Its high cane design, together with the closure method by means of laces on the instep, will provide adequate adjustment, stability, and protection in the ankle area.

Under Armor UA Jet 2017

Best Men’s Basketball Shoes for 2022

Under Armor is a brand that has been present in the market since 1996. Among its products stands out the UA Jet 2017 model of men’s basketball shoes with a high cut, which are characterized by incorporating advanced technology, breathable and durable raw material, as well as having a high level of adaptability to the needs of each individual, to obtain a better performance.

The manufacturer used a breathable mesh panel on each side, polyurethane on the pointer, instep, and heel, a cotton textile lining for the interior and together with an EVA memory foam insole. This last material was also used for the midsole of footwear. In this way, you will enjoy proper damping when stepping on, isolating the impact generated.

The adjustment is made by means of cords interwoven in two rows of front holes. The rubber sole and the weight of 340 grams of the product will give you control in each step.

Guide to Buying Men’s Basketball Shoes

There are many models of shoes, but they have quality standards that provide better performance, comfort, and fit are few. These sports shoes must-have attributes that improve the player’s performance on the court. So before making a hurried purchase, we invite you to read the following guide to buy the best men’s basketball shoes on the market, in which we detail the main properties that you should consider for the purchase to be successful.


In the market, there is an infinity of brands that annually incorporate the diversity of models with different designs. So in addition to looking for some basketball shoes for men that are good and economical, it is recommended that you get a design that fits your style and needs.

Since basketball is a discipline that involves skill, speed, and jumps, it is necessary that the shoes are equipped with a mechanism that provides safety and stability to the ankle to reduce the risk of injury. Therefore, the most popular designs are lightweight to provide greater agility and speed of response, as well as with a high shank, a little above the ankle, so that adjustment and support are provided in the area.

Closure System

In the comparison of men’s basketball shoes, it can be seen that the closure system is a characteristic that should not be overlooked. Although each brand offers models with different designs, several options regarding the closure mode are also provided, being possible to select between at least three options.

Each of the mechanisms has advantages that can be indicated for a better performance of the activity so that in the market you can get models that have a closing mechanism through cords, which allow the foot to be held with greater or lesser pressure. This mechanism provides a high level of security, while the cords are attached since when released it could cause an incident.

Another closing system is velcro, a mechanism is easy and quick to hold, but after a while, the material can give way and the adjustment is lost. Finally, the most recommended closure method is the one that incorporates a dual mechanism, combining velcro and laces for greater safety, support, and stability of the ankles.

Manufacturing Materials

The materials that the manufacturer has incorporated for the manufacture of the product could give you an estimate of how much a model of men’s basketball shoe costs.

In the market, you will get models of different ranges. The most expensive options are usually the shoes that are made with an external structure of genuine leather. These models tend to have a slow wear level and provide quality.

Mid-range shoes are usually made with a polyurethane structure, which has less wear resistance but provides comfort at a reasonable price. However, the designs that lead the preferences of the user community are those that combine different materials, a semi-leather structure, textile mesh or cotton fiber lining, with an interior in genuine leather. These models provide quality, comfort, and resistance at a competitive price