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When it comes to basketball, there are so many athletes that it is important to have an edge. There are many drills which you can do to improve your skill and give you that competitive edge, but how can you push yourself beyond simple drills and your comfort zone? After all, it takes more than a great pair of basketball shoes if you want to play like Mike!

When it comes to looking at basketball training equipment, we wanted to find the equipment which would genuinely improve your skills while still being easy to use. This equipment should need very little or no setup or installation time and should be easy enough to use that you can use the equipment with no instructions; even children should be able to use the equipment.

That is exactly what we have found. We have trawled through all of the equipment on the market and brought you three of the best additional pieces of equipment which are easy to use and effective. Here they are.

Best Basketball Training Products Reviews

SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribble Goggles

SKLZ Court Vision Basketball Dribbling Goggles
  • Forces player to handle the ball with his or her head up to survey the court
  • Improves reaction time against defenders
  • Increases confidence on the court
  • Adjustable elastic strap and soft flexible plastic rims for a comfortable fit


What is it that most people want to do better when it comes to basketball? Shoot? Sure. Pass? Perhaps. What about dribbling? Without dribbling, you cannot get into those passing and shooting positions. Without dribbling, you do not have the game of basketball. These basketball dribble goggles from SKLZ will help to improve your dribbling game.

A common mistake when dribbling is to look down at the ball when you should be looking at your opponents and the court up ahead. It can be hard to keep your eyes off the ball, especially when you are worried about making a mistake, but these goggles can help with that.

When you have these goggles on your face, you cannot see the ball below you, no matter how you tilt your head. They help you to train your muscles and mind to dribble the ball without looking at it, freeing you up to see if there is a defender coming or a teammate open for a pass.

These goggles will help to improve your reaction time when playing against a defender and increase your confidence once you are out on the court. Great for improving your game and focusing on what is important.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Adjustable strap


  • Not protective

Spalding Weighted Training Ball

Spalding Trainer 3 LBS. Weighted Indoor Basketball 29.5"
  • Official size with a 3-pound weight (Size 7, 29.5")
  • Weighted to help improve dribbling and passing strength
  • Performance composite cover
  • Designed for indoor play
  • Recommended inflation is 8 PSI, Ships Deflated


Shooting, passing, and dribbling is a large part of basketball, especially the offensive side. When you are learning to play basketball, you will learn and practice all three. As you develop and train some more, you will practice these again and again. If only there were equipment which you could seamlessly add to your training which could help to improve each of these. Thankfully, there is.

This weighted basketball will help to build strength in your ball control. When you come to pass, shoot, or dribble, the extra 3 pounds in weight will make it harder for you to do so. As you practice with the ball, you will build extra strength in your arms. Your passing and dribbling strength will increase as will your distance shooting, enabling you to go for those 3-pointers from farther away.

This basketball has been crafted from high-quality materials so you can train again and again with this ball. It is regulation size and inflates to the same pressure as a regular basketball. This ball is great for strength training, and when you switch back to a regular ball, you will be surprised how much easier you find the game.


  • Official size
  • High-quality materials
  • Builds strength


  • For indoor use

SKLZ Weighted Vest

SKLZ Weighted Vest - Variable Weight Training Vest
  • Breathable vest adjusts from 1 lb to 10 lbs in half pound increments
  • Velcro belt adjusts to fit athletes of most sizes
  • Soft weights allow the vest to bend and flex with your movements
  • Perfect for: Track and Field, Basketball, Soccer, Football, Baseball, Volleyball, Swimming, Water Polo


When you are training to become an athlete or training as an athlete, there comes the point when you want to add more weight to your training regime. This could be more weights on the bar or holding weights while you are doing lunges. If you are using sports training, you want to mimic the sport you are training for as much as you can. This training vest allows you to do just that.

Once you are adept in your sport, you can wear this vest to give an extra challenge. If you are playing football, you will have to put in more effort to run as fast as usual. If you are playing basketball, you will have to exert more energy to jump higher. No matter the sport or activity, you will have to work harder, adding more muscle than a regular training session would.

This vest has been crafted with comfort in mind. The nylon and mesh allow for maximum breathability when wearing the vest. The edges are also soft, and the seams are created not to rub or annoy you. The Velcro belt is completely adjustable, giving a fit for any athlete, and the pockets can have weights or not, allowing you to customize the amount of weight you are carrying. Great for any training which you need to do.


  • Variable weight
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Adjustable


  • Could use more weight

Final Verdict

All these products are great, and all three will improve your skill level when used. We had to choose one and, though we would recommend using all three (even together), we had to choose the weighted vest. There are many reasons why we love the weighted vest, but one of the most critical factors is that the vest is not limited only to basketball.

The goggles can be used for other activities, but not all, while the basketball is tailored for only basketball. If you are a basketball player but also delve into other sports, then the weighted vest can be used for them all. It is comfortable, breathable, adjustable, and performs. It does not matter which sport you use this vest for, it is going to add an element of strength training to your workout.

We like that you can adjust the amount of weight you are carrying and the fact that it is breathable. If you want to improve your basketball game, wear the vest.

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