Biking vs Walking – Which is Better for Weight Loss?

Biking vs Walking

Age-old debates are characterized because there’s hardly ever any definitive answer or solution to the question asked. Take, for example, the ongoing debate between biking vs walking – which one is better for weight loss? Depending on which side of the divide you fall, you will go with your preferred option. If you are into […]

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Guide to Tennis Drills: 6 Types of Practice Exercises

Guide to Tennis Drills

Did you know that the longest ever recorded tennis match was played over a period of three days and lasted a total of 11 hours and about 5 minutes? In 2010, Nicolas Mahut and John Isner treated fans to a rollercoaster of a game at the Wimbledon Grand Slam. This is just to show you […]

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Powerlifting VS Bodybuilding – The Key Training and Nutrition Differences

Powerlifting VS Bodybuilding

If you are new to working out, there is a good chance that this entire debate on powerlifting vs bodybuilding makes almost no sense to you. After all, it sounds like they might be the same thing, right? Well, the truth is that, although powerlifting and bodybuilding both involve the lifting of weights, they are […]

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Best Recovery Drink for Runners – Fuel Fast Recovery

Best Recovery Drink for Runners

There are very few things that taste as good as a glass of water after a 5-mile run; your body simply needs it. However, there is an alternative that would serve you better by providing your body with the kind of rehydration it needs as well as helping to replenish some of the nutrients it […]

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Sprinting vs Jogging – the Differences and Benefits of Each

Sprinting vs Jogging

If you are new to the sport of running, either as a workout or a profession, you have undoubtedly come across arguments such as sprinting vs jogging. To begin with, these two things might sound the same to you; after all, they are both types of running. However, sprinting and jogging isn’t the same thing, […]

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How to Choose the Best Grip Strengthener

How to Choose the Best Grip Strengthener Professional and novice athletes alike can benefit from using a grip strengthener to build muscles in their hands and forearms. A grip strengthener can be a great exercise tool for various types of athletes, depending on the muscles they’re trying to develop or the activities they’re trying to […]

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Buying a Weight Sled? Everything You Need to Know

Benefits of a Weight Sled There are many benefits to incorporating a weight sled into your fitness routines, but the bottom line is that they’re simple, practical, and effective. That’s not to say that a sled pull is an easy workout, though. In fact, the opposite is true – and that’s the point. They can […]

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Four Signs That Your Boxing Mouth Guard is a Good Fit

Boxing Mouth Guard

If you are a fitness fiend and have not yet tried boxing, it is only a matter of time before you make the leap and swing that first punch. Boxing, while once reserved for gritty gyms in urban settings, has now taken hold everywhere from the smaller suburbs to seaside towns, giving everyone a chance […]

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How to Choose Kickboxing Gloves- 5 Pro Tips

How to Choose Kickboxing Gloves

To do well in the gym starts with you having the right equipment in your bag. For kickboxers, this means having a quality pair of kickboxing gloves that will keep your hands protected and comfortable during training. Just as with any type of protective gear, kickboxing gloves work best when they’re sized properly. There are […]

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How to Sprint Faster: Eight Sprint Workouts to Make You Faster

Sprint Faster

When it comes to running, most people are in a constant pursuit to improve their speed. Even long-distance runners ultimately want to improve a marathon time, and sprint training can ultimately help in that regard. But sprint training is not reserved only for runners: athletes in all sports can benefit from some sprint training, whether […]

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