Jay Cutler’s Lifestyle Routine and Diet (Updated) 

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When trying to make changes in your own lifestyle, it can be important to look at already accomplished pop culture figures so that you can learn from them. We have created this guide to explore the diet and lifestyle routine of professional Bodybuilder Jay Cutler.

If you would like some ideas around workout routines and his diet, then this is the guide for you! 

Jay Issac Cutler is an IFBB pro, and a four-time Mr. Olympia – winning this title in both 2006, 2007, 2009, and 2010 and widely regarded as one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

He was born on August 3rd, 1973, and since his first bodybuilding achievements, he has forged a career based around impressive weightlifting and difficult training regimes.

By following and exploring his lifestyle routine, we might find something that works for you, in your personal training goals! We’re going to be looking at his diet, how he eats to gain weight, his supplements, and his workout schedule. 

Jay Cutler – Profile 

  • Born – August 3, 1973, in Sterling Massachusetts
  • Height – 175 cm (5 ft 9)
  • Weight for Contest – 260ibs 
  • Walk-around weight – 290ibs

Diet and Eating Habits

Jay Cutler’s Lifestyle Routine and Diet (Updated) 

Let’s first consider some of Jay Cutler’s diet and eating habits. As a professional bodybuilder, the way and what he eats is an incredibly important aspect of his life. Bodybuilding is all about gaining mass after all.

To get large muscles with extreme definition, you have to first have the mass to build them. Bodybuilders like Jay Cutler generally look for a certain amount of calories a day – and this usually means a lot of food. Jay’s required calorie intake is 4,700 per day – which is split up over the course of an entire training day. 

Jay will eat up to 9 meals per day. Bodybuilders tend to eat multiple times a day for a reason, instead of three larger meals like you might expect.

Multiple meals per day are important for gains – a more efficient way to digest food and have a constant stream of nutrients that your body can convert into energy. Jay’s diet is high in protein, light carbs, and whey protein.

A typical small meal would be – 12 ounces of chicken and multiple cups of brown rice. This is supplemented throughout the day with constant different whey protein and muscle-building powders that give him the extra edge he needs in order to build excessive muscle.


Like most athletes and bodybuilders, Jay Cutler uses a multitude of different supplements that help transform his body into the impressive, chiseled look that we get to see. Supplements are an easy way to increase muscle growth and development.

It’s important to state here that supplements don’t build muscle for you, they just give your body some of the extra edge needed in order for you to cultivate it on your own through a good diet, exercise, and weight training. 

As with anything, it is very important that you thoroughly examine the contents and ingredients of any supplement you consider putting into your body, as well as check to make sure they have all of the nutrients suitable to your personal lifestyle, before using it as a spa0fd-20nt for food.

Whilst protein shakes, for example, are quick and easy to prepare – they are meant to be taken aside a balanced, healthy diet rather than as a spa0fd-20nt. If you look at the lifestyle of Jay Cutler, you will see that many of his ‘extra’ meals in a day feature protein shakes. 

Though we’re not sure of the exact supplements that Jay Cutler uses in his day-to-day life – part of his diet includes: Branched-Chain Amino Acids, Pre-workout, Whey Protein, and multivitamins that ensure he gets all of the nutrients he needs.

If you’re considering taking some of these supplements, make sure to get a good understanding of what each does for your body, and why a bodybuilder might need to take them.

Jay Cutler’s Weekly Workout Routine

Jay Cutler has a holistic training program that focuses on different parts of his body per training day. Any rigorous training regime has two key components – specific days that focus on specific things, and off days for recovery.

Recovery days are often as important as training days for bodybuilders, as this time allows your body to recuperate and actually create the gains that you’ve been striving for. 

Jay Cutler uses the rather classic bodybuilding technique of split days. This means 3 days on training chest, arms, and back, day 4 off, and then 2 more days on where he trains his shoulders and his legs, and then the final day is an off day.

Training in this split way is beneficial because it targets specific muscle groups, before allowing them to recover for the best part of the week. It is a training approach that gives muscles time to build and recover before being worked on again the next week. 

His Routine will look something like this:

  • Monday – Chest workouts
  • Tuesday – Arm workouts. 
  • Wednesday – Back workouts
  • Thursday – Off-day
  • Friday – Shoulder workouts.
  • Saturday – Leg day
  • Sunday – Off-day

Specific Workouts

Jay Cutler’s Lifestyle Routine and Diet (Updated) 

Now that we have an overview of the kind of things Jay Cutler imposes in his training routine, we can start to examine some of the exact exercises that he might do on any given training day.

We’ve broken this down by day, with some of the exercises and reps he might be doing for each muscle group.

Chest Workouts 

When working on his chest, Jay Cutler tends to focus on exercises such as incline bench and dumbbell presses, flat bench presses, cable crossovers, and lying dumbbell pullovers. These tend to be for 4 sets between 8 and 12 repetitions. 

Arm Workouts 

Arms are an integral part of bodybuilding. They are one of the most noticeable things that judges will look at during competition and a feature of the classic bodybuilder poses that is hard to miss.

When Jay Cutler is working his arms, he tends to do a mixture of bench presses, barbell curls, dumbbell hammer curls, preacher curls, and straight bar tricep pushdowns. As with the chest, many of these are 4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. 

Back Workouts 

Back day workouts for Jay Cutler include using the Nautilus Pullover Machine, performing lat pulldowns, seated cable rows, 45-degree back extensions, and barbell bent-over rows. Back is a difficult muscle group to train but all of these are done in high repetitions between 8 and 12.

Shoulder Workouts 

For shoulder workouts, Jay Cutler uses a mixture of standing cable lateral raises, alternating dumbbell front raises, bent over rear delt flies, seated dumbbell raises, and presses.

Leg Day 

Ah, leg day! The one day that is often dreaded. For Jay Cutler, leg days are just as important as every other muscle group. For his leg days, Jay Cutler tends to revolve around leg extensions, leg presses, barbell lunges, Romanian deadlifts, and lying leg curls. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope that this guide has helped you understand the general lifestyle and diet of professional bodybuilder Jay Cutler. In order to achieve his goals, Jay Cutler has for the longest time worked with extreme dedication and through much hardship.

The life of a professional bodybuilder is not easy, requiring discipline and immense sacrifice. We hope that this guide has given you some idea of what it might take to be a bodybuilder, as well as some aspects of the lifestyle that you could incorporate into your own life and training routine.

Best luck on your personal training journey, whether it’s to be a little more fit and healthy, or to build massive muscle gains, just like Jay Cutler!