Top 5 Best MMA Kick Pads in 2021 – Fighters Reviews

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High-quality gear is a must when practicing MMA. Specifically, you will want to use kick pads to train, so why not use the best there is. We have put together some of the most quality kick pads out there that will make a difference to your practice. We have summarized what makes a great pair of kick pads and five of the top brands available today.


Firstly, you want your kick pads to be durable. The quality of the material should be a high priority since they will go through lots of impacts and need to withstand numerous hits. You will also want to think about the shape of the kick pad.

Some pads have a straight design and need to be broken in a little bit to mold to the shape of your kick. They are, however, more ideal for practicing straight kicks, for example. A newer style of kick pad comes slightly curved, so they will already be nicely shaped for an incoming hit. There are different size kick pads as well.

Different Sizes

Some shorter and others slightly longer. The length needed will depend on the height and weight of the fighter and differ depending on what you are practicing. Additionally, you will want to choose a kick pad that is the right weight and thickness too.

A kick pad that is too heavy will be hard to hold over time, leading to the pad holder dropping their forearm. Conversely, one that is too light may lead to injury as well. These are a few of the qualities you want to keep in mind.

A great kick pad will effectively absorb the impact of the fighter’s kick and ideally last for many training sessions. We have outlined a few of the top reviewed MMA kick pads for 2021.

1. Fairtex Curved Pads

Fairtex Muay Thai MMA Kickboxing Training Curved Kick Pads Extra Thick (Pair)
  • Safely train leg and knee strikes with ease with this light weight punch shield made of durable leather construction
  • The curved design creates a tighter fit and better accepts leg strikes making this an essential tool for all styles and disciplines in your home or commercial gym
  • This pair of kick pads has two forearm support straps and a reinforced riveted handle to ensure balance and stability
  • Protect your MMA athletes while fight training with this solid focus target curved kick pad pair
  • These Fairtex MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing standard pads are sure to aid in premium training in your martial arts classes

One of the top-rated kick pads is the Fairtex Curved MMA and Muay Thai Pads. They are lightweight and made from good quality leather, so they are sure to be durable but not overly heavy. They are made with a curved face for better contact with the kicking leg.

In addition, the double-arm strap helps to secure the trainer’s forearm and helps with their stability. These kick pads also have an added bonus of a printed target to ensure your kicks are accurately placed. These 15 inch long pads check all the boxes that you will need for training MMA.

2. Sanabul Battle Forged Kick Pads

Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Kickboxing Kick Pads (Pair) (Black (Pair), Standard)
  • BATTLE TESTED: We created our Battle Forged series with the serious striker in mind. That’s why Team Sanabul athletes like UFC fighters Alan Jouban and Sean “Sugar” O’Malley use our gear day in and day out to prepare them for battle
  • Tested By Pro's, Created For You: We challenge our Team Sanabul athletes, like UFC Champion Michael Bisping, to put our gear through their toughest training sessions. We know it’ll hold up for you, because it holds up for them
  • Ultra Light: Even seemingly light pads can become heavy when you’re taking hundreds of punches, kicks, and elbows. We developed San-Air Ultra Light foam to set the new standard for trainers. Each pad weights 1.5 lbs, and still absorbs the big hits
  • Tradition Meets Technology: Our subtle embossed designs are a throwback to traditional thai style, but we use engineered leather and a new velcro loop closure system to give you the feel of modern pads with a classic style
  • Each order comes as a pair (2 pads). The dimensions of the front striking area is 15" x 7.5". Perfect for use in Muay Thai, Kickboxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing, Tae Kwon Do, or Karate.

The Sanabul Battle Forged kick pads have been tested and approved by UFC fighters Sean “Sugar” O’Malley and Alan Jouban, so they must be a great choice. They are simple, sleek, and are designed as a traditional Thai-style kick pad. These leather kick pads also come in three different colors if you feel like doing something a little bit different. They are ultra-light but still absorb your kicks, even at high intensity. If you want to keep it traditional, go for these sturdy kick pads for a great training session.

3. Farabi Sports Pads

Farabi Sports Thai pad, Kickboxing Kick pad, Kick Training Strike Shield MMA Muay Thai Curved X 1
  • Farabi Fierce Curved Strike Training Pad is the pro addition to the Boxing and MMA gear range. Made form high quality durable XT-Synthetic leather that is meant to withstand the heaviest blows.
  • Equipped with a dual KXR-Handle Gripping System safeguarded with the machine inserted GGX-core steel rivets that allows more control and stability. Ergonomically designed superior Aero build curved shape augments the training capacity.
  • The external classic hand stitched VB-tech covering provide additional durability and sturdiness. Powered by a multilayered FGR-Compressive EU-Padding offers enhanced protection and has the ability to resist the strongest blows.
  • The strike pad has unique extended strike depth which is ensured throughout the pad to maintain the symmetry. The strike pad incorporates the EC-Gel C-Shock technology that disseminate the impact of force equally throughout the pad and resist its transformation to the connecting surface which reduces the risk of injury to the minimum.
  • The PX-Fiber composition make this pad extremely lightweight and easy to carry which ensures a perfect training technique and is highly recommended by the professionals around the globe. Armed by easy-to-strap dual Swift-Z loop closure system for sturdiness and snugness.

Next up is another kick pad that promises to withstand even the hardest kicks. The Farabi Sports kick pads are made with XT-synthetic leather and have an additional hand-stitched covering for added durability. They provide the curved shape you want with extra EC-Gel C-Shock technology, which evenly and effectively distributes the impact of the hit through the pad.

These are another lightweight pad that you can carry around with you and will hold up throughout your longer training sessions. The Farabi Sports pads have two velcro straps and a grip handle, also including steel rivets to maintain rigidity and permit extra control of the pad.

So far, this is the most cost-effective choice on our list and is still said to be recommended by professionals.

4. Ring to Cage GelTech Deluxe Thai Pads

Ring to Cage GelTech Deluxe Mini Thai Pad for Muay Thai, MMA, Kickboxing
  • All leather construction.
  • Lightweight, micro size, great for traveling, will fit easily to any suitcase.
  • Reduced size and weight for quicker pad speed which also provides smaller striking area improves accuracy. Additional GelTech soft forearm padding for increased comfort. Curved anatomical fit. Ideal protection for receiving knees, elbows, kicks, and punches.
  • Measures 12" Tall x 6.5" Wide x 3.0 Thick"

Ring to Cage designed these MMA kick pads with many different fighters in mind. They are made to be easy to use and to transport, yet still long-lasting. However, don’t let the simplicity fool you; they are still a top choice by many since they are a smaller option for practicing faster and more accurate kicks. They, too, are created with a curved shape, which seems to be a new favorite for training.

Made with leather and strong construction, the Ring to Cage kick pads are more likely to withstand wear and tear. They have also added GelTech padding to the arm straps to improve comfort. This perhaps unlikely contender may be a great kick pad option to add to your training sessions.

5. TLBTEK Kick Pad, Muay Thai Kick Pad

TLBTEK Blue Taekwondo Kick Pad PU Muay Thai Pads MMA Karate Kick Pads Kickboxing Training Pads Martial Arts Punching Pads Leather Strike Curved Kicking Shield
  • 【Adjustable Armband】 muay thai pads have adjustable arm band and elastic wrist band which is suitable for different size of arms.Adults and children of all ages are easily to use.The kick shield can be used for right-handed and left-handed persons.
  • 【High Quality Material】 the outside of karate kick pads are made of PU leather for long lasting durability, functionality and explosion-proof cracking,and inside kickboxing pads are filled with thick sponge that can effectively reduce the frontal impact to protect the wrist.
  • 【Curved Surface Design】 taekwondo kick pads adapt curved surface,are conducive to accept attack power, can absorb force quickly, the precision of punching will be more accurate.The appearance of taekwondo kicking pad is unique and generous.
  • 【Breathable Design】 kickboxing equipment pads have a versatile breathable design that reduces the flow of sweat during training.The edges of martial arts pads are made with thick lines of closure, which creates a good cushioning effect, it is more effective to prevent the target from bursting off.
  • 【Large Enough Striking Area】The dimensions of the front striking area are roughly 16 x 8 inch,is big enough to securely cover your arm and ensure your safety. muay thai kick pads can withstand strong punches and kicks, it is lightweight and holding it for a long time will not make you tired..Taekwondo target pad is great for daily training and easy transportation.

These MMA kick pads are suitable for various activities, including Taekwondo, Muay Thai boxing, Karate, and Martial Art training. The armband is adjustable, and the wrist band is elastic, allowing you to find the perfect fit for a variety of different arm sizes. This kick shield can be used for right-handed and left-handed people.

The outside of the kick pads are made with PU leather, offering long-lasting durability. It also offers much in the way of functionality and are filled with a thick sponge able to reduce the frontal impact being made to the wrist of the pad holder. This strike shield is a great addition to your gear for any combat sport.

The curved design of its surface is good for accepting a power attack and can quickly absorb any force. The precision of punching will also be much more accurate. Finally, it has a versatile and breathable design that helps minimize the flow of sweat during a workout.

Time to Make a Decision

All these mentioned kick pads have been said to be the best, and now it is your turn to decide for yourself.

Choose a kick pad that fits your fighting style and technique. Would you like a longer pad that is easier to hit? Or a short pad to practice accuracy? You will also want a pair of kick pads that will be good for the trainer holding them. Ones that are comfortable and promise more control and stability.

Also, you will ideally want a kick pad that is light but won’t give up its density or durability with less weight. You will want a thick pad that is not too bulky. If you are practicing with it, you might also want one that you like the look of and physical design. Perhaps a smaller kick pad for traveling is best for you. Take these things into consideration when choosing your ideal kick pads for this fighting season.

If you’re not sure which kick pad to pick, go with any of the ones reviewed above, and you won’t go wrong- all are a great choice for the best kick pad of 2021.

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