GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin Review

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Developed in collaboration with professional coaches and players.

Helps you to improve shooting and dribbling.

The product is backed by a full replacement warranty.


Lightweight meaning that it can be easily blown away outside.


Unlike other dummy defenders in the market, XTRAMAN accurately simulates the size and shape of any player on the court to provide a real basketball experience. It will help you to perfect your basketball skills, agility, speed and quickness.

No matter your playing ability and skill level, training alone is not a good idea. Bad habits in training can develop quickly, and take time to undo. Basketball training aids are vital to modern gameplay.

This stand-in Basketball defender is a product of GoSports.  GoSports come up with innovative sports training products, and XTRAMAN is no exception. It is Amazon’s Choice for “basketball practice equipment.” Thanks to this dummy defender, you can simulate a real game during practice drills.

It was developed in collaboration with professional basketball players and coaches to provide the ultimate training assistance for both new and pro players. Few coaching aids in the market address crucial skills and player development as the GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender Training Mannequin.

Who is this product for?

You only get out what you put in, that’s the harsh reality of competitive sports, basketball included. This is why effective training plays an integral role in shaping you to become the best version of yourself. To train adequately, you need to possess the right training equipment.

This product is for anyone looking to not only become more competitive, but also looking to improve their weak hand, develop dribbling drills, and increase their hand speed when dribbling and shooting.

When you develop a stronger sense of body awareness and precision, you gain confidence and the improved teamwork skills will help your team shine.

What’s included?

Right from the box, you will find the GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender and a carry case. The product breaks down into compact mode if you need to carry it around for practice.

Overview of features

The mannequin acts as your training partner. It provides a little bit of game day pressure on your dribbling and shooting by mimicking a defender trying to block your shot. The only difference between a real defender and Xtraman is that the latter never gets tired.

This dummy defender is ultra-portable, which allows you to carry it and move it with ease anywhere in the court during your practice session.

Whether you are an amateur or pro basketball player, you never want to take a bad shot. Becoming a clutch offensive player doesn’t come overnight. You need to be consistent in practice. Lucky for you, the versatile nature of GoSports Basketball Xtraman Defender means that it can be used by players of all abilities.

You can conveniently incorporate it into drills as one defender for solo practice, or spice things up by putting multiple defenders for full defense team drills.

How to use them

Refining your shooting skills can be challenging since it’s not guaranteed that you will always have a partner pass, defend or rebound you. This pop up defender can work against you when you have no training partner. It replicates a real-life basketball defender and lets you visualize your opponent. It is suitable for team and solo training as well.

Setting up the XTRAMAN Dummy Defender is easy, and you don’t need special tools. With stress-free installation, you’ll be dribbling and shooting over XTRAMAN defenders before you know it! You can position it anywhere in the court to act as an opposing challenger as you hone your skills. This mannequin allows you to simulate certain basketball situations such a dribbling ball around a defender and taking a shot over a defender.

With this mannequin in front of you, you can work on offensive techniques, ball handling and shooting skills. The defender will prepare you better by giving you a realistic simulation during training.


If you want a defensive mannequin with an adjustable telescoping pole that offers you varying defensive options, then you should give the SKLZ D-Man Defensive Mannequin a try. It features adjustable height of 5.5-6.5ft. and an additional 1.5 ft. arms and hands.

Besides encouraging proper shot trajectory, this defensive mannequin will help you with court awareness, driving, passing and ball handling. Just like the XTRAMAN, SKLZ D-Man Defensive Mannequin is ideal for both team setting basketball and solo practice.

For added stability on whatever surface, this mannequin ships with weighted base and ground stake attachments. The easy fold design makes it easy to store and transport.


Basketball training gear can be very effective in improving your game and making the training session fun. To be a top performer, you need to train in realistic game situations. Otherwise, anyone can be an excellent shooter when there’s no defender. This portable dummy defender will help you improve your game skills by simulating realistic gameplay. Get it today and watch yourself grow to be the basketball player you’ve always