3 Best Foam Rollers

Foam Rollers

Foam rolling is a technique that is quickly getting adopted. However, it’s only achievable with the right equipment. When you have the tools you need for healing and recovery, then your body will appreciate you.  With good foam rollers, your muscles and tissues will loosen up with increased blood flow and oxygen. That’s why you […]

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benefits of HGD machine

Elite athletes know that not all muscles are created equal. For sprinters and jumpers, the glutes and the hamstrings are their main powerhouse, with the glutes supplying 40% of the total power required and the hamstrings adding another 25%. Tennis and baseball players rely heavily on abdominal muscles with up to 50% of the force […]

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Best Ham Glute Developer Machines

develop you hamstrings

If you are looking to enhance your workouts, particularly your glutes and hamstring, then you should definitely consider investing in a glute ham developer machine. What’s a glute ham developer? we hear you say. The glute ham developer machine is often found somewhere at the back of a gym and is one of the most […]

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The Benefits of Cold Training for Athletes

ice training

For many decades, modern athletes and celebrities have purported the benefits of hopping into an icy cold bath after an intense workout or game/match. Tim Robbins swears by a daily plunge into a 57-degrees bath, as do many competing athletes at the top of their game. Probably the biggest and most well-known spokesperson for the […]

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Best Medicine Balls for 2021


If you’ve just started working out, we’ll forgive you for not knowing about medicine ball. A medicine ball is one of the oldest pieces of workout equipment best known for optimizing coordination, strength and physical performance. Medicine balls date back 3000 years ago to ancient Greece and the great Persian Empire. Long before CrossFit took […]

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Best Power Training Ropes for 2020


Keeping your body in top shape is vital and requires you to make some changes to your lifestyle. This can include changes to your sleeping schedule, diet and workout regimen. Power training ropes (also called battle ropes) are excellent tools if you want to take your training to the next level. This training gear allows […]

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Best Crossfit Shoes for 2021


If you are into Crossfit, you need shoes that could withstand the demands of its various workout. Crossfit is a sport that demands strength, agility, speed, and flexibility. And if you’re not properly shod, if your shoes are not engineered for Crossfit, you will not get the most out of your workout. But worse, you […]

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Best Push/Pull Weight Training Sled 2020


We all want to lead a healthy and prosperous life, especially in a post-COVID world. Staying active and training regularly are essential if you want to avoid the drawbacks of being physically inactive. For that, you can do outdoor activities or go to a local gym to do a full-body workout. If you want to […]

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Best Fitness Trackers for Athletes

Best Fitness Trackers for Athletes

Let’s be honest. Who ever dreamed of being able to maintain their fitness goals throughout the entire year, but found it hard to control their activity levels and drop all the efforts? The good news is that today it is possible for you to keep your health under control but also to have a good […]

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Best Weightlifting Belts for 2020


When lifting heavy weights, a lot of your core energy comes from the abdominal area. That is why, when doing a strenuous tasks like picking something heavy from the ground, you hold your breath and tighten your stomach muscles. When performing a heavy lift, you back is also involved, that is why you will feel […]

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