Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves Review

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Created for extra stability and support.

Enhances quicker pain relief and faster recovery.

Breathable fabric feels good on your skin.

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Some users found the sizing chart misleading.


If you want a pair of quality knee sleeves crafted from top quality breathable yarn that works effectively in pain recovery, fast post-workout recovery and enhancing performance, consider getting yourself a pair of Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves.

Knee injuries are quite common these days to athletes and workout junkies. If you run, work out or engage in other sporting activities, you rely on your body in active and mobile situations. As you exercise more, you get stiffer and sorer. This can lead to inflammation, arthritis, tendonitis and other knee conditions that can prevent you from continuing your fitness journey.

Some people think that the solution is sitting on the couch all day and wait to feel better. What if I told you there is a viable solution that doesn’t involve doctor visits? Yes, you read that correctly. To protect yourself from injuries around the knees and enhance faster recovery, consider getting a knee compression sleeve. These sleeves have been around for a while, but it is not until recently that gym-goers have started realizing their benefits.

The market is awash with knee compression sleeve brands. This specially designed sleeves come in an array of types and sizes and can go a long way in helping you make the most out of training sessions.

The Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves are one of the best on the market. Sparthos is one of the few brands of knee sleeves that is actually recommended by doctor and trainers, and there is a good explanation to that. Suitable for both men and women who experience knee soreness or stiffness, these sleeves allow you to have a faster recovery and increase the flow of blood to deliver your muscles with more oxygen to retain the stamina.

Who is this product for?

If you are a gym junkie or an elite athlete that wishes to improve your performance in weightlifting, running marathons, hiking, cycling, basketball, triathlons or tennis, you should get yourself a pair of Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves. It has an adjustable size making it suitable for men and women alike.

What’s included?

Right from the box, you will get a pair of Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves.

It ships in 4 sizes and colors.

Colors include: Cobalt Blue, Desert Beige, Flamingo Pink and Midnight Black.

Sizes include: Small (7″– 9″), Medium (9″ – 10 1/2″), Large (10 1/2″ – 13″) and XL (13″ – 15″).

To know your size, stand upright and straighten your legs. Use a tape measure to measure the circumference just below your kneecaps.

Pick the right size for yourself and wear it at the gym, at home or at work, to get through every day without pain or discomfort.

Overview of features

This compression sleeve by Sparthos is designed for supporting your knee and thigh areas to boost your blood flow for increased muscle performance.

Increased blood circulation means more oxygen will be delivered to your muscles. Your body is in a better position to remove lactic acid and other toxins that accumulate during intense workouts. This way, you can handle the stress and pressure that comes with sport activities and in the process enjoy less fatigue, better endurance and quicker recovery time.

This sleeve offers amazing support to the knee and is popular for its anti-slip system. The silicon strips allow the sleeve to stick in the right place without slipping. This way, there is no need to constantly pull up your knee brace when running, lifting or squatting.

It is made of flexible material that allows free movement of the knee and to ensure free flow of air during workout routines. The sleeve additionally offers enough compression without necessarily being disturbingly tight on the skin of the wearer.

It is lightweight meaning you can wear it for extended periods. The Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves are also odor-free as it absorbs sweat ensuring that your knees are free of sweat odor.

How to use them

Using the Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves is pretty straight forward. The sleeve is able to offer ultimate comfort as it perfectly fits on a wide range of leg sizes.

Designed for extra stability, this sleeve will compress your kneecap and thigh area to stimulate blood flow resulting in more oxygen and faster recovery.

By compressing the backside and your thigh muscles, the sleeves provide consolation when running or strolling. They fit snugly on the knees meaning that you can wear them under your typical work or gym clothes.


If you want a more flexible knee sleeve, you can try the Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve. The 88 percent  Copper Nylon content infused into the fabric of this compression knee sleeve helps to get you all the support you need for sore or stiff joints and muscles, nagging injuries, Arthritis, and Tendonitis.

Unlike bulky braces that hinder your movement, the Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve will allow you to retain a wide range of motion.

The high-quality fabric used to design this knee sleeve means that it can withstand washing for extended use.

To find out more about the Copper Compression Recovery Knee Sleeve, click the link below.


If you are one who runs a lot or does heavy workouts, your knees and thighs must be getting sored regularly. You don’t have to necessarily cut short your workout routine due to a knee injury. Having the right type of knee compression sleeves it vital when working out as it will determine how well you perform. Use Sparthos Knee Compression Sleeves to protect your knee, experience less fatigue, endure more exercise, and speed up recovery time.