Agility Ladder Bundle by Trained Review

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When it comes to training for your preferred sport, there is always a desire to become faster, stronger and more agile. Agility ladders are a great way to do all of this as they provide you with the perfect piece of training equipment that is really easy to use to get your body in a better condition.

Agility ladders are generally used to improve foot speed and coordination which in turn makes an individual faster in their chosen sport. They are also commonly used to improve balance levels, and this is a key factor in many different sports, and a reason why many sportspeople swear by them during training.

The best thing about training ladders is that they can be used by so many different sportsmen and women – regardless of their level and they are also so much fun to use.

If you want to improve your agility levels, look no further as we have found one of the top agility ladder bundles currently on the market – the Agility Ladder Bundle by Trained. We will focus on a product review of this product in this article. But first, we will look at the benefits of agility ladder training, to give you a better idea of why one of these ladders could be useful for you.

Benefits of Agility Ladder Training

There are quite a few benefits of using an agility ladder, including:

A Perfect Warmup Routine

The two main goals of a warm up are to increase your heart rate and improve overall reaction time. Many coaches use traditional warmup exercises, like running a lap or stretching. However, using ladder drills, you can accomplish all of the same physiological requirements of a warmup and in a more enjoyable way. As they are more fun to carry out, you are likely to feel more positive afterwards and extra motivated to start your real training session.

Improve Athletic Performance

There are so many different ladders which can cover certain aspects of athletic performance. This can mean improving single leg control, eccentric control, proper landing mechanics as well as multi-planar stabilization.

As well as this, agility ladders can be used for older individuals who may not be best suited to jump exercise training, (plyometrics) and can be far easier for them to perform.

Increase Balance

One other area which a speed ladder can help with is in balance. Often sports men and women must have a great level of balance when carrying out certain sports, and If they need to improve their balance, then a speed ladder can be the perfect exercise tool to do this.

Improve Strength

Of course, strength is one of the main elements athletes need in their chosen sport. Performing regular exercises on the speed ladder give you the opportunity to increase your strength over time. This is perfect to improve your overall stamina and endurance during your favorite sport.

Now that we have covered the benefits of using an agility ladder, let’s take a look at one of the top products on the market.

Agility Ladder & Sports Bundle by Trained

Agility Ladder Bundle by Trained Review

  • IMPROVE YOUR SPEED, FOOTWORK, SKILL & EXPLOSIVENESS FOR ALL SPORTS: Our speed Ladder kit is a leading tool to workout for adults and kids who want to get in shape or dominate in competitive sports such as soccer, basketball, baseball, football, track and field, tennis, rugby or any sport demanding quickness, acceleration and alertness. The perfect fitness ladder!
  • OUR TRAINING LADDER IS PERFECT FOR REACHING YOUR TARGET WEIGHT-LOSS GOALS: Add variation to your workouts with a dynamic exercise plan using our training ladder. Increase your acceleration from a start point using our workout ladder. This agility ladder and cones set will help with safe weight loss while improving your fitness, coordination & cardiovascular health.
  • TRAIN INDOOR & OUTDOOR WITH OUR ALL PURPOSE FOOTWORK LADDER: Freely adjustable training lengths for different skill sets and exercises, Our soccer ladder is great for girls, boys who want to take their sports to the next level. Suitable for beginner and pro.
  • TRAIN WITH OUR COMPREHENSIVE SET OF AGILITY TRAINING eBOOKS: Backed by a lifetime guarantee, when you invest in our agility ladder speed training equipment it comes with 2 completely illustrated color eBooks(delivered by email) showing you numerous drills for agility for all skill types. This football ladder delivers.
  • STRONGER AS YOU AGE: Great for the elderly, Our workout ladder helps strengthen bones, joints while improving flexibility and balance. Our exercise ladder laser focuses both coordination, balance and brain control as you improve your motor skills with every drill. The fitness benefits will help as well. Our quick ladder, speed and agility ladder, sports ladder, soccer ladder for training,, agility ladder for kids, what ever you want to call it, will do the job!

Looking to improve your agility levels? Then Trained have the answer for you. With their agility ladder and bundle, you will be on your way to becoming faster, quicker and agile. Let’s take a look at the main benefits below.


  • Agility Ladder drill eBook included
  • Training cones
  • Adjustable training lengths
  • Portable device
  • 12 high-quality plastic rungs
  • Custom carry bag
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Perfect for all fitness levels


There was no information on how to get the eBook and equipment was missing for some customers.


Trained have created a special bundle which is completely dedicated to improving your agility. Not only do they include the classic speed ladder which is perfectly adjustable to your level, but they also provide a free eBook along with top quality training cones which can allows you to train anywhere, anytime.

Ideal for beginners and professionals

The best thing about this speed ladder is the fact it is well suited to sportspeople at any level. If you are looking to increase your speed and footwork to improve your favorite sport, then one of these is guaranteed to get you there. With this kit you can use it for warmups and cool downs, whatever you feel suits your needs.

The full training package

With this bundle you will receive a sports agility ladder which features adjustable training lengths, perfect to suit to your custom level, as well as a carry bag which allows you to take it anywhere. And finally, you also get a free eBook which contains many agility drills.

All you need to increase your speed

If you want to increase your speed, then the Agility Ladder by Trained is a must-have accessory. Using this special ladder, you will be able to improve your footwork and be faster and quicker than your competition. You can even change the levels of the training lengths to give yourself a challenge each time you use it. What’s better, if you are not satisfied, you have a lifetime guarantee to send it back, so you don’t need to worry if it’s not for you.

Can be taken anywhere

The best feature about this ladder bundle is the portability. With a custom carry bag, you will be able to pack it all and take it to wherever you need, whether it’s too the gym, the great outdoors or even your back garden. This agility ladder can be used indoors as well as outdoors, so where you train is really up to you.

Final Verdict

Agility ladders are really a great exercise tool for all fitness levels, and are one of the reasons why they are so popular with sportsmen and women alike. If you want to improve your agility, strength and balance, if you invest in one of these speed ladders, such as the Agility Ladder by Trained, you could see results in no time.