Under Armour Men’s Speedform Gemini 3 Running Shoe Review

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Pleasantly lightweight.

Extremely comfortable and responsive.

Engineered mesh adapts to the natural shape of your foot.

Cushioned and suitable for long distance running.

Unbeatable price.



Very short shoelaces.

The sole isn't removable.

No padding around the heel.


Lightweight, flexibility, added traction and protection to the feet make this sneakers perfect for the roads. UA Gemini 3 is available in a variety of colors and options. The thin and sleek look of this shoe means that you can also use the sneaker as a perfect accessory to match your casual outfits.

When it comes to the shoe game, Under Armour is one of the new kids on the block. But make no mistake, they’re making remarkable strides and in the process overtaking some big names in the industry by the day.

This is the 3rd iteration and the poster child of the Under Armour Speedform Gemini series and, and I have to admit that they did a good job with the overall  design of Gemini 3. The company took into consideration customer feedback and reviews of the previous versions to make improvements on this version.

Depending on the intended purpose of purchase, there are both thumbs up and thumbs down to this shoe.

For starters, the shoe is intricately layered to fit the feet perfectly. The design conforms to the unique shape of your foot to give you a supportive and snug fit when running. This is fortunate for people with large toes and feet. It’s also suitable for people who don’t love wearing shoes with socks.

When wearing the shoes at first, it feels stiff, but the feet adjust with time. They feel comfortable even after walking or running for long distances. They’re not much of a stretch, and so the comfort lasts. Few sneakers can provide the right balance of cushioning and lightweight like Gemini 3.

Unlike the previous iterations of Gemini that had traditional mesh construction, Gemini 3 feature engineered mesh that provides for ventilation and breathability of the feet. The shoe weighs a mere 8.25 ounces for men’s size 9.

The only major con to the Gemini 3 is that the sole is non-removable. Also, some users found the laces to be a bit short when compared to other shoes which come with extra-long ones, but are tight upon tying them.

Generally, they’re a great purchase.


The UA Speedform Gemini 3 Running Shoe is a running shoe designed for men looking to get through daily long-distance runs and intense workouts. It’s primarily intended for sportsmen looking for a more cushioned and supportive experience. Its design is ideal for all types of terrains: inclined, declined, wet and muddy surfaces and also loose surfaces.


The UA Gemini 3 shoes don’t come with complex procedures like other sports shoes upon ordering. All they need is lacing up, and they’re ready for use.


The outsole of the UA Gemini 3 is made of various outsole materials, including rubber that gives you a responsive bounce. They’re strategically positioned in different areas to give you the most comfortable fit possible. Its high abrasion helps absorb much contact with the ground and enhance overall durability.

The forefoot area is also made of blown rubber that is super light and equally responsive. The shoe is a result of professional craftsmanship with an innovative Speedform technology. The construction is thorough to meet efficient performance. The mold fits the foot perfectly and eliminates all possible distractions.

In addition, it has an engineered mesh with perforated air holes that are used on the tongue and toe box. This helps to increase ventilation and enhance fitness. When air circulates inside the shoe, the runner is protected from blisters and hot spots. It also possesses a unique thread-bone midfoot panel which provides structure.

The midsole is made of compressed foam. It provides charged cushioning, higher durability and responsiveness. The sock liner is embedded to provide comfort, support and added cushioning.


The Gemini 3 comes with laces though short. Tie them tightly for a perfect grip. They’re a perfect fit and so no socks are required when wearing them. They’re light, unique and fashionable.

The Gemini 3 shoes are not restricted only for running. You could wear them out to the gym or daily routines.

Their size ranges from 7 to 15. They’re available in a variety of colors including black, blue, orange and gray among others.


If you love the Gemini 3 for its lightweight design and comfortability, then the Under Armour Men’s Micro G Pursuit Shoe is the best alternative for you.

The shoe also made for male runners, is designed to focus on speed. It is made of textile with rubber soles and made wide to cater for athletes with wide feet. It’s also made with lightweight mesh which provides ventilation and increased breathability. Also, the midsole made of microfoam helps give flash takeoffs.

The ankle collar is fitted with foam padding for a comfortable feeling. The outsole is made of tire for stamina and an excellent grip. Finally, the sock liner is high rebound that gives the arch area relative support.


When purchasing shoes to run, two things should be put into consideration: comfort and stability. It’s essential that runners be flexible. They should have a great underfoot grip. Their feet should also be protected from injury especially on rough terrain. Even after running through long distances, your feet shouldn’t be sore from tightening and poor ventilation.

The Gemini 3 provides all these and much  more. Under Armour listened to their customers and took all the best elements from their earlier versions and made Gemini 3 the best Gemini yet – enough space for ventilation, embedded sock liner and the same time light. The Speedform construction also protects the feet from injuries. It’s rare to find shoes with all these unique features all in one which makes UA Gemini 3 a good buy.