How to Get Better at Basketball

How to Get Better at Basketball
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If you enjoy playing ball sports, perhaps basketball is a good one for you. Basketball is an extremely competitive sport which many people enjoy playing. In order to become the next Michael Jordan, of course a lot of talent and training is going to be necessary.

If you are keen to improve your basketball skills right away, then look no further as we have done quite a bit of research and listened to the pros to find the very best tips on how to improve your game and become a better basketball player.

We start of by taking a look at the amazing health benefits of playing basketball, to make you aware of why this sport is so good and actionable tips on how to get better at basketball.

Benefits of Playing Basketball

You might not realize, but playing basketball actually brings about quite a few health benefits for your body. This can include the following:

Burns calories

If you are looking to lose weight, just like most sports, burning calories is one of the main advantages that playing basketball brings. When playing this sport, you are likely to burn quite a few calories, per every hour that you play, helping to keep you in shape.

Promotes cardiovascular health

One great thing about basketball is that it is great for your heart health. As you are constantly moving, your heart rate will increase. It is also a sport which helps build endurance, which is also important to keep a heart healthy. This means it can greatly lower the risk of strokes or heart disease later on in life.

Boosts your immune system

Playing basketball greatly helps to reduce stress. When stress levels are reduced, it gives you a lot more energy to focus and complete any tasks ahead of you. It also allows you to be more social as you play with many different people, preventing feelings of depression. When stress is decreased, your immune system receives a good boost at the same time.

Improves mental development

Basketball may seem like a fast-paced game which only requires the best physical skills, however it is also very much a mind game, as you really have to think on your toes, and act fast. This greatly increases focus which allows you to think and accurately process the action on court and make effective decisions with the ball. You also have to train yourself to observe your teammates and opponents constantly to make the best move.

How to Improve Basketball Skills

So if we want to improve our basketball playing skills, where should we be focusing?

To make a start, the best recommendation is to find out where your weaknesses are. Once you know this, you can start putting all of your focus into where it is needed most.

Generally, there are a few key factors which the game incorporates. This is mainly mental awareness, dribbling and shooting.

Always keep your eyes up

When playing basketball, it is very much a contact sport, and your eyes are key to your success. Therefore, it is important to always keep your eyes up and aware. One miss, and your entire team could suffer. To improve your attentiveness, always keep your eyes on the ball and make sure to keep alert. Warming up before the game gets the adrenalin flowing and your blood pumping, sending oxygen to the brain.

Practice your dribble

Another key element to basketball is your dribble. Dribbling is one of the main things you do throughout the game, and if you are not great at it, the best thing you can do is practice, practice and practice again. Doing some dribbling by yourself can help you to improve next time you are in the game, and you can get so good that you perfect it and then can try with two balls at the same time.

The crossover dribble is also another move which is popular in the game and one which you can practice to improve.

Improve your footwork

Along with improving your dribble, improving your footwork is another key area where you can make a difference in basketball. Sometimes you may forget that the way you position yourself while playing basketball can really affect how you play. Therefore you need to keep this in mind, and make sure you are moving in the most effective way possible for the game.

Practice your shooting technique

Shooting is the main element to scoring in basketball. This is sometimes difficult for many people in the beginning, but it can easily be fixed through some repetitive practice alone. There is a method players can keep in mind when shooting called the BEEF+C technique.

“B” refers to balance, and this is absolutely crucial before shooting as you need to be in a balanced position for the shot to be successful. Both feet should be placed the same width as your shoulders, knees flexed, and ready to spring. “E” is for eyes, as you should focus both eyes directly on the basket as your shoot. A good way to get it in the net is by imagining a little light on the basket edge and that you are trying to knock out. The second “E” refers to the elbows, and it is important to keep your elbows tucked into your body while shooting. “F” is for follow through. Try to follow the ball with your arm as if you are reaching into the net yourself.

C is finally concertation and awareness. The crucial part is the shooting the ball; you must focus on where the ball is going, and if practiced well enough you will soon be able to successfully shoot from wherever you are standing.


If you are looking to improve your basketball skills, we hope this article will help you out. Remember, in order to become better at something, it will take a lot of practice to get there.