ASICS Men’s Endurant Running Shoes T742n Review

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Reinforced stitched toe cap for added durability

Fits perfectly around the feet

Synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper

Suitably lightweight disposition and comfortable

Reasonably priced


Constructed with cheap-looking and flimsy materials.

A slightly unresponsive/uncomfortable cushioning system


If you’re looking for a breathable and sturdy road shoe for light-trail running, this is the shoe for you. The ASICS Endurant improves bounce-back characteristics for performance and comfort where rubber meets the trail.

Founded back in 1949 by Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka, ASICS is the Japanese king of running shoes. The company started as Onitsuka Co., Ltd. Until 1977 when it was renamed. The name ASICS is based on the famous Latin phrase  "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano" which loosely translates to "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body." The company was founded on the belief that promoting total health and fitness is the best way to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Athletics being the focus sport for the athletic footwear company, ASICS makes some of the most popular running shoes worldwide. The ASICS Endurant Running shoes are created for the road. Just like other shoes in its ilk, the shoe has a sporty design.

Who is this product for?

If you constantly find yourself running on varied and challenging trails, the ASICS Endurant has an excellent mix of comfort and traction. If you are budget-conscious, you shouldn’t worry either as the Endurant is among the most reasonably-priced trail running shoes on the market.

What’s included?

Like most trail running shoes out there, the ASICS Endurance’s box only contains the pair of shoes you ordered and laces. The running shoes are wrapped nicely in a protective paper. You will also find some tags as proof of authenticity, but that’s all! The shoe is available in Carbon/Imperial/Black.

Overview of Features

On the shoe’s façade, you will find a close weave mesh upper will keep debris and dirt out and keep your feet cool for a more comfortable off-road adventure. To make the coverage feel more secure, the mesh is covered by a set of stitched overlays. The overlay system will help lock your feet in place.

The padded collar and tongue offer cushioning to the top section of your feet. They also prevent unintended shoe-removals. To protect your forefoot from potentially abrasive debris and surfaces on the trail, you get a protective reinforced stitched toe cap.

The full-length midsole material will carry your foot firmly through the gait cycle. The material lessens impact shock during the landing phase of the gait cycle. It also ensures that your foot is lifted back up with responsive energy. For added comfort, right above the main foam unit is an extra cushioned insole.

The trail-specific outsole of the ASICS Men’s Endurant running shoe features a rubber compound designed to give the rest of the midsole protection from the rough nature of the asphalt. Traction is responsible for control over surfaces.

You want your running to feel as natural as possible. To enable this, diamond-shaped micro-trenches and flex grooves make the outsole more in sync with your foot’s natural movement as you go through the running gait.

How to Use Them

As mentioned, these shoes are designed to support trail running. The ASICS endurance won’t disappoint you when you use them for running errands, taking long walks or going about your daily activities. But their performance truly shines on the terrain, roads, paved trails and dirt trails.


At 1.2 pounds, this is not the lightest trail running shoe on the market. It also doesn’t perform exceptionally well on wet trails and highly technical terrains. In that case, you might want to check out the Adidas Terrex Speed GTX. The men’s size is just 0.61 pounds. With continental rubber that provides ultimate traction, this shoe will let you approach messy trails with confidence. When the going gets technical, the short stack height keeps you low for accurate footwork.


The ASICS Endurant Running Shoe is specifically meant for off-road athletic adventures. This men’s shoe ensures your feet are comfortable at all times. This, together with breathability, enables improved performance every time you hit the trail.