The 7 Best Glass Water Bottle Models for Gym Use in 2021

Best Glass Water Bottle Models for Gym
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Reusable water bottles have grown in popularity over the past years, and it is awesome! Saving the planet by using fewer plastic bottles, staying hydrated, and having a water bottle that fits your personality. Reusable water bottles are made of all different types of materials.

From recycled plastic and stainless steel, and now more commonly seen, glass, this transparent material is perfect for reusing and reshaping into different shapes, an easy one being the hollow water bottle shape.

Glass is a great material to make a reusable water bottle out of. It keeps chemicals from seeping into your filtered water, leaving it clean the way it should be. When you use a single-use plastic water bottle, chemicals from the plastic bottled water can seep into your water once it has been sitting in the bottle for a period of time. Consuming water contaminated with plastic can lead to all sorts of health problems down the road, including cancer.

Glass water bottles are easy to clean and dry nicely without leaving a residue or stains behind. They can be used hundreds of times, and the glass will remain crystal clear if the proper care has been taken. Glass water bottles are also less prone to getting scratches or nicks, keeping the presentation of your water bottle nicer for longer.

Another common comment people have noticed about plastic water bottles is that their water has a funny taste. That is from sitting in the plastic, whereas the flavor of water in glass bottles will not be affected at all. The only downside is that if the glass isn’t thick or tinted, your cold water might not stay cold for as long of a period of time as it might in a stainless-steel bottle.

Also, glass is a fairly heavy material. If you plan to carry it around all day or for a jog, that is something to keep in mind, as you might be used to carrying the weight of a plastic bottle instead. If you are doing a home workout or just heading to the gym, this won’t be an issue.

Today, we will look at 7 of the best quality glass water bottles of 2021 to use at the gym. It is important to stay hydrated when working out, so we are only looking at the best water bottles to keep your water cold and fresh when you need it.

We will look at different price points, shapes, and sizes. All water bottles listed can be purchased from Amazon and will be linked for easy reference.

1. Yomious 20 Oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid and Silicone Sleeve – BPA Free

Yomious 20 Oz Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Bamboo Lid and Silicone Sleeve – BPA Free (Purist Blue)
  • REUSABLE AND REFILLABLE borosilicate glass drinking bottle; saves plastic waste and is free of BPA, PVC, Lead, and Cadmium for safe and pure water
  • STRONG AND LIGHTWEIGHT, durable glass won’t crack under extreme temperatures; glass and silicone are diswasher safe, natural eco-friendly product
  • COLOUR SILICONE SLEEVE adds style and provides protection from slips and falls; choose from a variety of colors
  • LEAK-PROOF BAMBOO LID with stainless steel insert, food-grade silicone o-ring; perfect mouth size for spill-free drinking
  • 90-DAY LID GUARANTEE so if your lid breaks, we will replace it immediately; always wash bamboo lid by hand

The first bottle we will look at is the Yomious 20 Oz Borosilicate glass water bottle with a bamboo Lid and silicone sleeve. This runs on Amazon for under $20 and comes in ten different vibrant colors. This bottle is strong and lightweight for a glass bottle. It weighs 1.3 pounds which is a good weight if you have to carry it around for your workout.

The bottle itself is made of durable glass, with a silicone protective sleeve and a sturdy lid made from bamboo. For less than 20 dollars, this is a great basic glass water bottle choice that will keep your water fresh and clean.

It can only hold 20 oz of water, though, so if you are working out and constantly drinking a lot of water, something bigger might be better for you. This is the most simplistic glass water bottle on our list, as it does not have any fancy added features like time markings.

2. Fit Strong & Healthy 32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker Reminder

32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Time Marker Reminder - EXTRA LID, Reusable, Wide Mouth, Leakproof, 1 Liter Glass Drinking Bottle, BPA Free, Motivational Water Bottles for Hydration (Black Sleeve)
  • 💧 New Colors Are now Available! 💧REFILL ONCE AND YOU ARE DONE: Our daily water intake bottle has time markers on one side and ML markers on the other side printed directly on the glass bottle. You will only need to refill it once in the afternoon to hit your minimum daily water intake goal!
  • 💧 TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Use this water bottle at home, office, take it to the gym or anywhere really! Our borosilicate glass water bottle comes with a stylish silicone sleeve to offer you additional protection and to provide an extra grip to the bottle. The sleeve is removable, so you can use the water bottle with or without it.
  • 💧 SAFE, REUSABLE, & LEAK PROOF: Our 1 liter glass water bottle is made out of borosilicate glass. The bottle is reusable, 100% leak-proof and is entirely BPA free. It is also microwave safe (lid should be removed before using in microwave) and dishwasher safe (NOT for Hi Temperature wash setting). NOTE: Do Not Drop Bottle.
  • 💧 WIDE MOUTH FEATURE: The wide mouth allows you to use this hydration bottle as a water tracker bottle, or a blender bottle / shaker bottle to blend liquids with other ingredients, as well as an infused hydration water bottle to infuse your water with fruit and such. The wide mouth also makes it easy to wash the bottle.
  • 💧 BONUS - EXTRA LID! : We are including an extra lid so you can use the bottle for a longer period of time (and just in case you misplace the other lid). What are you waiting for? Get your 32 Ounce Water Bottle today!

The next water bottle we are looking at is a 32 oz glass water bottle with time markings drawn on the side by the company FIT Strong and Healthy. This is an extra feature that tells you how much water you have or should be drinking by a certain point in the day. This bottle holds an entire liter of water and is made out of Borosilicate Glass.

It weighs 1.32 pounds, so just a tiny bit heavy but holds over 10 oz more water than the previously listed glass bottle. This glass bottle also runs for under the $20 mark and comes in eight different colors. It is leakproof and BPA-free, which means no chemicals will seep into your water, leaving you with a fresh and clean taste.

It comes with a silicone sleeve around it to keep your water colder longer and is microwave and dishwasher safe. This bottle can also be used as a protein shaker or holder, so it is a great addition to have if your fitness routine requires you to make a lot of protein shakes.

3. Sursip 32 oz Glass Water Bottle

32 oz Glass Water Bottle - Nylon Bottle Protection Sleeves, Stainless steel Lid, And 1L Time Marked Measurements, Reusable, Eco-Friendly, Safe for Hot Liquids Tea Coffee Daily
  • ✅ FOOD-GRADE MATERIAL– This product is leadless and has 100% high-density borosilicate glass. It is BPA free and contains no cadmium or phthalate. If you are worried about imparting flavors, this bottle has got you covered. It does not react to chemicals making it safe for your drinks.
  • ✅EASY TO CARRY –This 32 oz Glass Water Bottle comes with a lid and sleeves. It is lightweight, and you and comfortably carry it anywhere. On top of that, its design makes it fit in most cup holders. It comes with a strap to help you hold the bottle with ease. You can hang it on your shoulders or carry it on your hands.
  • ✅ HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – When it comes to quality, this product does not go wrong. The 32 oz Glass Water Bottle is made of quality materials to ensure it lasts longer. It helps you to enjoy purity without worrying about fragility. This product is worth buying since you will get value for your money.
  • ✅ TIMELINE MARKERS SCALE – Drinking water regularly is never a walk in the park. Many people tend to forget to drink water. One of the best things about this glass water bottle is its time marker scale. That will help to remind you to drink water at certain times. With that, you can monitor and increase your daily water intake and stay healthy.
  • ✅ EASY TO USE – If you are looking for a water bottle that is easy to use, consider buying a 32 oz Glass Water Bottle. It is easy to open the bottle lid and read the scale. When checking the reminder, the bottle has a time marked scale that anyone can read. With the help of the bottle stands, you can carry your bottle with comfy.

The third glass water bottle is also BPA-free and made from Borosilicate Glass from the company Sursip. It weighs about 1.65 pounds, so it is the heaviest glass bottle we have looked at so far. It holds a full liter of water which is great to stay hydrated at the gym. It is specially designed to fit most cup holders and comes with a protective sleeve to prevent scratches and keep your water colder, longer.

It even has a strap attached to the sleeve for easy carrying around convenience. This bottle also has the time marker scale printed onto the side, as it is very important to notice when you haven’t consumed enough water in the day. This way, you will always get your daily water intake when you use this bottle.

The daily recommended amount of water to drink every day is eight cups which is 64 ounces. Fill this bottle up just twice a day, and it will be easy to stay hydrated at the gym.

4. HydroMATE 32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Straw

HydroMATE 32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Straw and Motivational Time Markings in Plastic Sleeve Drink More Water Bottle for Gym Sports Hydro MATE 1 Liter (08-Black)
  • -- LITER GLASS WATER BOTTLE WITH TIME MARKER -- It's even easier than ever to drink the perfect amount of water each day. Our high quality drink reminder water bottle has convenient hourly time markers to help you boost your daily water intake.
  • -- DRINK MORE WATER BOTTLE -- Our unique bottle will inspire to want to drink more water with the encouraging quote reminders of the daily benefits of drinking water each day– with every sip, you're nourishing your skin, your hair, your mind and your body.
  • -- MOTIVATIONAL WATER BOTTLE: --This water bottle with times on it is great motivation for any fitness goal including weight loss, muscle gain, and tracking water intake during a detox or pregnancy. Makes a great gift idea to encourage fitness minded loved ones.
  • -- 32 oz GLASS BOTTLE WITH SLEEVE -- Our eco-friendly, leak proof, reusable water bottle with hourly markings is made from extra strength glass. Enjoy the durability and ease of use a reusable glass bottle, free from all plastic tastes and odors.

Next up is HydroMATE’s 32 oz glass water bottle. A unique difference this bottle has to offer is it comes with a built-in straw lid. It comes in eight different colors and weighs a total of two pounds, the heaviest bottle we have listed so far.

However, another unique feature it has is the time markings on the side. It also has little motivational quotes besides the times, such as “keep going” or “almost there!” The straw feature isn’t a full straw that needs to be removed and washed, but simply a squirt-style lid can be removed if you don’t feel like using it.

It holds a full liter of water, so you only need to fill it up two times a day to get the recommended daily amount of water. This glass water bottle runs for under $25 on Amazon and has a plastic sleeve for an extra layer of protection and keeps your water cold for longer.

5. ELDR Supply 17oz Glass Water Bottle with Faux Leather Sleeve

ELDR Supply 17oz Glass Water Bottle with Faux Leather Sleeve, Easy to Clean 2-Inch Wide Mouth Thermos, Handmade Clear Borosilicate Glass. 500ml 1-Pack
  • 100-DAY GUARANTEE: We are confident about our products and manufacturing process. If you experience any issues regarding defective parts, workmanship issues, or a break in the glass, we will send a free replacement. More details below.
  • FAUX BLACK LEATHER CARRYING SLEEVE: Featuring a top loop to carry with a few fingers and a side strap to lock in your whole hand. The inside is lined with neoprene for fast removal. Just a simple black leather for that minimalist look.
  • BOROSILICATE GLASS: Thermal shock resistant glass is able to react to quick changes in temperature. Everything is glass is BPA-Free, BPS-Free, phthalate free, and unreactive to other chemicals. Added thickness more durability.
  • WIDE MOUTH DESIGN: With a 2-inch opening you can easily add ice, fruits, tea, or store items inside. Allows for easy cleaning. Slim bottle fits nicely in a car cupholder, backpack, or your office desk. Just over 16oz medium size.
  • LEAKPROOF TWIST CAP: A small silicone O-ring in the cap keeps your liquid inside so you don’t have to worry about spills. Our lids are made of stainless steel and ABS, which meets FDA standard (food contact safe). 

The fifth glass water bottle we recommend is ELDR Supply’s 17 oz glass water bottle. This thick and durable water bottle is BPA-Free, BPS-Free, phthalate-free, and also made from Borosilicate Glass. It is a thermos-style water bottle, so it is a wider style and has a large 2-inch mouthpiece.

This large opening makes it easy and convenient to add ice or fruit to your drinks, which can be helpful to keep your water cold at the gym. The lid is stainless steel and certified leakproof, so you can throw the bottle in your gym bag with no worries.

As an added unique feature, this bottle also comes with a faux leather sleeve with a strap for easy carrying around and a fashionable look. This glass bottle only weighs 1.01 pounds, making it the lightest bottle on our list. It runs for under $25 on Amazon and is a great bargain.

6. Vitscan Glass Water Bottle with 32 OZ Straw

32 oz Glass Water Bottle with Light Blue Silicone Sleeve, 1l Glass water bottle with Straw & Wide Mouth Make Drink More, Best Reusable Leak Proof BPA Free Water Bottles Hit Water Goals
  • ✅【32 Ounce Glass Water Bottle with Straw & Fast Flow Spout】Come with one unique novel lid which top spout (with silicon safe like baby nipple, safe to sip or bite) connects with a removable straw to the bottom to get liquid easily, even the last drop. Glass water bottle 1 liter wide mouth opening water containers allow ice, fruits get in simply. And easy to open, to remove, to clean, to big drink when thirsty.
  • ✅【Shatterproof 1L Glass Water Bottle】Design with high borosilicate material to refuse spontaneous crack, It will not burst during rapid cooling and heating. Plus with purple protective silicone sleeve, double anti-crack. 1000ml glass water bottles, no BPA reusable recyclable earth friendly water bottle keeps world & environment to be more better it’s safe and healthy to track your water intake. Keep Hydrated with glass bottles, healthy life, happy life.
  • ✅【Unique & Popular & Multifunctional Flip Lid】Attached with a flip top cover and handle to make it easy on the go. Double lids, two ways to prevent leakage & dust. An ultimate cap not only leakproof & dustproof but easy carry around, durable thick, drink quickly. If yours will have any leak/break problem, we will help you get a replacement. Tester: we add hot water to the bottle or fill it with some h2o and put in fridge for testing. It’s still hundred percent leak-proof, no split or burst.
  • ✅【Innovative Original Design Inspirational Markers】Motivational glass water bottle 32 ounce with timeline and measurement scale (very different design of sign & logo) to keep track with your water consumption and hit the goal at home or office, even in the gym. It’s a nice glass water jugs fashion hydration reminder. Ideal for going for a walk after work, hiking, camping. Stay figure or fitness. Carry one, fill once or twice with h2o or juicing, perfect all day long.
  • ✅【100% Warranty or Satisfaction】Portable large sport glass water bottle, made of high borosilicate glass that has high heat resistance. Take it out of the freezer and immediately fill it with hot water. The glass will not break. But it still glass not stone, also need your take good care of it. Have any issue, please contact us on our website on Amazon. We will offer a free one if it breaks or leaks accidentally. We provide guarantees so just contact seller, not Amazon.

Our second to last glass water bottle that we recommend is this 32 oz glass bottle with a built-in straw from Vitscan. It weighs two pounds and comes in four different colors to choose from. It is also made from Borosilicate Glass and comes with a protective silicone sleeve for extra protection, which also helps keep water colder.

A unique feature this glass bottle offers is the double cap. It has a flip cap lid that comes down and protects the inside lid to ensure it is leakproof. It is perfect for tossing into your gym bag with no worries if it will flip upside down and leak onto your clothes.

The wide opening at the top means easy cleaning, and you can add ice or fruit to your water if desired. There are also time markings on the side for an easy reminder to drink more water. This bottle is on Amazon and runs for under $20.

7. Contigo AUTOSPOUT Ashland Glass Water Bottle w/Silicone Sleeve

Contigo Autospout Straw Ashland Glass Water Bottle, 20 oz., Scuba
  • One-handed drinking with the push of a button and no lids to remove or lose
  • Leak-proof lid when closed for on-the-go convenience
  • Comfortable non-slip silicone sleeve protects glass body—while looking great at the same time
  • Made of BPA-free glass and food-grade silicone
  • Button lock prevents unintended pressing of the AUTOSPOUT button for added peace of mind

Last but certainly not least, we have Contigo’s Autospout Ashland glass water bottle. This glass water bottle holds up to 20 oz. Only available in one shade of blue, Contigo’s Autospout Ashland glass water bottle weighs 1.3 pounds, making it extremely light and durable.

The unique feature of this reusable glass bottle is the unique auto spout lid it has. Simply press the button on the auto spout lid, and it will pop open, letting you pour the cold water straight into your mouth. This way, no dirt or germs can sit in the mouth opening where you drink from. This bottle is BPA-free, so you are guaranteed to have fresh, clean tasting water with no chemicals seeping in.

The bottle is great for the gym as it is designed with a handle on the lid for easy carrying on the go. It also has a nonslip silicone protective sleeve for added protection and a cute, minimalist look. It is dishwasher safe but not suitable for the microwave. This glass water bottle runs on Amazon for under $25, so it is a great deal!


Well, that is all seven glass water bottles that we recommend you try out for when you hit the gym. All of them will help reduce plastic waste and be environmentally friendly. Depending on what features you desire out of your reusable glass water bottle, such as a larger size or added straw, there is an option for everyone. The flavor of your water is sure to taste fresher and cleaner after just the first sip from the best glass water bottle.

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