8 Best Football Cleats in 2021 Reviewed & Tested

Best Wide Football Cleats for Wide Feet

When playing football, you need the gear that helps you perform at your best. You will need footwear that fits like a glove.

Your pair of cleats is light and tough at the same time. You do not have time to keep thinking about your footwear while you are out in the field.

There are different brands of cleats on the market, so it can be difficult to narrow down your choices to find the best.  Finding a pair of cleats that works best for you will be determined by how you play and your position.

Here is a list of the best cleats available on the market today that will help you buy the best football cleats for you. We have even thrown in a good option for those younger football players you may have to think about.

1. Under Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats

The Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats are relatively new in the market but have a massive following. These cleats are light and offer an exceptional grip that has not been seen with any other shoe on the market.

They have the UA ClutchFit fitting that enhances the shoes’ grip while providing adequate ankle support. The result is very comfortable shoes that you can wear for a very long period while playing.

The Under Armour has a sole made of 100% rubber while giving the shoe exceptional flexibility to ensure that you can sprint and stop with comfort without twisting the shoes.

The inside of the shoe has foot-forming 4D Foam footbeds. This makes sure that the sole conforms to the shape of your foot when you wear it. This shoe also considers the health of your foot with the UA PlasmaX plate that allows for natural foot movement and improved traction and stability.

The Under Armour Men’s UA Highlight MC Football Cleats come in various designs and colors that easily match your outfit.


  • Comfortable and light
  • Exceptional foot and ankle support
  • Quite flexible
  • Breathable


  • Have a narrow fit

2. The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid Football Cleats

adidas Performance Men's Crazyquick Mid D Football Cleat
  • Techfit upper is engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit
  • Quickweb mesh and cambrelle synthetic upper for maximum lightweight strength
  • Comfortable textile lining
  • Anatomically molded ethylene vinyl acetate insole for perfect blend of support and comfort
  • Molded quickform heel padding for premium protection

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid Football Cleats is handmade to ensure that it is of the highest quality possible. These cleats are preferred by most of the top football players.

They are light, strong, and durable while helping the players improve their performance.

They have a TECHFIT upper that makes them have excellent grip for an extended period while playing with tight ad strong laces that don’t get untied while playing.

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid Football Cleats features a quick frame plate with fantastic speed and traction.

These cleats are lightweight, which means that they will not bog you down with unnecessary weight, enhancing your speed when running with the ball across the goal.

The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid Football Cleats are very flexible, which makes them comfortable and enhances the natural movements of your feet. The shoes are padded with Quickform heel padding for maximum comfort.

These football cleats have a durable human-made sole that ensures flexibility and enhances performance. The Adidas Performance Men’s Crazyquick Mid Football Cleats come in different colors and sizes and are suitable for both young and pro players.


  • Handmade
  • Light and comfortable
  • Excellent grip
  • Comfortable interior


  • They don’t offer much support as full-length cleats

3. Adidas Adizero Primeknit Cleats

adidas Adizero Primeknit Mens Football Mens Cleats Eh3421
  • Style#: EH3421
  • SPEED SPAT: Extends from plate into the lacing system and cradles the midfoot to provide elevated stability.
  • SPRINTFRAME plate: with external heel counter features SPRINTSTUDS and a rotational traction zone delivering unrivaled traction.
  • adidas Primeknit upper: wraps the foot in adaptive support and ultralight comfort.
  • Lace closure. Ultralight American football cleats.

Designed for players who have a flair for style, these Adidas Adizero Primeknit Cleats are not only stylish but quite durable too. Featuring a Sprintframe plate that offers an excellently secure fit, you will feel as though you are wearing a glove on your feet.

These Adidas Adizero Primeknit Cleats are designed to help players prevent lateral slippage or sliding whenever they make those quick cutting and running moves on the football field. You may notice these boots because they have an extended lacing system that allows them to better cradle your feet, particularly the midfoot, which in turn provides you with the best possible stability levels.

Furthermore, the cleats are designed to be lightweight, allowing for maximum agility and easy movement on the field.

There is no doubt that these Adidas Adizero Primeknit Cleats are built for speed and ideal for extremely quick players. Thanks to the Sprintframe plate and the Sprintstuds coupled with a rotational traction zone, these cleats offer anyone wearing them with outstanding grip.


  • Offers the perfect fit
  • Features Splitframe plate and Sprintstuds for extra grip
  • Lightweight for speed
  • Durable


  • Might be a bit pricey for most people

4. The Under Armour Men’s UA Hammer Mid RM Cleats

The Under Armour Men’s UA Hammer Mid RM Cleats is a low-cut cleat that is light while not compromising support. The top part of the cleat is made of a synthetic material that allows for maximum breathability.

The upper part of this Armour football cleat offers maximum support for all players of all positions. It features the Die-cut EVA footbed that allows excellent comfort while still offering durability. The footbed eventually takes the shape of your foot to ensure that your feet are locked in with a supportive feel.

The outer parts of The Under Armour Men’s UA Hammer Mid RM Cleats have excellent traction on all paying surfaces. These cleats can be used by players playing different positions.

They also provide much-needed protection while still being low cut.


  • Lightweight with great support
  • Fantastic support from the upper part
  • Comfortable interior
  • A mesh that makes it very breathable


  • Low cut and doesn’t offer complete protection like other cleats

5. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe 

adidas Men's Freak x Carbon High Football Shoe, Black/Black/Black, (10 M US)
  • techfit upper is engineered for natural, flexible support and a seamless, sock-like fit; QUICKFRAME TPU upper for stability, support and responsiveness
  • Upgraded DuPont Kevlar-reinforced plate is the optimum blend of light weight, strength and traction; Kevlar, registered trademark of DuPont used under license
  • Customizable lacing support system helps create an optimal fit to support quick moves; IRONSKIN toe cap provides superior abrasion resistance in key toe-drag area
  • Use MI Coach to track and improve your performance
  • Tough cleated outsole for hard-hitting, rugged play

The Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe delivers sound engineering with a subtle design. It is not a typical Adidas shoe. It brings different features to the table than you would expect.

The Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe features the SPRINT SKIN. This is a substance added to the cleats for ankle support while reducing the weight of the shape. This means that you will be fast on the field while still maintaining your stability.

This is the best men’s football cleat for a football player needing to outmaneuver their opponent. It features a heel cap that locks the foot in place while delivering excellent performance.

The Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Football Shoe is generally great for a wide receiver.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent support and stability
  • Comfortable
  • Removable inner sole


  • Not flexible as other cleats

6. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Football Shoe

Adidas makes one of the best athlete gear on the market. Some of the gear might not be the fanciest available, but it works very well and is quite dependable.

The Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Football Shoe delivers excellent performance and reliability with a synthetic sole. They are made of traditional materials but also have a mesh at the top for breathability.

It features iron skin which is excellent for a football player who wants a pair of cleats that is well protected. The iron adds a little more weight but comes through with durability.


  • Has an excellent fit
  • Great comfort
  • Simple lace design to remain tight while playing


  • The extra materials make it a little heavy
  • It takes more time to break-in

7. Reebok Men’s NFL Burner SPD III Low M3 Football Cleat

The Reebok Men’s NFL Burner SPD III Low M3 Football Cleat may not be as popular as other cleats on this list but is among the best football cleats available on the market today. These cleats have a high-quality design and will make you feel very relaxed while on the field.

The REEBOK NFL BURNER SPD III LOW M3 is designed for durability and speed as well. You can easily continue to play in them, even if one of the studs broke.

The outside of the cleat is made of 100% synthetic material, making it relatively affordable and low maintenance while remaining extraordinarily comfortable and supportive.

They are super lightweight and perfect for a football player needing to cover the field.


  • Super lightweight
  • Offer great support
  • Moisture-wicking and very breathable


  • Irreplaceable studs
  • Lacks traction

8. Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark Football Cleats

Nike Vapor Edge Shark 4 Boys' Grade School Big Kids Football Cleat Cd0077-103
  • Aggressive rubber outsole with Nike Fast-Flex, for natural performance and speed
  • Full-length phylon midsole for responsive comfort
  • Synthetic leather upper for improved performance and fit

These Nike Kids’ Vapor Edge Shark Football Cleats are extremely versatile and quite durable, and of high quality. One of the best features is the fact that its pricing is pocket-friendly. So if you have been looking for a pair of high-quality cleats for your kid, these might be the ones you want.

Featuring a synthetic upper which provides ultimate comfort, these cleats come with a snug fit. Furthermore, it’s designed using the iconic Nike Fastflex technology, which offers amazing flexibility and wonderful responsiveness.

They are perfectly ideal for playing on grass as well as turf. The design ties it off well with an aggressive rubber outsole, allowing for explosive speed when on the field.


  • Affordable
  • Snug fit
  • Features Nick Fastflex technology for flexibility
  • Rubber outsole


  • Designed for kids

Best Cleats Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of the best cleats available on the market today, here are some of the factors you should consider as you narrow down your choices:

Get To Know the Different Parts of a Cleat

Generally, a cleat has three major parts: the upper, midsole, and outsole. These three work together to offer the best comfort and protection. When you get to know more about these different parts, you will know what to look out for when buying your cleats.

  • The upper: This is the top part of the shoe where we find the laces, which allows the shoe to give you a snug and secure fit.
  • The Midsole: This is also known as the footbed. This is where the cushion where your foot and sole lay; it is designed to reduce the impact of playing football.
  • The outsole: This is the tip of the shoe. This is the essential part of the shoes because it provides traction and stability. The outsole comes in a variety of spike options and aid in cutting skills and acceleration.

The thing about getting to know the kind of cleats available is that you get to be better informed in your quest to find a pair that works best for you and your playing style.

Different Cleat Styles Available

There are their styles of cleats on the market. We have the molded cleat, detachable cleat, and turf cleat. The different types of cleats are classified according to the number of studs.

Your Playing Position

The position you play on the field will determine the type of cleats to go for. Different cleats have different strengths and weaknesses. Choose a pair that will help you play your position better.

Playing Surface

The playing surface will determine the type of cleats to get. When you know the surface you will be playing on, you should get cleats designed to play on such surfaces because all cleats have different traction levels on different surfaces. Most football cleats are made for artificial turf and are engineered in such a way that they support movement in a quick-paced environment.


You will want to keep with a specified budget, but you need to make sure that you do not sacrifice your comfort. If you expect to play for a whole season, invest in a pair of cleats that you can stay in for long periods without getting uncomfortable. Ensure that you find a balance between your budget and what you need for ultimate value and comfort.

The Fitting

If your cleats fit poorly, they will do more harm than good, causing injuries and blisters on your feet. Get a cleat that is snug in the heel and has enough room for the toes to move.

The sizing of the cleats is generally the same as other shoes but is the best fit for you will depend on the brands fitting. Proper fitting cleats will help you improve your game, and we hope this article will help you choose the best football cleats for you.

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