Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid Review

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The perfect bag to improve posture and aid bad habits

Improves muscle memory and perfects your swing

Durable and waterproof


You can use it anywhere


First few days can be rough

Hitting the bag can make a loud, alarming sound


Any golfer understand that there is nothing more important than getting the club on line and square at impact. Impact has everything to do with the results of your swing. The Gary Wiren Golf Impact Bag will give you feedback regarding the impact of your swing. To present the correct data, it will cushion the blow of your shot.

For a newbie, your first few days of swinging the club are going to be hectic, more so to your leading hand and the wrist of the supporting hand. While how to hit the ball matters, it is good to acknowledge that golf clubs have some weight to them. Also, your lower back can experience some pain because of twisting more so for long shots. Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid will help you feel the right positioning and flow of the game.

Who is this product for?

It makes no sense training to putt a ball if you cannot hit accurately in the hole. The Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid is designed to practice your hand and wrist. Any new golfer must have this product for the benefit of avoiding pains due to straining. The first few days of using the Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid will be rough as well. That is because the training will target the main muscles involved when playing golf and harden them.

What’s included?

Right from the box, you will find a Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training bag. Before using it, you have to fill it up with cloths or rags.

Overview of features

Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid has helped so many golfers master the right posture. Some of the professional golfers in the world use this impact training aid as part of keeping themselves in shape with regards to the game.

Since you cannot always be on the ground practicing, any good golfer needs something that can use to train indoors and outdoors. The training aid is usable anywhere, plus the bag is designed to absorb impact and sound.

The fact that you can empty the bag makes it easy to carry along on long distant travels where you don’t want to pack heavy luggage.

Although the impact training bag will not help you work on your targeting, it helps in boosting concentration by improving your swing and posture.

How to use

As mentioned, all you need to do with the Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training is pack it, zip it up and get down to taking strokes. You can do this indoors or outdoors provided there is enough space. Built from solid construction, so it can easily be filled in with blankets, towels and old clothes.


Amazingli Golf Impact Power Smash Bag is the closest alternative to Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag. It will help you build muscle memory for good swing. Consistent use can help get rid of fat and thin shots. It also arrives empty, and you can fill it with newspapers, linens and other materials.


The secret to improving your golf game is placing more power and control into your swing. The Dr. Gary Wiren Impact Bag Golf Impact Training Aid will give you the correct data concerning your flow, posture, and swing impact. Those are the most vital aspects of becoming a good golfer. It’s also great for indoor practice when conditions are bad outdoors.

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