PowerNet 5×5 Practice Net Review

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Easy to set up, takes a few minutes.

Great for both indoors and outdoors.

Thick and tear resistant.

Highly stable and proven durability.

Lightweight for easy portability.

Convenient to practice solo at the desired venue.

Used and endorsed by pro players.


The frames aren’t of the same angles.

Some users cited that putting balls in the bag was a struggle.


The Powernet 5×5 Practice Net is a unique and portable hitting net best suited for baseball and softball lovers. It is compact enough to run practice in the convenience of your basement, garage or backyard. For those who want to have a taste of the beautiful game, this is your starter pack! Here’s why:

To succeed in any sport, you need to practice hard, and to facilitate quality training you need to have the right equipment. Correct baseball training is an ingredient of success and buying the right pitching net will play a major role in furthering your skills.

Setting up the Powernet 5×5 Practice Net is easy and quick as no special tools are required. For added stability, you will find the ground stakes useful. This way you can comfortably take the hardest throws and hits.

The net is lightweight and easily portable. It can be moved to different venues during training sessions, and not forget that its setup is also easy.

It perfectly fits in its carrying bag once collapsed and can be conveniently transported by any vehicle.

You can train anywhere with the Powernet 5×5 Practice Net; a perfect tool for both indoor and outdoor training. It may be used for battling, hitting, pitcher protection and pitching. It is also used as a small portable backstop.

Pro players like German Marquez and Danielle O’Toole have used it for training. They have endorsed the net and highly recommend it.

Who is this product for?

The Powernet 5×5 Practice net has been carefully designed and crafted for all baseball and softball players; a perfect tool for hitting and pitching. It is definitely what you need to become a better player.

It is however made explicitly for players who want to better their skills at the game. It suits solo training and perfect for in-field practice, tee-ball practice, soft-toss, and pitching practice. Its small size makes it suitable for families and home recreation; a perfect moment for a dad and son hang-out.

Its small size makes it suitable for young kids who love the sport. Guardians don’t have to worry about their clumsy kids as the quality is high: durable and resistant. They should, however, keep a close eye and monitor on them.

What’s included?

The net comes in a coach bundle that includes: a Strike Zone Attachment, a 25SqFt net, 16 Oz, 2.8 Weighted Training Ball and a heavy duty carry bag with shoulder strap.

It comes in various colors: black, green, maroon, navy, pink and purple among others, all dependent on the users’ tastes.

Upon completion, users are recommended to carefully return the net to its bag for safe keeping.

Overview of features

The net comes with a double stitch of each seam, making it highly durable. You don’t have to worry about each hit for it is very sturdy.

It contains a weighted base made of steel that provides stability. Ground stakes are also added for extra durability.

It has a unique bow-frame design ,making the poles to bend slightly. This allows flexing and results in a highly resistant net that will handle all levels of throwing, pitching and hitting stress.

How to use them

As mentioned earlier, setting up the practice net is quite simple and takes less than two minutes. Assemble all composite parts, opening their outer legs on both ends and insert them into their respective places. The upper fiberglass poles go into the lower ones. Sleeve up the nets into the poles and ensure that they are stable. You’re now good to go!

You can set it up outside (regardless of the weather) or indoors. The net also comes with a manual in it.

The net comes with a carrier bag. Collapse it upon completion or when you want to change your location.


If you’re looking for a quality net that will withstand the hardest hits, then the Powernet Baseball Softball Practice Net 7×7 with bow frame is the best alternative for you.

Just as the Powernet 5×5, this practice net is made of steel frames and an additional fiberglass bow poles to provide the most stable base.

The net contains a big sock net area which can hold numerous training balls, so no need to pause the training sessions.

Just as the Powernet 5×5 it is portable and easy setup, (takes less than 2 minutes) and no tools are required. It is an excellent equipment for both outdoor and indoor uses and may be used for both solo and team training.

It is a perfect tool for making the most out of your practice and has been endorsed by the best players in the field. The product arrives with no defects upon purchasing and comes with a 1-year warranty on all composite and metal parts.


Practice makes perfect, they said. The Powernet 5×5 Practice Net is the best tool for training and becoming a better player. The small, portable and easy setup net can fit just anywhere and is great for both hitting and pitching. Its durability makes great striking a less concern. Its small size makes it convenient to train anywhere: Your garage, background or basement!