PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer Review

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Easy to set up

Effective – your good putts get returned

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Low priced training aid

Builds accuracy and pace


Difficult to master

For it to work properly, you'll need a flat, smooth surface


Getting the ball inside the hole is usually the hardest part of playing golf. Luckily enough, with a piece of equipment like PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer, your chances of getting it right are increased. The trainer stands out as a well thought out and designed product that is easy to use and transport. The ability to use it indoors and outdoors will enhance your putting practice sessions.

There are several golf training aids, but the best ones can be used both indoors and outdoors. The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer gives you this flexibility. Targeting is usually the main secret to becoming an expert golfer. When training, you may have to take different shots like gentle placing and chipping. This trainer will help you master skills like ball-control in golf, all which will improve your game.

Who is this product for?

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is for golfers who are interested in bettering their ball control under more challenging circumstances. The product was created with the principle of recreating the pressure of a putting drill. It goes further to give you feedback on whether or not you made the putt and how you did it.

What’s included?

The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is composed of 3 parts which include the base which is made from rubber, the white ramp where the micro-target is situated and an insert. The putt trainer folds in half, meaning you can literally take it anywhere you want to practice.

Overview of features

One of the reasons why the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer has become a top choice for many trainees is because you can use it both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, it is small equipment, making it very portable. You don’t have to possess any technical skill to be able to set it up and use.

It has a spiked rubber sole for stability and safety of your floor or carpet if you intend to use it indoors. It also helps to know that you can pop the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer and reposition the hole so that you can use it without the ramp.

Mastering your swings is never easy if you don’t have the right equipment to train with. When talking about the right equipment, you need to think about something that will do more than allow you to hit the ball again and again. The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer lets you understand if your swings lean too much towards a particular direction or if you are putting in too much power with regards to the distance.

The trainer features a parabolic ramp that folds flat. This makes it easy to store and carry around.

How to use

According to golfers who have used the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer, if there is one thing that they master faster is targeting. The trainer is designed in such a way that there is a small ramp and hole, the same size as the real golf holes. It returns your good putts and rejects your bad ones. What happens is, if you hit the ball right on target, it goes up the ramp on to the whole before rolling back to your feet. When you miss, the ball still rolls back to your feet through the ramp.


The best alternative for the PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer is the SKLZ Putt Pocket Accuracy Trainer. Although many users feel it works best on an actual golf course, it is equally effective and can work both indoors and outdoors. It will help you quickly improve putt speeds, reads and accuracy. Its compact enough to easily fit into your bag for practice at home on mats or at the course.


The PuttOut Pressure Putt Trainer can be used for both short and long-distance shots as long as you can get your ball where it should be on the training aid. The simplicity in design and function makes it a favorite among many golfers. Get yours today!

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