Lightest Running Shoes for Women

What Kind of Running Shoes Do I Need?

Whether you are an experienced runner training for an upcoming half marathon, or a beginner looking to go for a light jog around the neighborhood, getting yourself a pair of quality running shoes is the first step in getting the most out of your run. People are migrating from bulky, highly-cushioned running shoes to lightweight […]

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Best Shoes for Running on Pavement

best shoes for running on pavement

One of the first things that you should consider when searching for the perfect pair of running shoes is the terrain that you are going to run on. Will you take on off-beaten paths, or are you just going to train on a treadmill? Are you going to pound down the hard pavement? If yes, […]

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Best Running Shoes for 2019


Whether you’re feeling the motivation to start doing morning runs or planning to tackle a road marathon, a pair of decent running shoes is the most important piece of kit you need. The good thing about running is that you don’t need loads of pricey equipment or costly gym membership to get started. Getting running […]

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Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Men’s Trail Running Shoe Review

Altra Lone Peak Mens Trail Running Shoe Review

The Altra Lone Peak 3.5 Men’s Trail Running Shoes are relatively soft, even when brand new, so it is unlikely that you will need to break them.

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Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail Running Shoe Review

Adidas Men's Rockadia Trail Running Shoe Review

Adidas Men’s Rockadia Trail Running Shoe does both admirably, while at the same time being flexible enough to allow you to take each step comfortably.

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