Improve Your Acceleration With These Simple Exercises

Improve Your Acceleration With These Simple Exercises

Have you ever watched the 100 meter race at the Olympics? The winner is not usually the one who starts off leading. It is the athlete who accelerates faster and attains their peak speed before other competitors do. The same principle of acceleration applies to other sports such as football, rugby, and tennis. In rugby […]

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The Best Vertical Training Programs for the Highest Jump in 2021

Vertical Training Programs for the Highest Jump

The vertical jump is a revered measure of strength in athletes. It is one of the attributes that sports teams look out for when they draft new players.  The ability to perform a high vertical jump is crucial in nearly all competitive games. It is in your best interest to invest your time and effort […]

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What is Sports Performance Training And Why is It Important?

Sports Performance Training

Sports performance training is a combination of physical and mental exercises to train an athlete for the vigor of their specialty.  This is a broad definition that takes into account all aspects of performance training, which include: Strength training Restorative and rehabilitative exercises Conditioning Cardiovascular training Techniques and drills specific to the sport Periodization, or […]

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Injury Recovery With Peak Performance Physical Therapy

Injury Recovery

Injuries are part and parcel of an active lifestyle. As much as athletes take all measures to avoid getting hurt, some injury is unavoidable.  Peak performance physical therapy is indispensable as part of the injury recovery process. It is geared towards reducing pain, restoring mobility, regaining function, and improving the quality of life. How To […]

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How to Jump Higher With These Simple Exercises

jump higher

Did you know that your jump can get higher with specialized training? It’s true, but typical gym activities are not nearly powerful enough to accomplish this task.  Fortunately, there’s a guided workout routine that adds more inches to your jump, which has multiple benefits.  First, you will be able to jump higher. Second, you’ll become […]

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Seven Ways to Achieve Peak Performance for Men

peak performance

The modern-day physical performance of the average athletic man is stronger, faster, and better than ever. Thanks to readily available knowledge, we have acquired a more profound understanding of the science behind peak performance in men. We recognize the need for a blueprint to guide towards optimum physical accomplishments. Whether you are a professional athlete, […]

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3 Best Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers

Foam rolling is a technique that is quickly getting adopted. However, it’s only achievable with the right equipment. When you have the tools you need for healing and recovery, then your body will appreciate you.  With good foam rollers, your muscles and tissues will loosen up with increased blood flow and oxygen. That’s why you […]

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benefits of HGD machine

Elite athletes know that not all muscles are created equal. For sprinters and jumpers, the glutes and the hamstrings are their main powerhouse, with the glutes supplying 40% of the total power required and the hamstrings adding another 25%. Tennis and baseball players rely heavily on abdominal muscles with up to 50% of the force […]

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Best Ham Glute Developer Machines

develop you hamstrings

If you are looking to enhance your workouts, particularly your glutes and hamstring, then you should definitely consider investing in a glute ham developer machine. What’s a glute ham developer? we hear you say. The glute ham developer machine is often found somewhere at the back of a gym and is one of the most […]

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The Benefits of Cold Training for Athletes

ice training

For many decades, modern athletes and celebrities have purported the benefits of hopping into an icy cold bath after an intense workout or game/match. Tim Robbins swears by a daily plunge into a 57-degrees bath, as do many competing athletes at the top of their game. Probably the biggest and most well-known spokesperson for the […]

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