TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers Review

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Designed with a zero drop characteristic for ultimate comfort

Breathable tongue to keep the feet from sweating

Made of waterproof material

Good traction and stability to keep feet stationary in the golf stance

They are multi-purpose

30-day guarantee


Minimal cushioning

Wider toe box unsuitable for small feet


The TRUE linkswear Men's True Sensei Golf Sneakers boasts of a unique design that will give you comfort as you have never known. These golf shoes are meant to improve your performance by ensuring that your feet give you enough support. The shoe is unbelievably light, offers solid on-course performance and boasts stylish, go-anywhere looks.


TRUE designs naturally comfortable gear that transcends the links. Their golf shoes are crafted with only the finest materials and new technologies. With many golf shoes in the market today trying to provide the best conditions for your feet, TRUE linkswear Men's True Sensei Golf Sneakers are well in the competition, and according to reviews, it is among the most preferred golfing shoes by many new golfers.

Who is this product for?

If you are the type of person who does not mind working out, practicing and playing in the same shoes, then these should be the perfect pair. Additionally, you don’t have to wear socks with these shoes, neither should have to worry about your shoes getting sweaty or smelly. If you find it tricky to use new golf shoes because it takes you time to get comfortable in them, then the TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers will make it easier for you since you can use them for more than playing golf.

What’s included?

Any good shoes should be durable, and that is precisely what you will find with a pair of TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers. The package comes with the pair of shoes and laces. The shoe is available in a wide range of colors to fit every golfer’s personality and style.

Overview of features

The upper part of the TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers is wholly waterproof, making them the best option for playing on wet grounds. The durable nature of the waterproof material means that the shoe will serve you for a much longer time than other golf shoes.

To keep your feet dry, the breathable tongue allows ventilation. It also averts any build-up of sweat, which could result in bad odor, and the development of fungus/infection.

Unlike most footwear, these incredible men’s golfing shoes have been designed critically to ensure that the toe and heels are on the same level. This is to increase the surface area and improving stability.

The outer sole has excellent Ergo-traction protection that will ensure a firm grip of the ground as you prepare to launch the ball. Also, it makes it easy to play on uneven ground, and even if the weather is hot, the shoe is breathable, and your feet will stay dry.

How to use them

They are easy to clean, look stylish, and since they are flexible, you can train yourself to get used to the feeling of the shoes to your feet much faster than when using new shoes that are strictly designed for the golf course. Since they are multi-purpose, you can wear them any time that is convenient for you. Make sure you take good care of them by keeping them clean.


If you are looking for something close to what The TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers offers, the TRUE Major should be your answer. It is TRUE’S highest performing model yet, constructed with modern styling and extreme attention to detail. True Major is designed to stand up to any weather and last longer.


If you don’t want to change shoes every time you arrive and leave the course, the TRUE linkswear Men’s True Sensei Golf Sneakers are for you. Because the best of things are imitated, it is imperative to ensure that you make your order from a trusted dealer to avoid falling victim to counterfeit products.