RitFit Weight Lifting Belt Review

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Has soft bound edges and brushed tricot lining to provide extra comfort.

Has Velcro closure to provide proper fit.

It is made of 6 “ wide waterproof foam core.

Suitable for all types of strength training

Minimizes spinal flexion when lifting.

Hand washable with air dry.

Comes in 5 different sizes.

Easily adjustable to fit snugly.


Comes in only black and camouflage – no bright colors

Can ride up a little when training.


If you are looking for an ergonomically designed weightlifting belt that will provide adequate back and abdominal support during any type of strength training, look no further than RitFit Weightlifting belt. This belt will allow you to master exercises like thrusters, deadlifts, lunges and squats with added confidence and safety.

If you are an athlete or regular gym-goer who takes your training and fitness seriously, at some point, you may feel like you need that extra support for your back. When weights start becoming heavy, the form begins to crumble and over time, you are going to put all that weight on your back. A weight lifting belt is exactly what you need to improve the stability for the back. It works by creating pressure within the abdominal region of the torso.

Weightlifting a popular and healthy form of exercise that not only enhances your strength and ability, but also makes you look good in the crowd. Unfortunately, this exercise may turn sour for people who fail to follow the proper guidelines. Over the years, manufacturers have released an impressive collection of weightlifting belts designed for both female and male lifters. Modern weightlifting belts are designed to mimic the natural contours and curves of the human body. They are made from materials such as nylon and neoprene to offer more flexibility.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to weight lifting, with the right weightlifting belt, you will be able to perform overhead and heavyweight power moves without any worries of injury during workouts.

RitFit is a well-known brand in the world of weightlifting. RitFit have created a weightlifting belt that perfectly straddles the line between support and comfort. RitFit isn’t using leather, but the feel and look of this belt is simply amazing. While being comfortable, this solidly designed belt is also well constructed, strong and sturdy. At 6 inch, this belt is wider than most of its competition.

Who is this product for?

This easy to wear and use weight lifting belt is meant for men and women you want to support and protect themselves while doing heavy lifting, squats, deadlift, thrusters and lunges.

It is easily one of the best belts for beginner weightlifters out there. RitFit belt is the perfect tool for learning how to improve your lifts and maximize your gains.

What’s included?

Right from the box, you will find the 1 X RitFit Low Profile Weightlifting Belt 6″.

It’s currently available in 2 colors, black and camouflage.

The RitFit weight Lifting belt comes in 5 sizes to choose from: XXL 52-59”, XL 44-51”, L 37-43”, M 30-36” and S 22-29”.

Overview of features

This lifting belt 6 inches thick, providing you with a high degree of support for both your abdomen and lumbar region. This is by far the most back support that we have seen in a weightlifting belt.

The lightweight contour design in RitFit Weight Lifting belt gives you the mobility to perform various exercises. The thickness of this RitFit belt slightly tapers down at the front. This gives you more stability for the lower back and the core, while still providing plenty of freedom of movement through the sides of the waist.

The Velcro support strap lets you quickly and painlessly adjust tightness according to your comfort level. It also makes a fast and reliable way to get the weightlifting belt on and off.

The RitFit belt is a very comfortable wearing unit, thanks mainly to the tricot inner lining and softbound edges that are very comfortable on the skin while providing warmth to your muscles. You will no longer have to worry about chafing or bruising when you wear this belt.

We found the RitFit belt to be lightweight which makes it easy to fit into a gym bag.

The belt is also hand washable, meaning you can keep it clean at all times.

How to use them

Weight lifting exercises are performed using the strength in both your core and your legs. Core refers to the entire lower part of your torso below your chest. Your core needs to be kept stable or else you will hurt yourself. The RitFit weightlifting belt should fit around your waist tightly, signaling your body to tighten those muscles during heavy lifting.

Warm up is necessary before you begin your weightlifting routine. A quick warm-up will prepare your muscles for the training session. To use this weightlifting belt, simply tie it around your waist before doing the heavy lifting. The belt will increase inter-abdominal pressure to stabilize your spine and allow you to increase your maximum power levels.

Practice proper form and breathing exercises during heavy lifting. This simply means that you need to learn how to safely move within the full range of motion to improve form. This way, you’ll be able to lift more safely. Also, never hold your breath as you lift weights. When you begin to lift weight, breathe out and as you begin to lower them, breath in.


If you are serious about lifting exercises and want a genuine leather weightlifting belt with a macho appeal and that old school vibe, you can try the Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather.

Constructed from genuine Buffalo hide leather, this weightlifting belt features 4 layers of double stitching to ensure durability and toughness during weight lifting and strength training. This belt is built to hold out 600+ pounds worth of lifting prowess without breaking.

It also has a heavy duty double buckling system with a generous set of 11 holes for a precision fit.

To find out more about the Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather, click the link below.


A high-quality weight lifting belt is essential in supporting your core muscles and preventing possible lower back injuries during training. RitFit weight lifting belt will minimize stress and improve your overall performance. Get yourself one