RUNmax Pro Weighted Vest Review

Best Weight Vest for CrossFit Training

Often, after a while of consistently working out, you will find your routines showing lesser and lesser results as your body gets too used to it. For this reason, it is essential to constantly push yourself more, and training harder will garner better results. With that said, you do not need to do that on […]

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Best Weight Vest for CrossFit Training

weight vest for cross training

Anyone into CrossFit will tell you how challenging yet extremely gratifying it can be. With that said, even if you do CrossFit every single day, there will come a point when you reach a plateau. This is very common. Once the body catches up to the routine, then it will no longer become a challenge. […]

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Weight Vest Pros and Cons: A Detailed Guide

weight vest pros and cons

Putting on a weighted vest will automatically increase the intensity of a workout, especially those that rely on body weight for resistance. In a normal scenario, you would assume that donning a weighted vest will help you with gaining more muscle and losing more weight. While all of that is true, there could also be […]

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What Does a Weight Vest Do to the Body?

what does a weight vest do

If you are someone who goes to the gym regularly, you will often see people, especially those who are already quite fit, using a weighted vest while working out. If you have no clue about these vests, we are certain you may have wondered what does a weight vest do, how does it benefit the […]

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The Best Knee Braces For Athletes

Best Knee Braces For Athletes

Various knee problems are associated with athletics. Aggressive movement and activity leads to knee joint wear, kneecap pain, knee osteoarthritis, and other related knee problems. They are especially common amongst basketball players. These problems can lead to labored knee usage thus difficulty walking. The ability to walk can also be completely lost if these problems […]

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Best Books for Sports Training

best books for sports training

Let’s face it: when it comes to hitting books, athletes don’t always have the best reputation. Despite several studies demonstrating that athletes perform better academically than non-athletes, this bias persists. According to a study by a Kansas University, athletes have better school attendance, higher graduation rates, higher scores on assessment tests and lower dropout rates. […]

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Best Sports Training Products for Young Athletes

best sports training

Sports performance training is essential for athletes that want to excel. To get ahead of competition, it’s no longer good enough to just be talented. Athletes need to be fast, powerful and strong. Youth sports don’t look like they used to; they changed from being a fun pastime to a $15.3 billion industry according to […]

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Best Vertical Leap Training Products For 2019

best vertial leap training

Do you want to make those crazy Michael Jordan dunks? Are you struggling to gain that competitive edge in your sport? The best athletes on the planet are also some of the most relentless when it comes to sport training. Vertical leap training is amongst the top training for athletes looking to increase their jump. […]

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Best Speed Training Products For 2019

best speed training

Regardless of the sport, everyone wants to be faster – a faster basketball player, runner, biker, etc. The secret to a good athlete lies with their speed. Speed is the ticket to winning. It is what separates winners from losers. Many people believe that certain athletes are born with speed. No one is born with […]

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Best Weighted Vests for 2019

best weighted vest

Practice makes perfect. What the adage doesn’t tell us is how we should practice; definitely, not without help. You don’t have to endure the tough, long workouts on your own. If you’re on the lookout for a bonus to your workout, weighted vests are there for that purpose. The fitness industry is in a constant […]

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